What is the Difference Between Gluten Sensitivity, Intolerance, and Celiac Disease?

The difference is very big and it may just surprise you. Watch the video below to learn more on this, and to learn more about a TRUE gluten free diets Vs. Traditional gluten free diets…

Celiac Disease is not the same thing as Gluten sensitivity

Contrary to popular belief, celiac disease and gluten sensitivity are not the same thing. Unfortunately, most doctors aren’t up to speed on this very important topic. Standard procedure in a medical office is to test for serum antibodies to gliadin (the gluten found in wheat), and a substance called anti-tissue transglutaminase. These tests have a tendency to yield incorrect results. Additionally, a small bowel biopsy is often recommended. This test has also been shown to be very flawed and leads to incorrect diagnosis. The use of these tests as a standard leads to confusion and can delay a proper diagnosis for years.

To add to an already flawed approach, most people with gluten sensitivity don’t have celiac disease, they have other diseases or symptoms. Therefore, running tests to look for celiac disease also leads to a misdiagnosis. Below is a list of some of the common symptoms and diseases associated with gluten:

Insist that your Doctor Investigate For Gluten Sensitivity

Because gluten sensitivity is different from celiac disease, you must insist that your doctor investigate more than what has been typical (i.e. celiac serum testing and biopsy). Ask him/her to perform HLA-DQ genotyping of both HLA-DQ a1 and b1 genes. Ask that he look for all of the markers linked to gluten not just the HLA-DQ2 and DQ8 markers linked to celiac disease. It is important that your doctor knows the difference. Please share this resource with him or her in hopes that we can educate the world on this very important topic.

More information on gluten sensitivity and celiac disease here…

Know the Difference Between Traditional Gluten Free and TRUE Gluten Free

Once you have confirmed your diagnosis correctly, it is equally imperative to get educated properly. Research studies show that a large percentage of patients following a traditional gluten free diet don’t heal. The average celiac patient on a traditional gluten free diet will go on to develop 7 autoimmune diseases. My point is, following the traditional gluten free diet is not effective for re-establishing good health, where as a TRUE gluten free diet is. The video above explains in depth the differences.

16 thoughts on “What is Gluten Sensitivity? An Easy Explanation To Avoid All the Confusion…

  1. Deb says:

    What other tests would you recommend for food sensitivities other than gluten ?
    Are there any blood tests ? Does insurance usually cover this type of testing ?

    I recently went to a dietician who wanted me do the ALCAT test. However, it cost $600, and insurance does not cover this testing. Any other suggestions ?


  2. Sharon says:

    Thanks to Dr O for explaining these subtleties to this detail. Wish I had heard this more clearly when I was starting out gluten-free. I made mistakes, especially with high starch content of GF bread substitutes. Diary reactions are far easier to notice than gluten, and that connection might be given more emphasis.
    Preferring a slow, steady shift away from offending foods. Listening again to this presentation gives more relevance to going grain free.

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  7. Carol says:

    I am not celiac, but have a gluten intolerance. Many gluten free products are not suitable for me since I am also intolerant of corn and soybean. It really limits my selections which make me struggle with menus and recipes. I hope you have some suggestions for me

    • Carol Redditt says:

      I am not celiac, but have a gluten intolerance. Many gluten-free lproducts are not suitable for me since I am also intolerant of corn and soybean. It really limits my selections. I hope some of you suggestions will help me.

  8. Margo Johnston says:

    After I almost died three years ago with HUS, I developed all of these issues listed. Been diagnosed by gastro dr with IBS, but the symptoms are horrible.

  9. Joan newman says:

    I have urticaria. I have had for two years. Trying to find out if gluten is one of the things that brings them out.

  10. Carolyn stone says:

    I have been celiac for years went to the doctor last month says I don’t have it I thought once you have it you always have it

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