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49 Surprising Facts About Gluten (You Probably Never Knew)

49 Surprising Facts About Gluten You Need to Know

Alright, I can hear you saying – “49 surprising facts about gluten! Come on Dr. Osborne. There is no way that all of this can be true! My doctor never talked about any of these things!”

Well he should have. Part of the reason this information is not main stream is because most doctors don’t go this deep. Their training on gluten is limited to a small segment about celiac disease. It is not common in medical schools for nutrition or non celiac gluten sensitivity to be discussed in any great detail.

It is the scientific researchers and clinicians who help us understand the complexities behind this nutritional topic. And so I went to the research. I didn’t want you to go another day without having this information, because frankly, it could save your life… it could also save the life of someone you love. That is exactly why I put in the research links for you to follow. So if you are a gluten skeptic, or, if you on a science nerd and need to see the research, feel free to follow the links in the list below to learn more.

Here Are The Gluten Facts

If while reading this list, you experience “Aha” moments around your health history, you should consider investigating a gluten free diet for yourself. Here goes, 49 Gluten Facts:

  1. Everyone with celiac disease is gluten sensitive, but not everyone with gluten sensitivity will develop celiac disease. That’s why Dr. Marsh created the term- NON Celiac Gluten Sensitivity.
  2. There are over 200 medical conditions that gluten can either cause, contribute to, or make worse.
  3. Gluten can cause autoimmune disease
  4. Gluten can cause leaky gut
  5. Gluten is a common cause of unexplained iron deficiency anemia
  6. Gluten can cause of vitamin B12 deficiency
  7. There is a form of gluten in corn that can cause inflammatory damage
  8. There is no such thing as a gluten free oat
  9. Excessive gluten consumption can cause both excessive weight gain or loss
  10. Lab tests for celiac disease aren’t specific and have a tendency to deliver false negatives
  11. Villous atrophy, the hallmark symptoms of celiac disease can be caused by corn, soy, dairy, viral, and parasite infections.
  12. Eating processed “gluten free’ food products contributes to malnutrition and diabetes.
  13. Some medications have been shown to mimic gluten sensitivity
  14. Gluten can cause asthma symptoms
  15. Vitamin C can help heal inflammatory damage caused by gluten.
  16. Gluten can cause dizziness and loss of balance (Ataxia)
  17. Gluten can cause seizures
  18. Gluten is a migraine headache trigger
  19. Gluten can contribute to testosterone problems in men.
  20. Gluten can cause thyroid disease
  21. Gluten can cause nerve pain and neuropathy
  22. Gluten can cause 6 types of skin disease
  23. Gluten can be a trigger in autoimmune arthritis
  24. Gluten can cause damage in doses as low as 20 ppm (1 breadcrumb)
  25. Gluten sensitivity is completely different from a wheat allergy
  26. Gluten can cause liver damage
  27. Gluten can cause your gallbladder to malfunction
  28. Gluten can cause cancer
  29. Casein, a protein in dairy, can mimic gluten
  30. There are hundreds of different kinds of gluten proteins found in grains
  31. Sometimes gluten gets blamed for health problems that are caused by exposure to pesticides
  32. Sometimes gluten gets blamed for health problems caused by other proteins found in grain.
  33. Children with learning disorders often respond well to a gluten free diet
  34. Processed food can be cross contaminated with gluten up to 41% of the time.
  35. As many as 92% of the people following a gluten free diet continue to have health problems because of cross contamination, processed food, and consumption of corn, rice, sorghum and other grains.
  36. Gluten can be found in braces and orthodontic materials
  37. It can take 3 years to fully recover from gluten induced disease.
  38. Gluten free on the label doesn’t make the food healthy.
  39. The best way to lab test for gluten sensitivity is with DNA Testing
  40. Most doctors are as in the dark about gluten because the learning focus in medical school is nutrition deprived
  41. Gluten can cause joint pain
  42. Gluten can cause acid reflux or GERD.
  43. Gluten can cause IBS
  44. The gluten free diet is not dangerous to follow if you don’t have gluten sensitivity
  45. Gluten in cosmetics and skin products can cause health problems
  46. Rice is a bad gluten free substitute because it contains toxic heavy metals
  47. Quinoa is a bad gluten substitute because it contains gluten mimicking proteins.
  48. Gluten can cause Eye Disease
  49. You can take a quick and easy quiz to help you determine whether going gluten free is a good idea for you. Just click here <<===

gluten intolerance quiz

I could continue adding to this list. The only reason I stopped at 49 Surprising Facts About Gluten is because we are celebrating my 49th birthday!


Always looking out for you,

Dr. Osborne – The Gluten Free Warrior

gluten free warrior


The links in this post are extremely valuable and may help someone you Love. Please don’t be stingy and share the knowledge by passing this post along. And if you have experienced any of the above as a result of gluten, please share in the comments below. Your story has power to help others heal!

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  1. I have most of the things you have on the list. I am not on gluten as far as I know, have been off about 10 years . still not well , getting so many symptoms doctors don’t seem to know much about gluten . I went to many Gastro doctors . I live in Miami Florida

    1. click on the three dots at the top right corner of your screen and choose Print. Then you can just print pages 4 and 5. That worked on my computer. Good luck

  2. We first started taking gluten out of our diet as a family when I was researching keratosis pilaris and came across the Gluten Free Society. My daughter was not happy with these bumps on her arm and she was also suffering from tinnitus, feeling excessively itchy and headaches. Taking out gluten solved all of those issues and additionally, her reading level went up three levels in just one month. The principal at the school actually called me at home to ask what we were doing that had caused such a marked change in her as a student. She certainly wasn’t a bad student before, but things skyrocketed after that. I noticed some remarkable differences in my son’s behavior too. I didn’t think he was showing signs of sensitivity, but we decided to just do it as a family so that she wouldn’t feel left out and figured it would be a healthier choice for all of us. Very happy with our choice!

  3. Happy birthday, Dr Osborn!
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and insightful medical research, both on gluten dangers as well as other health topics on your weekly teaching. Your expertise is truly inspiring and helpful, for millions of folk dealing with health issues.

  4. What can a person eat to sub for grains? I don’t make smoothies so what can I eat for breakfast?

    I hope you have had a Happy Birthday, Doctor!! Happy Birthday to YOU!!

  5. Happy Birthday Dr. O!!
    I’ve just tested positive with your DNA test. Bugger!
    But at least I finally know for sure now. I read EVERY SINGLE post you do and have learned SO much. I am truly grateful that you do what you do. I am extremely cautious of whom/what I read/listen to/follow and you are up there on my most trusted list!! You amaze me with your knowledge every single day! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! I mean it.. THANK YOU!!!!! xoxox

  6. Happy Birthday, Dr. Osbu. Thank you for sharing your knowledge of gluten. Have a good birthday and may your new year of life be overflowing wthe LORD’s many blessings of excellent health, HIS wisdom and HIS guidance.

  7. I took the test and it said that I am gluten sensitive, but the truth is I have all out celiac disease. The symptoms listed are me on a gluten free diet. I find it hard to be totally gluten free. I’m always hungry, and it seems to be lurking everywhere.

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