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Is Corn Gluten Really Safe For Those With Gluten Sensitivity?

Corn Maize (Gluten) Found to Cause Harm Again…

Since 1978 there have been a number of studies investigating whether or not corn gluten is a problem for patients with gluten sensitivity. The answer many give is that corn is perfectly safe for celiac patients. The big question is why would this advise be given if there are multiple studies showing quite the opposite? So many products that are labeled gluten free contain corn gluten or corn byproducts. With the rise of the booming gluten free food market (billions in revenue annually), the question needs to be asked with more scrutiny. Why?
  • Much of the processed gluten free junk frood (Frankenfood) is derived from genetically modified corn.
  • There is a huge increase in patients with refractory celiac disease (these people do not respond to a traditional gluten free diet.)
  • Multiple studies have shown that traditional gluten free diets fail to heal patients even after many years on the diet.
  • Corn is used in the production of sweeteners, shampoos, soaps, plastics, fuels, etc. The potential for cross contamination is dangerously high.
  • There are more studies showing that corn gluten is a problem than there are studies showing that it is not.
  • Most of our domesticated farm animals are fed staple diets of genetically modified corn. Our meat and dairy industry revolves around this.

New Study Shows Corn Gluten Similar to Wheat Gluten

“Maize is used as an alternative to wheat to elaborate foodstuffs for celiac patients in a gluten-free diet. However, some maize prolamins (zeins) contain amino acid sequences that resemble the wheat gluten immunodominant peptides… analysis indicated that other zeins contain similar sequences, or sequences that may bind even better to the HLA-DQ2/DQ8 molecules compared to the already identified ones. Results concur to indicate that relative abundance of these zeins,…may be of paramount clinical relevance, and the use of maize in the formulation and preparation of gluten-free foods must be reevaluated…”

Study Source:

Plant Foods Hum Nutr. 2012 Feb 2.

Gluten Free Society’s Stance:

  At this point there is ample evidence to consider corn gluten as a major contributor to gluten related illnesses. The average celiac patient feels better cutting wheat out, but the truth of the matter is simple – feeling better does not mean healthy. Statistics show that those with gluten sensitivity will go on to develop 7 + autoimmune diseases in their lifetime. These diseases develop for those following a traditional gluten free diet. The problem is that many don’t make a correlation between gluten and these other diseases. They focus on celiac disease as if it is the only manifestation of consuming gluten.

Traditional Vs. TRUE Gluten Free

A traditional gluten free diet promotes the use of processed packaged foods with genetically manipulated grain based ingredients. Regardless of gluten content, this diet is not conducive to good healing. A TRUE gluten free diet eliminates all forms of gluten. You can learn more about this diet by watching this video <<<. I rattle the cage of conventional thought and dogma because I care about your health! Dr. Osborne  

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  1. Let’s see. If you go to the doctor with symptoms and say you believe it’s gluten intolerance, you’re labeled a wacko. But if you go gluten-free and then visit the the doctor and tell her your symptoms are gone, she’ll say, “Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it.” She won’t ask what you’re doing so she can help other patients. And make sure you don’t admit to researching on “The Internet.” It’s a sure clue that you’re a moron. Most allopaths are so pathetic.

  2. I’ve been to drs who push meds with no reasonable explanation or alternative measures given. I had blood work done, not told it would detect Gluten, but just had a diet recommended for stress and weight loss. However, I finally contacted the lab dr who basically said with the results, consider yourself having gluten issues.I haven’t found a dr here who seems to know how to diagnose by symptom, or whose loyalty lies with the patient….Appreciate this website

  3. I was having strange issues a few years ago.I started the digging process and finally got the answers that I had both gluten genes…a simple swab test. You do not have to eat gluten to get tested. I am completely off all grains as Dr. O suggests. You still have to heal your leaky gut with a healing system. I use repairvite by Apex. It works! Being completely gluten free is not easy so we have to be strong. You also need to supplement vitamins a,d,k and e if you have a leaky gut. Vitamin b12 and d3 are critical.

    1. vitamin D3 is not a vitamin but a steroid. There are many medical doctors out there who are working hard to try to persuade the government to explain this clealry to the medical community.

      D3 is a steroid and increases inflammatory blood levels. Do the research if you want to do the best for your health.

  4. My doctor offered treatment for my symptoms- antidepressants. Thankfully I knew enough to walk away and carry on my search for answers. Four years ago I discovered I am gluten intolerant. Last week I was also diagnosed with hypermobility syndrome and at last will be able to get some physio and help with that. All I can say is, stick to your guns. And thank goodness for the internet! I am now eating mostly grain free paleo, with a little rice, no other grains. It is difficult as I don’t do well low carb, but I am finding my way.

    1. Hi Katherine, I too have problems with gluten sensitivity. I am on Keto (or very close to) diet and intermittent fasting for the past 2 years and I reversed my diabetes, reduced my hypertension/hypothyroid medications to half of what I used to take. Feel much better. I take MCT oil + coconut oil with my coffee. For little starch, I add sweet potato to my diet. I recently started taking digestive enzymes before my two meals which help. Hope this information may help you.

  5. Like some others I have been through years of the medical system that always directed me to antidepressant meds. too. Never looking at the real problem, even with a scope test that showed inflammation but no diagnosis or recommendations?
    Since self-discovery of Gluten Sensitivity and a teriffic turn-around since Oct. 2011, we’re working hard in the proper direction and struggling to reach all our relatives, many of them think we’ve lost our marbles?haha
    This finding on Corn I feel is the explanation for some of our symptoms that still seemed to return without a clear “gluten” connection. My wife and I both watched the video together and it will no longer be difficult to keep avoiding all the corn products and hidden sweetners.
    Thanks Dr. Osborne for all the help.

  6. When I have wheat gluten (even corn now) within an hour I get extremely tired, like I took a sleeping pill. I also start getting congestion in my chest, head, and ears. Lastly, I get so fog headed and can’t concentrate. I don’t know if that is the direct effect of the gluten or a side effect from being tired and congested, but either way it sucks when your in nursing school. Those are just the outward effects, I am sure I have plenty of internal ones. I try really hard to avoid these foods, but they seem to be in EVERYTHING.

  7. Is corn safe for gluten intolarance? It depends on the person.Wheat, rye and barley are bad for those with cleiac disease. There are some 100 grains that have different forms of gluten in them including corn. Each person needs to be tested to see if one type or another beyond the above menetioned is an issue. But yes, corn is a very common on that affects a great many with gluten intolarance. Each person is different and reacts differently to various types of gluten. It is best to be tested to find out for sure.

    1. Please help me with suggestions to stop my diahorrea due to gluten intolerance. It’s always after each meal. Any ideas as Doctor no help at all

      1. I’m doing a low FODMAP diet as well. You can look it up. Don’t eat any in the five categories then slowly add one type at a time to see which bothers you. All five bother me. There are other culprits and suspecting corn as one. I have IBS so greasy foods were first thing I stopped years ago. I think I have a leaky gut now and have developed hypothyroidism. Well wishes.

    2. Corn does not contain gluten. People who blame corn on their gluten sensitivity issues, likely have a corn allergy and should be tested for that.

  8. Please understand that Celiac Disease is not “gluten sensitivity” or “a problem with gluten.” Celiac Disease is an auto-immune disease where once gluten is ingested and hits the small intestines your immune system kicks in and starts killing the villus (the minute finger-shaped processes of the mucous membrane of the small intestine that serve in the absorption of nutriment.) Once the villus is damaged you see scalloping inside the small intestines, constant digestive problems, and unexplained weight loss – if this is happening to a child they will literally stop growing. A good gastro dr. will do 2 different blood panels and an endoscopy to diagnosis Celia Disease. If they are not willing to this for you then go to another doctor until you find one who will run the blood panels.

    1. My dog suffered from ectma and would scratch until he bled, I put him on grain free food, which helped a bit. The vet said that dogs need grains which I knew was not true, his ectma disappeared after putting him on a natural raw meat diet, and just add certain veg for fibre, he is so much happier now and also has stopped getting ear infections and my vet bill also reduced. His fur is so soft now. Best thing I ever did. Even animals need a natural diet, that’s not just gluten free, but free of all additives that don’t support the body.

  9. Karen Null what you said about becoming so sleepy you felt like you had taken a sleeping pill is exactly how I feel, but I have not been able to pin point the cause of this. I strongly suspected it was wheat. My ears begin ringing really loud and I do feel fog headed as you said. I have been diagnosed as having gluten intolerance, but was given no instructions as how to deal with this problem. Any suggestions you can give me will be greatly appreciated! If I eat very much corn products, my eyes swell and I fell groggy. I have developed more food allergies in the past several months as well as allergies to nickle and other metals. Within the last couple of years, I have developed an allergy to penicillin as well. I don’t know how or if it is related to gluten that I am developing these allergies, but would love to hear from others about any allergies they may have. I am sensitive to eggs, preservatives (BHT), processed meats, etc. I had low iron on my yearly physical this year and am taking iron tablets at the present. I had no idea any of this was related to gluten intolerance! Thank each of you for sharing your info.

  10. I too am stuggling with the gluten free diet. I have been attempting the paleo diet but still have problems with digestion when eating lots of veggies. I feel hungry and at a loss for what to eat that won’t cause symptoms . Food is becoming the enemy .

    1. I agree – food is becoming the enemy. I had a concierge doctor misdiagnose me as low thyroid and just 5 days of prescription thyroid medication sent me into 40 days of medically induced overactive thyroid. This state blew everything out of me and I am still in recovery. Going gluten free was recommended by a new doctor who pulled me out of this horrible state. I had the ALCAT food sensitivities test that showed gluten was a problem.

      Can we contact some slick lawyers to go after the food industry that is destroying the food supply?

    2. You need fat in your diet to feel satiated. Also try eating more foods with probiotics as I am guessing your gut bacteria has been out of balance. These two things will help. Cut out all processed foods. Moderation. Remember your body needs cholesterol. It is very important for brain function.

      1. Hi Nick, I can understand as I am also struggling with gluten sensitivity issues, and scalp psoriasis. I am on Keto and my good fats include avocados, coconut oil, olive oil – no other vege oils of any kind, and no store-bought processed foods. Difficult but can be done. Salads with edible quality olive oil, is a staple. No wheat products at all. I feel much better now, having reversed my diabetes and psoriasis 95% gone. Take MCT oil in coffee. Hope this is of some help.

  11. my grandson became very sick when he was only two years old, the doctor told us he was allergic to corn so took him off that, as he grew we up found he is also allergic to all foods with gluten. also milk so we now know that if cows eat grain ,that also affects the cows milk .

  12. I have been struggling with gluten now 11 months and still being glueten free have problems my life has changed I never eat out i am afraid of getting sick. I feed my dogs all 7 gluten free dog food and treats,I have changed everything yes do I feel better then i did for 2 years when no one would believe me that I was ill yes, but will I ever be well again. No the stress the tiredness the muscle pain. I do yoga and meditate that helps. I am afraid of food it became my enemy.

  13. After reading the posts, I see an important part that is omitted. MEDICATIONS. Everyone should check the inactive ingredients in all of their medications, including over the counter and prescription. Most of the medications in tablet or pill form have corn starch as a binding and drying agent and many medications also contain lactose so I was getting hit double time. I now have my medications filled by a compounding pharmacy. My pharmacist at the regular store pharmacy was very helpful adding support and information to my own research. Bottom line, do your own research, keep up to date with new information, stay attuned to what your body is telling you and above all, do not be discouraged if your doctor doesn’t believe in gluten (in all forms)intolerance or the need to have medications compounded.

  14. I was diagnosed years ago with gluten intolerance/ sensitivity. Have gradually worked my way through many websites, searched for info to locate answers for many conditions, that now seem strangely related. Long journey, but now am mostly grain-free, sugar-free & dairy-free (I say mostly)and pain free! I did a stint of 3 months strictly grain/sugar/dairy free and lost 12 kgs, and am now maintaining that weight loss. Food choices are now mainly home prepared from scratch, (raw salad/stirfry/baked) fruit, veg, organic/free range chicken/beef, with nuts/seeds mix, berries, chia,etc, and am trialling a little quinoa porridge with my brekky mix a couple of times a week and spoonful of plain yoghurt twice a week – a work in progress!

    1. Hi Sue French, good advice. I am struggling and taking slow steps to eliminate one by one all gluten foods. The supplements we take also need to be examined because most of them contain fillers with corn/wheat starch. I am getting better. Long road. We need to get back to old methods of food production. I go for all organic.

    2. Hi
      Just a note on Vit D3 being a Steroid, well a lot of d3 is a pharmaceutical called chol -calciferol. Which actually attacks your joints.
      So ppl are being given this to help with joint pain and it’s making it worse.

  15. I have been reading the briliant information on this site for a while now. I have been living a conventional GF life for four years but was still struggling with all the symptoms of brain fog, exhaustion etc. Just over two months ago I reluctantly gave up corn and rice, and am finally beginning to feel like the person that I can just about remember being a long, long time ago. However,
    I have now added yet another laugh a minute symptom to my list of oh you are just a little gluten intolerant, it’s called Cold Induced Urticara, and so now skiing holidays and icecream are also off the list. Aparently there is a link to gluten intolerance has anyone else experienced this?

    1. Being cold all the time is a symptom of hypothyroidism which I have. Also think it has a lot to do with gluten sensitivity. Have your thyroid checked.

  16. now I understand why I am always sick please be careful I have many problems starting arthritis do no eat gluten please. All my life I have problems Ice cream is very bad and I noticed corn too thanks for keep us informated

    1. The issue with ice cream for me is the carrageenan they put in it. Get very bloated and gassy and uncomfortable. Must ask at ice cream shops that make their own ice cream if carrageenan is added. Katie’s on the Cape makes their own ice cream but uses carrageenan also. Can’t eat it! Look into that.also have gluten allergy. Was unaware of the corn issue. Makes my head spin trying to keep track and stay healthy. Been GF for 6 years and still learning of new problems! Thanks for the info

  17. Is the problem with Rice specific to Brown Rice or is White Rice problematic too?
    I was under the impression that the problematic aspects of rice were in the husk and that white rice was not a problem.

  18. Pleae, all – do a Cyrex Array 4 cross-reactivity test!! I am allergic to gluten and stopped eating it, and still had issues with hormones and losing weight. Could not get the weight off, no matter how healthy I was eating, and how little! Took the test, and found out I am allergic to corn, eggs, rice, all grains, amaranth, quinoia, yeast and potatoes. However, I am ASYMPTOMATIC, which means I don’t feel any symptoms when I eat the stuff. Now that I am clean of “healthy” foods like brown rice, eggs, etc – I am starting to drop the weight and feel healthier than ever. Get tested, for many people have no symptoms and your body is still attacking itself when you eat these things.

    1. What is left to eat if you eliminate corn, eggs, rice, all grains and more? I’ve been managing by avoiding wheat, i.e. bread, cereal, biscuits, pancakes, etc. But today I am very nauseous and am struggling not to throw up. A cup of black tea seems to work a small amount to settle the stomach. I checked everything I ate today and the only thing that is suspect is preformed taco shells. I have been eating regular corn tortillas with no trouble. I ate 3 of these preformed tacos.

      My doctor only did a DNA test and she said it showed “a predisposition to have celiac disease” so I might as well get on a gluten free diet. I see now it seems to be a more difficult thing to handle. Recently I noticed milk seems to cause gurgling and discomfort in my digestive tract.

      I can’t seem to lose weight either like you. When doctors see that, they don’t believe me. They think I am lying about what I eat. Actually I am having trouble finding a competent doctor. Every where I go now they assign me to a nurse practitioner who doesn’t seem to have the necessary knowledge to advise me.

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  20. Gluten sensitive and I keep having a reaction to corn like abdominal pain, dizziness, nausea, brain fog and migraine. I have the genes, sux. Guess I am gonna give up corn!

  21. There is a reason drs are reluctant to recognize gluten intolerance in all of it’s forms. They profit greatly from prescribing pharmaceuticals They cannot profit from a change in your diet. If you don’t want dangerous drugs in you, then you are a wacko. I may be cynical, but that is because my eyes are open.

    1. You are not cynical Jon.fortunately your eyes are open and don’t fall victom to the corrupt medical profession who prescribe worthless drugs and most therapies just to make a profit from people whose eyes are closed.

      ps you are not alone Jon-hopefully more and more people are opening their eyes to corrupt drug and medical practices-Remember Hi-pocritis from Greece-who said thousands of years ago- let food be they medicine-people were more practical then-today they fall for all kinds of scams

  22. Help! I have been gluten free for about 2 months and have been feeling loads better. I suffered from chronic Mouth ulcers and headaches. My mouth has been relatively clear and headaches absent however whenever I eat corn I get a bout of ulcers again and a splitting migraine. Is it clear to say I stay away from Corn? What about rice? Would I be best to have a food allergy test done and this would pick up any intollerance I have?

    1. Yes Melissa…it seems clear you should avoid corn altogether, which really isn’t that difficult as you start to focus on more nutrient dense, whole foods. Rice isn’t recommended for a true gluten free diet and it also has serious toxins such as arsenic and cadmium associated with it. Food allergy testing is very helpful when administered and analyzed by a functional medicine doctor like Dr. Osborne.

  23. It is clear to me that nobody knows if corn gluten affects a person with gluten sensitivity or Celiac disease; why bother unless you know all the facts or can forecast the future.

  24. I’ve been gluten free for 4 years, still riding that rollercoaster ride, what’s making me sick now! Corn, rice,?? Definitely listen to your body!

  25. Still floundering in knowing what to do but determined to get healthy again. Years of body aches I think caused by statins and now constant flu-like feeling, arthritis constantly popping up in a new place, extreme fatigue. I took myself off statins and doc took me off Zetia thinking body aches would decrease. Instead, I am worse and quality of life not what it should be for a young 68-year old! So glad I stumbled on this site and am just embarking on GF lifestyle. Wish me luck and thank you!

  26. I had a blood test done. It showed nothing. But wheat corn and barley make me sick. also have problems with potato peanuts and cashews

  27. This may sound stupid but I just want to make sure I have everything correct. So “corn gluten” is anything with corn in it used as a filler basically like wheat – or gluten? I just got my food sensitivity test back and it says I cannot eat corn gluten, wheat, dairy, eggs, etc. I have been trying to research corn gluten but there is not much that comes up other than that “corn gluten” is in animal feed and then other links to things about “is corn gluten safe for celiacs,” etc.

  28. Hellou.
    I am celiac. Does the zuccini works also as a gluten because the molecular structure? My doctor whom is immune and biotecnhologist told me to avoid zuccini. I practice 70% raw food diet, and when I eat zuccini sometimes I feel same when I used to eat wheat.

    Thank you so much.


  29. Have had very similar experiences to above people. Endo done antibody test that was negative. I was told l wasn’t sensitive to gluten. I ignored advice and went gluten free. Have made loads of mistakes along the way. It is more involved than l thought but worth it at 60. I feel as good as l did at 16. It’s thanks to this website for all the accurate information. Sue x

  30. My mother in law was celiac and also developed dementia which I believe was caused by too much gluten and sugar in her diet, as she ate wheatabix for breakfast, bread cakes and biscuits everyday, did not exercise much, no wonder she developed celiac disease. In hospital they put a sign to say celiac and when the breakfast trolley came round they asked her what she wanted for breakfast and having dementia she asked for wheatabix and the lady gave it to her and totally ignored the sign over her head. So you can’t trust they are safe in hospital. That aside we all need to research and make our own health decision where possible as Doctors are only as good as there training they get which most of it is supplied by big pharma, and they don’t have our best interests at heart, for they are profit run only sorry to say, as evidence points that way in many independent research studies.

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