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Hidden Corn Based Ingredients

Gluten Free Society recognizes that corn gluten is a harmful component for the gluten sensitive. Studies show that people with gluten sensitivity can have reactions to corn gluten as well (see links below)

Selected Studies on the detrimental effects of corn gluten: Study 1Corn gluten causes antibody response in celiacs Study 2 – Corn antibodies found in celiac patients Study 3Gluten free bread causes problems Study 4Corn causes gastrointestinal (gut) inflammation Study 5 – Corn oil causes villous atrophy Study 6 – Corn mold causes illness Study 7 – Corn gluten acts like wheat gluten
In addition, evidence shows that corn and corn based products are largely produced from genetically modified varieties (GMO) and can contribute to intestinal permeability, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and a host of other health issues.
To Better help those trying to adhere to a TRUE gluten free diet, we have comprised a list of foods and products that contain corn.
**Although this is a comprehensive list, it should be noted that it is not representative of all hidden sources of corn. Corn and corn by products are used ubiquitously in thousands of foods and commercial applications.
Ingredients that definitely contain corn:
Corn alcohol
Corn chips
Corn gluten
Corn extract
Corn flakes
Corn flour
Corn fritters
Corn oil – corn oil margarine
Corn meal
Corn puffs cereal
Corn starch
Corn sweetener
Corn sugar (dextrose, Dyno, Cerelose, Puretose, Sweetose, glucose are all possibilities)
Corn syrup
Corn syrup solids
Corn meal
Corn flour
Corn tortillas
High fructose corn syrup
Hydrolyzed corn
Hydrolyzed corn protein
Modified corn starch
Tamales (coating)
Taco shells
Vegetable oil
Zea mays
Ingredients that may contain corn. Not all of these terms are definitively derived from corn, but they can be. Use with caution:
Acetic acid
Alpha tocopherol
Artificial flavorings
Artificial sweeteners
Ascorbic acid
Aspartame (Artificial sweetener)
Baking powder
Barley malt
Bleached flour
Blended sugar
Brown sugar (typically the caramel color)
Calcium citrate
Calcium fumarate
Calcium gluconate
Calcium lactate
Calcium magnesium acetate (CMA)
Calcium stearate
Calcium stearoyl lactylate
Caramel and caramel color
Carbonmethylcellulose sodium
Cellulose microcrystalline
Cellulose, methyl
Cellulose, powdered
Cetearyl glucoside
Choline chloride
Citric acid
Citrus cloud emulsion (CCS)
Coco glycerides (cocoglycerides)
Confectioners sugar
Crosscarmellose sodium
Crystalline dextrose
Crystalline fructose
DATUM (a dough conditioner)
Decyl glucoside
Decyl polyglucose
Dextrose (also found in IV solutions)
Dextrose anything (such as monohydrate or anhydrous)
d-Gluconic acid
Distilled white vinegar
Drying agent
Erythorbic acid
Ethocel 20
Ethyl acetate
Ethyl alcohol
Ethyl lactate
Ethyl maltol
Food starch
Fruit juice concentrate
Fumaric acid
Germ/germ meal
Gluconic acid
Glucono delta-lactone
Glucose syrup (also found in IV solutions)
Gluten feed/meal
Golden syrup
Hydrolyzed vegetable protein
Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose
Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose pthalate (HPMCP)
Invert syrup or sugar
Iodized salt
Lactic acid
Lauryl glucoside
Linoleic acid
Magnesium fumarate
Malic acid
Malonic acid
Malt syrup from corn
Malt, malt extract
Methyl gluceth
Methyl glucose
Methyl glucoside
Microcrystaline cellulose
Modified cellulose gum
Modified food starch
Molasses (corn syrup may be present; know your product)
Mono and di glycerides
Monosodium glutamate
Natural flavorings
Polylactic acid (PLA)
Polysorbates (e.g. Polysorbate 80)
Polyvinyl acetate
Potassium citrate
Potassium fumarate
Potassium gluconate
Powdered sugar
Pregelatinized starch
Propionic acid
Propylene glycol
Propylene glycol monostearate
Salt (iodized salt)
Semolina (unless from wheat)
Sodium carboxymethylcellulose
Sodium citrate
Sodium erythorbate
Sodium fumarate
Sodium lactate
Sodium starch glycolate
Sodium stearoyl fumarate
Sorbic acid
Sorbitan monooleate
Sorbitan tri-oleate
Sorghum (syrup and/or grain may be mixed with corn)
Splenda (Artificial sweetener)
Stearic acid
Sucralose (Artificial sweetener)
Tocopherol (vitamin E)
Triethyl citrate
Unmodified starch
Vanilla, natural flavoring
Vanilla, pure or extract
Vinegar, distilled white
Vinyl acetate
Vitamin C
Vitamin E
Vitamin supplements
Paper containers and plastic wrappers may contain an inner lining that is coated with corn. The following are examples: Boxes Cups Plates Milk or ice cream cartons Use caution with the following foods, which may include sources of corn from various products, such as cornstarch, corn syrup and corn/vegetable oils: Commercial soups Peanut butter Various meats (cold cuts, ham, hotdogs, sausages) Breaded or fried foods Cheese Chili Chop suey Chow mein Cheese spreads Fish sticks Mixed vegetables (frozen, canned) Succotash Pork and beans Creamed vegetables Breads dusted with corn meal Graham crackers Baking mixes Pancakes (certain mixes) Pancake syrups English muffins Gravy (thickened with corn starch, for instance) Salad dressings Canned or frozen fruits sweetened with corn syrup Dates and other fruit confections Ice creams, sherbets Chocolate milk, milk shakes, soy milks, eggnog American wines, whiskey, gin, beer, ale Carbonated beverages such as Coca-Cola, 7-Up, etc Lemonade Instant coffees Powdered sugar Jams and jellies Candies Catsup Chewing gums Sauces White distilled vinegar Monosodium glutamate Baking powder Cake yeast Bleached flour Gelatin capsules Non Edible Items That May Contain Corn Ingredients: Adhesives (envelopes, stickers, stamps) Toothpastes Medications (both over the counter and prescription) Laundry starch For a comprehensive list of non-food based items that contain corn visit The National Corn Growers Association Website here…

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  1. Thank you for this detailed list! This goes even further than I realized. I have tow severe gluten reactions recently, and they were because of nutritional supplements that I took. It’s getting more and more difficult to find things that are safe for me to eat. I pretty much need to stick to fresh produce, grass fed meats, pastured poultry and eggs, raw nuts and a few other things. Everything has to be made from scratch for me. I can’t even trust the gluten free community and items labeled gluten free out there. I live in a very different world from most people and I have to be extrememly careful at all times.

    Lorraine Packer

      1. Am with you both! I get severe brain and ringing in my ears that puts me down for 24 hours. No other issues, but bad gluten ruins my mind! 6 years free of it, except when I make a bad food choice.

    1. I got so the press and aggravated after I read this list because now I’m going to have to cut out more stuff that I like! Things that I didn’t even know what cause a problem like honey. I thought to myself the only thing that’s good for me now is bread and water and not even the bread because it has gluten! Thank you for sharing. I know I’m not alone

    2. I am not gluten free by need, but by choice because gluten affects the absorption of my thyroid medication. However, I have a severe corn allergy and so I can relate because alot of gluten free products contain corn as a base grain……So, I have to be extremely careful and make my things from scratch and have to follow the same diet: fresh fruits, veggies, bison and lamb, fish, nuts and not much else…….you are not alone……hang in there my friend, Rose

      1. I have had years of the same problem as you. Gluten stops my thyroid meds from working. I’m also on hydro cortisone for adrenals. I wish l figured out sooner gluten was the enemy. Hard at times when on caravan holiday and hiking with dogs . A few meals out although trying to be careful can really knock me back. Sue x

      2. Hi Rose – I recently was diagnosed with a corn allergy as well. I would like to connect with you to learn more about how you manage and what has worked and has not. Hope all is well 🙂

      3. What thyroid medication do you take since your allergic to corn? I just found out I’m severely allergic to corn and have graves and hypo!

        1. the only thyroid supplement hat doesn’t contain corn, unless you have it compounded, is TIROSINT capsules which contain gelatin, glycerin and water

    3. I’m going through this right now Lorraine and it’s so hard. I get depressed at times because I keep getting recurring diverticulitis because of it! I had no idea about all of the hidden gluten in food. I am highly relieved to have found this site and to know I’m not alone. Are there any online support groups for people struggling with this like us?

    4. Ugh that’s me as well! I felt upset reading this article because I didn’t know it was that extensive. However I do appreciate having from knowledge now. I have a hard time dealing with it at times feeling like I’m on an island all by myself.

    5. I have just started this “corn free, gluten free” journey, and have found some corn free products that are exceptions to the list. There are gluten free mixes that ate also corn free, but you can also mix your own gluten free flours, starches, etc to make your own mixes. I am still figuring out the chemistry challenge when there is no gluten, but it can be done. (I have to be careful with some if the starches, because with limphedema I am not suppose to have a lot of potato starch.) I did find one brand of frozen gluten free corn free bread, but it is dry and heavy, and may be tastier to make home made bread.

      I will add yeast to this least. Most yeast uses corn starch in the packets. However Red Star Active Dry yeast is corn free.

      Powdered sugar can be mixed with cornstarch to keep it from clumping

      Shredded cheese can be coated with a powder (corn product) to keep it from drying out or molding

      Yellow cheese is “annodized” by corn to make it yellow, but depending on the ingredients and packaging white cheese can be corn free.

      Most condiments contain and salad dressings distilled white vinegar (corn product) .

      I don’t know if wine vinegars are safe, because wine barrels are sealed with corn product products, but apple cider vinegar and rice vinegar are safe.

      Most alcoholic beverages may contain corn from the distilling process or storage.

      Canola oil, olive oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil I believe are corn free

      I have had to switch my thinking about what is healthy. I used to eat lower fat things, but they contain corn. So I have switched to butter (plain or with olive oil mixed in).

      I switched to Simply brand Almond Milk, because it is in not fortified with vitamin D like milk (which is derived from corn), and it is not in a cardboard container which can contain corn.

      Also, there is a corn free, gluten free baking powder by Hain

      Table Salt is iodized with corn, but sea salt and Himalayan pink sea salt are corn free.

      Ground meat should be avoided, because butchers used a corn contaminated cleaner to clean the grinders.

      I did find a corn free toothpaste brand called squigle. It has xylitol from a tree bark, not corn derived.

      Decyl glucoside is also derived from corn.

      Vanilla extract (and possibly most extracts) contain corn derived alcohol. However, you can find corn free vanilla flavoring such as Singing Dog Vanilla flavor Alcohol Free.

      Brown sugar can be carmelized with corn for coloring (but is basically just cane sugar and molasses, if you want to make your own. Cane sugar is corn free.

      Dried fruits can be coated in cornstarch or (corn contaminated) powdered sugar, but you can find baked dried fruits without preservatives, such as Bare brand Baked apple chips.

      There are some gluten free, corn free brands of crackers and pancake or baking mixes, such as Simple Mills

      Because many plastic containers are derived from corn, I use glass storage containers with silicon or hard plastic (derived from petroleum oil) buckle on lids or canning jars with metal lids.

      I think Ziploc bags are a blend that may contain corn, Hefty Slider freezer bags are corn free (made from petroleum oil).

      From what I read, tap water contains corn to keep it clean. Some bottled waters have corn in the plastic bottles and some in the water as flavoring.

      Pre-packaged meats from what I read, are sprayed with a corn-derived gas during processing and some produce are sprayed with corn-derived wax for appearances. (Another reason to buy organic).

      I have found pure shea butter as lotion, but it is stiff stuff.

      There are also some mineral sunblocks that are corn free, but they are hard to rub in.

      I am still searching for shampoo and conditioner, body wash, hand soap, sunblock, and lotion that are corn free and gluten free.

      Most cold cereals have corn in it one way or another. Even Rice Krispies has malt. But there are several brands of hot cereals like oatmeal or museli granola, or other grain cereals) that are gluten and corn free. Kashi organic Blueberry cereal and a few Kind Brand cold cereals are gluten free and may be corn free.

      Unsalted nuts are corn free, so long as “vegetable oil” or corn oil was used to roast them.

      In America, corn is virtually everywhere, so you have to be aware of everything you eat or touch if you have gluten and corn sensitivites!

      1. Check into the earthling co. It does contain Glycerin but I do not know what it is derived from. I am gluten sensitive but have not have any issues, and have been using them for about a year. Unfortunately I can’t use their other products because I am allergic to rosemary.

      2. Check out the brand “Native” for hair and shower products. My wife has Celiac disease and allergies to soy and dairy. Shampoo and conditioner doesn’t seem to cause any issues.
        Thanks to all that have posted here 🙏🏻 your insight and experience is much appreciated.

    6. Maybe just maybe we aren’t allergic to gluten.
      It’s. THE CORN
      I can’t eat corn on cob. But I never knew corn was so widely used
      My meds for my BP doesn’t work. I bet there’s corn in there
      I’ve asked my doctor to check that. He never did

    7. I’m so overwhelmed learning about all these things! At 35 and after 7 years of been seriously unwell, I’ve just found out I have a gluten, dairy and yes, corn allergy! I feel like I can literally only have air and water at this stage. Today has been a shocking day, I’ve been in bed nearly all day because really what’s the point when I can’t eat basically anything! Does anyone have any tips?

      1. I’m sorry you have to deal with that. It is not easy, but don’t give up. I have to avoid gluten, corn, dairy (except I seem to be able to tolerate butter), tree nuts, most sugar of any sort and I’m not sure what else. Best tip I have is to try to work with basic ingredients. Vegetables and meats cooked in olive oil and seasoned with simple (1 ingredient) spices (organic if possible) can be very tasty. I like himalayan pink salt, onion powder, and garlic powder for nearly everything. Sam’s club has chicken (and maybe other meats?) without the citric acid pads in them. It’s a challenge to have to make most everything from scratch but it’s worth it to feel much better. Cassava is my go-to flour and I make crackers, tortillas, mug muffins, etc. There are lots of sites and recipes and books that can help you on your journey. Praying for you, Bianca.

  2. My husband is extra sensitive to all gluten.
    he acts like he has been drugged and his memory is dulled. He is fine as long as he is gluten free and dairy free. I am amazed at where corn is part of our unknown consumption. Glucose IV, I wondered why my husband was in a drugged, confused state during two hospital stays, even though I gave orders to eliminate gluten foods.

    1. Has he been tested for a corn allergy? Alot of gluten free products use corn as a base grain……..a corn allergy is a rare allergy, but a serious one because corn is virtually in everything and hard to eliminate; all a person can do is cut down on their exposure to it…..

  3. I am exactly like you Lorraine. I don’t know what it takes from you… but, FOR ME.. Finding the right food, cooking it and digesting it (meaning having to rest after eating my meals), all this takes me 2 to 3 hours a day whereas 80% of the people around me only need 1 hour a day for their three meals! I look strange. nobody understands what it takes as sacrifice. not much time for socializing.. i was thinking that I need a support group otherwise I will start to think like everybody else that I am a weirdo who will never get her life back!! improvments required, fast! Cheers!

  4. Lorraine and Donatella,

    I am like you. I had already found through elimination that I reacted to corn as well as wheat and dairy. Never thought the chronic diahrrea (sp?) was caused by hidden sources. I too have gotten down to no social life as it all revolves around food seemingly which is such a land mine for me. I’m just recovering from esophageal surgery and the whole food thing and resultant sensitive system is getting in the way. I admit I haven’t been good. I need quick, large calories – Ensure is the best way but loaded with corn. What to do? Got to have it right now so I am. I’m so happy to know of people who understand.

  5. Xylitol, good point to watch your product, you can buy xylitol that is from birch trees, but as Dr. O says you MUST know your product. I frequently call companies to ask many questions!

  6. I am severely allergic to corn and have recently discovered that the USDA requires our slaughterhouses to spray either lactic or citric acid on the carcasses of ALL cattle. Lactic and Citric acid are both corn derived. It’s used to inhibit diseases that the cattle may or may not have. This includes your private grass fed farmers who use slaughterhouses. There is an alternative acid that can be used that is not corn based but it’s not as cheap as good ole corn.

    1. I am severely allergic to corn too…….I throw up when I eat beef; blood test for beef allergy came back negative and now I know why……it’s the dang gone corn…….I eat bison and lamb with no problems……I have issues when chicken and turkey at times because they are fed a corn diet……though I can eat deli turkey…….corn allergy is a rare allergy…….if you need support, go to “corn allergy friendly group,” on facebook—very informative group for sure, I have learned alot from them……each person is different and waht works for me may not work for you…….hang in there, peace…

  7. You also have to know the source of grass fed beef. We have a local farm that grass feeds but finishes with grain. I wonder if the “solution” listed on many meat packages is corn as well.

  8. I am truly tired of having to watch everything I eat that has gluten in it, and now they are telling us that we have to avoid corn products. This is crazy whats next? If you watch what is on this list there is nothing left! I have been Gluten free for six yrs and the only time I am sick is if I eat something with gluten (wheat,rye or barley) not corn. So I guess I’m lucky, but if you listen to everything you are not suppose to eat there will be nothing left.

    1. That’s what I said as soon as I saw this list what’s left bread and water and the bread has gluten darn it!

    2. There are things to eat, not a lot of process and prepackaged itens but don’t give up. I’m grain free because no matter what form of gluten or grain Igets in my system, even if it’s just crosd contamination I have a very very severe reaction that sometimes have me down for days. Dr. Osborne the
      Gluten Free Worrior, has helped me greatly and he also produces a line of supplements that I’m truly thankful for because without his line of Suppliments I would have nothing.

  9. I have a 3 year old who has struggled for the past two years with eczema, that covers large parts of his body and has recently started on his face. We have seen drs, allergists etc until someone suggested his skin was more a coeliac rash. As we’ve been on a strict elimination diet for all of this year [yes, only rice products, freshly cooked meat, vegies and salads… it’s HARD WORK for this family of 5]… we didn’t get a positive blood test because he’s not eating gluten, but he has returned positive on 2 of the 3 genetic markers for coeliacs. He DEFINITELY reacts to corn products – and it is evvverywhere! Makes shopping and cooking tricky. The more and more I read about coeliacs, more things seem to be falling into place. His iron was a little down, but absorption ok at moment. He also has what I would consider a thrush-like redness on penis tip and around bottom that I have been humming about for a while, but feel like a harpy mother when I keep getting things “checked”. We have to decide whether or not to put him back on wheat [for a minimum of 3 months experts think to get positive bloods] and also whether we can during that time get endoscopy/colonoscopy to confirm any other food intolerance related issues, but can’t bring ourselves to make the choice to go back to horrific eczema, when we know we can just not eat dairy, soy [cause most contains wheat], eggs, corn, sesame, gluten/wheat and survive in a happy household. This food science stuff and what it entails is really tough. It’d also be like saying to a baby [which he still is 🙁 ] is here’s a lolly pop [all the foods he’s not eaten for 9 months – and might I add has never looked better]… to test him, then take that lolly pop away and start all over. What to do… The bottom/penis redness niggles at me like there’s something we’re missing still.

    1. I had major food reactions and finally took a test called the MRT test for food intolerances. The well site is called
      It showed that I had major food issues one of which was corn this year. It does change every year and once I started to follow their program i was less sickly. This year, after five years of doing the test and following the program I only have a few food intolerances. I am getting well. Ask to speak to Anton and let him know you got this info from Gluten gail. It will really help your son and you will know what to eliminate.

    2. Toilet -paper has Cellulose in it. Cellulose can be made from Corn.
      You should check this out from other sources. But, I think this is correct!
      Cellulose- from Corn or wood pulp. Please research this before acting on it.

  10. No formal diagnosis as of yet, but in the works. Blood-work shows dangerously low levels of B12 and Dr. feels I have an “absorption” problem when it comes to B12, so an injection is required for me once a month. He’s also prescribed a “once a day” folic acid pill to accomodate the B12 injections. I never have energy for anything, my kids are suffering because I’m always “too tired”. I’m extremely gassy and constantly have foul-smelling flatulence, I was diagnosed with IBS in 2009 but my research is making me feel like it’s more like “leaky gut”. My hands, feet and ankles swell on a daily basis and my movements are sluggish. I suspect either Celiac Disease or Gluten-Sensitivity and am researching gluten-free lifestyle changes, recipes and products. It’s very overwhelming and this list makes me think there’s nothing left to eat or use. Our so-called “produce” is so genetically modified that I don’t think any fruits and vegetables are completely safe and healthy anymore, never mind any other kind of food. Apparently even washing the produce first doesn’t mean you’ve fully gotten-rid of all the pesticides that were sprayed on it. So, now what? We’ve developed “allergies” to these “healthy” foods because of pesticides and genetic modification and in order to alleviate the allergic reactions we are supposed to avoid certains foods and products. What’s left? Starvation?

      1. I think MTHFR mutations seem to be much of an issue that people don’t know about. I didn’t know about it until I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s this year.

  11. I have not eaten gluten in almost 8 years and had enormous improvement with severe neurological symptoms. In the meantime, I have developed numerous food sensitivities. I have found that going off of all rice, then corn, all dairy has helped tremendously. I still have food sensitivities to eggs, strawberries, blueberries, olive oil, salmon and many more foods that I love, but am sticking with the (other) best foods possible to try to heal my acid damaged intestinal tract from my throat to the duodenum discovered about 6 months ago with an endosopic procedure. Giving up each of the above did help dramatically. Yes, it was not easy at first, but is well worth the effort to feel as if I am not dying from a stroke or MS like symptoms as suggested by numerous doctors. I have also had a great improvement in asthma that popped up about 15 years ago at age 32. It does get easier and I have learned to be creative and take food with me wherever I go. Hang in ther, it is worth the effort and you won’t crave foods that make you sick.

    1. Thank you Dawn for being positive!
      I have been gluten free, dairy free for12 years now and corn free for 11 years. I too went thru a pity party on what I could not eat. However, I started to look at what I could eat and started getting creative. I very thankful that I have a supportive family. Our whole kitchen is free of gluten and corn. I’m a celiac however dairy and corn I’m very sensitive to. Yes I make my own ketchups in bulk and bbq sauce in bulk and freeze it. My own spaghetti sauces in bulk and freeze it. Yes we have to read everything and reread because this time the food companies put some kind of corn product like cornstarch or some derivative of corn in their food products. The gluten free companies are famous for this especially. So more we can support each other the better we can become and have a different attitude so we can stay healthy and vibrant!

      1. I would love to know how you make your own ketchup and bbq sauce, as well as other tips on what you can eat. I have severe reactions to anything corn up I don’t seem to have issues with gluten or most dairy products. But since corn is in virtually everything I can only have 100% grass fed bee or pastured chicken and eggs. My reactions to corn are severe and are beginning to feel life threatening, but I’m SO tired of having to research literally everything I eat or eliminating nearly everything from my diet. I need a healthy eating plan that’s easy to stick to and that WORKS. My husband has a heart condition and it has to be healthy for him too. HELP??! Anybody have proven ideas?

  12. So, please tell me, Dawn, what do you eat? I don’t eat animal flesh of any kind but I am curious because I need some ideas. I make my own hummus but eat it on corn chips (popcorners)and I eat rice chex, glutenfree organic oatmeal. Other than that my diet consists of eggs, organic low fat milk, cheese, fruits and vegetables galore. I went gluten free because of Hashimoto’s disease (I also have RA, Lupus, Sjogren’s, Hep C) and I avoid most processed food. I eat wild salmon, wild fish & wild shrimp). I eat rice. So if I give up corn, rice, beans, dairy on top of everything else I wonder where I will get protein from? I can’t eat eggs & wild fish all the time – you may as well shoot me. I have tried very hard and still go from constipation to diarrhea. I find magnesium helps but now I have to give that up too (it’s on the list)
    So Dawn, would you give me some tips on what I could eat?

  13. Lee, I feel for you and your son, The problem was that you guys did it backwards and are now getting tested for celiac instead of getting tested first through blood work while not going on a gluten free diet. If the test comes back negative for celiac then you should get a genetic testing done which you can do from your home and if it comes back positive than he should live as though he has celiac disease since blood work sometimes is not as accurate. People should really be tested every 2years or so. After 6 months of being gluten free(without eliminating corn etc) than you can see if he still gets a reaction or symptom, if he does, then start first eliminating corn and wait at least 6months and go from there. Keep a journal of his symptoms(time of day and what symptoms etc.) Good luck.

  14. How about a post of exactly what we CAN eat. When you say Honey does this mean all honey? Please be more specific.

    Thank you

  15. I just read, “The Bad Seed,” by Caitlin Shetterly in August 2013 Elle Magazine and now believe this is more than a gluten intolerance. This article discusses use of GMO foods, specifically corn and the many diagnosis and treatments the author got before identifying overproduction of eosinophil caused by an allergenic protein. In this case genetically modified corn. Perhaps increase of gluten intolerance goes even farther than we think. Maybe it is impossible to get completely free of it without becoming paranoid but, an rffort to do so maybe enough to curtail worst symptoms.

  16. OK PEOPLE,lets just stop and take a breath. I am a celiac, not any of these things I hear “gluten sensitive” or anything else like that. I am very in tune with my body and eat a good diet. I was extememly sick in 2009 and was so underweight . I recovered and learned to eat again, I then started taking all these suppliments, got sick again and yes I can hear you thinking I didn’t check. But I did I was getting them from a local health food store and my pharmacy. ended up throwing them all away and began eating a sensible gluten free diet, practicing yoga playing hgockey and running and guess what people. I’m healthy and feel good. I eat rice pasta, quinoa and corn as well as potatoes. Is there health concerns always, however as my specialist has always said she’s only a call away.
    Again I could never imagined feeling this good and it’s from throwing all the suppliments away

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  18. Frist I stopped eating the normal BROWS items, I thought I was pain free. Discovered Dr. Osborne’s Gluten Free Society and thought – yep might want to try going grain free ‘someday’. After being on an anti-inflammatory (no grain, milk products or night shades) diet for 3 months I decided to try popcorn again. I followed what I thought was best practices, popped on my stove top using coconut oil seasoned with a bit of sea salt. Within a few hours the pain that had disappeared from my life came roaring back with a vengeance.

    Today I follow a grain free diet but fall down on following grain free by-products. I cook from scratch most of my food using the best quality possible. Some days my budget allows organic other days not organic but fresh. Knowing what is in my food helps me easily avoiding most hidden allergens. I still have food cravings or life gets in the way of eating at home or I just don’t want to cook so I go out. I know eating other’s food even though it is supposed to be ‘gluten free’ may not be grain free. I risk exposure to allergens any time I eat out or eat prepackaged foods. Remember homemade does not mean from scratch, I have learned the hard way – homemade can mean from a box mixed at home.

    At the beginning of my grain free journey I would get frustrated. I said and thought ‘food shouldn’t be this hard’, ‘there’s nothing for me to eat’ etc. ‘Macaroni and Cheese NOW’. Lol, yes I still have those days but the longer I do without grains the less I have those thoughts. Preparing and transporting my food has become easier as I’ve learned what works for me and what doesn’t work for me.

    Going grain free isn’t easy, but it isn’t impossible. This ‘life style’ has been life altering for me, I am no longer an inactive participant in your my life. Without pain, I am now an active participant in life!

  19. Wow people–check out Auto Immune Paleo Protocol or simply Paleo! It’s NOT that difficult and there is plenty of food, and tasty food at that, to eat. You just have to educate yourself and put in some time in the kitchen. Big Food has too many people confused at to what ‘food’ really is—-and it doesn’t come from a package or box. Just Eat Real Food!! We eat NO grains, No legumes, NO sugar, No dairy and eat delicious meals every day, 3 times a day.

  20. There has been a lot of discussion about corn and wheat but I find I cannot eat any grains. Soy, rice, corn, etc all cause me serious problems. Can you discuss the problems with soy and rice or is it just me?

  21. A lot of you need to have your doctors check you for a genetic mutation called MTHFR. I started getting a lot of the same symptoms & having the same issues as some of you & found out I have MTHFR. It all goes back to genetically engineered foods (GMO’s) & stuff being injected. First, please find a holistic, naturopathic doctor. You don’t want to be on a whole bunch of medications unless you have to. 2nd, please stop taking folic acid (cyanocobalamin) and start taking folate (methylcobalamin). It’s the most absorbable form for our bodies. I was taking folic acid in the flinstone vitamins as a kid & was basically putting toxins in my body as a kid. I’m learning a lot now. Don’t always trust what the FDA says, they don’t care about your health & it’s true. Read labels yourself & learn. Buy Organic, Non-GMO as often as possible. Check for GMO’s in even probiotics & vitamins. Hope this helps some of you. 🙂 Take care!

  22. Corn is so hard to avoid! I discovered that a DAO supplement contains corn but there is no clue on the label! It is marketed for allergies and I am allergic to corn.

  23. I had “eczema” and ultimately one very crusty, swelling foot that prednisone, antibiotics, and creams and oils couldn’t touch. My regular MD did nothing to determine cause; only gave assorted, useless prescriptions and recommendations, including bleach baths. After over a year of this, he finally referred me to dermatology, but they can’t see me for 3 months! Meanwhile, I swear I’m gonna lose my ever-swelling foot. Tired, fearful, and taking too many pain relievers, I go to the after-hours clinic. The new dr spots right off from the newer-developing rash on my arms that it’s wheat sensitivity. Tests for celiac, which comes back negative, but new dr challenges me to get off wheat immediately. Within 2 days my very painful “eczema” is disappearing from my fingers. (I couldn’t even do dishes or wash my hair before, they were so cut up and swollen.) After one 6-hour wrap with cortisone-based cream on my foot, the crusting washed away. Two days and two wraps later, the swelling is practically gone, leaving my foot wrinkly for a couple of months to restore it’s elasticity. The rash is not fully gone from my foot, legs, or arms, but it is fading slowly. This from being completely wheat free. Once I ate some rotisserie chicken from Costco, not realizing it was gluten free. Next morning I woke up with very itchy fingers and skin wanting to blister up. Read label online to find the wheat! Didn’t touch anymore, and new blisters faded fast. So, I KNOW wheat’s a problem. But skin problems are still getting provoked. I associate corn-related things in my foods. When I eliminate them, the problems ease up. When I try them again, the skin problems start up, subtly compared to the wheat, but they still show up. I finally saw the dermatologist. She wants to test for cancer being the underlying cause. Suggests I also look out for red and blue dyes in my foods, as if to humor me–she took the wheat and corn views lightly since we couldn’t have real proof in testing! She prescribed bleach baths, cortisone-based ointment wraps, Claritin twice a day for itching, and the threat of two skin biopsies in my next another-3-months-out appointment. I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands. I will stay on/develop my wheat-free, corn-free diet. And, btw, the knee pain I’ve had for YEARS is virtually gone now! My mind is clearer than ever. I’m solidly losing weight at no more than a pound or two a week (I’m at least 70 pounds overweight from my gluten-loaded days). I don’t do bleach baths, and my skin is slowly clearing up, which seems to be directly related to my ongoing discoveries of hidden corn-based derivatives in my foods. I’m still healing…this wheat discovery was just 3 months ago and I am SO much better! I have always been sensitive to whole wheat, but never to such a serious point with white breads, flours, and additives, until of late. I’m 60 years old, post-menopausal female, somewhat sedentary after shopping and chasing grandkids! And I look forward to healing fully through dietary measures!

    1. Hi Paula I am Sandy Caves and 70 years old. 13 years ago I started eating and drinking Sunrider’s food and finally started getting well. It is whole live food/enzymes that is better than organic and highly concentrated. Went off all the vitamins that we were taking and got even more healthy. Now being 70 my health has declined a little bit, so I am looking at getting rid of corn & wheat products too. I still Jazzercise 5 days a week and are very busy.
      If interested in learning about the SR foods please ask for you can’t get these herb foods in the market place. They are made here in Torrance, CA in a million square foot manufacturing plant owned by Dr Chen/ Sunrider International. I can send you a dvd “The PLAIN TRUTH About NUTRITION”. Email me
      I pray you continue to get well. Blessings of health to you, Sandy

  24. Dr.O
    Our family has followed a “Gluten Free” diet for 5 years, since my husband was diagnosed Celiac. I have been suffering from vertigo, fibromyalgia, and undergone many tests for auto-immune diseases. Finally I went to a naturopathic Dr who ran comprehensive stool and saliva testing to learn that I am full of GLUTEN, after 5 years of GF eating. Today we are clearing our cupboards of all products listing corn, soy, and other so-called safe grains!Thank you!
    What is wrong with the regular medical community??

    1. Great job taking control of your health! Slowly but surely people will see the light and face what has happened to our food supply. Thanks for sharing your story with others. People need to have that inspiration!

    2. Debbie,
      I can’t speak for the rest of the medical community, but I am happy to see that you are moving in the right direction!
      Let me know how your journey goes. Did you get your copy of NO Grain NO Pain yet?
      All the best,
      Dr. Osborne

  25. Hi, I’m Timothy, I started lifting weights early in life. I’ve always been health conscious. As I entered my 40’s, I started eating more natural. More salads,fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, nuts in their shells, organic products when I could afford them. Then I developed a bad case of hemoroids- itching, red swelling, bleeding in my under wear. My doctors tells me to use preparation H, and if this didn’t help, there is always surgery. My finances got tight, so I had to eliminate some of my snack foods. I gave up my pastachios, one week later my hemoroids went away. No more swelling, no more itching, no more blood in my underwear. It was just a food allergy. So I’ve come to believe IBC and many other disorders are food allergies.

  26. Dr O, I am allergic to corn, according to my allergist’s tests back in the 1970’s. I eat gluten-, corn-, milk-, egg-, soy-, and grain-free. I have tried to use supplements that don’t contain these allergens, but I’m not sure about some that I currently take. Is the HPMC that is in some of the gluten free society supplements made with cellulose from corn? If they are corn-free, I am willing to switch to some of the GFS supplements. My husband & I already use the Ultra Pure Protein & Ultra food VF. They are great products! Thanks!

  27. Thanks for the listings of what we cannot consume. Is there a possibility of getting a listing of what we can consume which of course will be a great help to us in overcoming our daily hurdles and frustrations over the allergic reactions one gets. Thank you once again.

  28. My pantry has a lot of cleaning out to be done! I thank you for this listing! It’s JUST what I’ve been needing! 😍

  29. this was really helpful thanks so much i am gluten and dary free becasue it makes goop in my stoumach and my imune system is poor and cant digest it so this helps so mch thank you again

  30. Thank you for compiling this list. I’m not sensitive to gluten, but after a health issue became allergic to corn and corn products. This List has helped greatly!

  31. I have a question about corn, would blue organic non gmo tortilla chips be ok or is the base protein of all corn gluten like? Thanks

    1. Blue organic corn does contain the gluten, zein. Dr. Osborne and the Gluten Free Society recommend extreme caution on any form of corn consumption for those with gluten sensitivity issues.

  32. I have brittle asthma brought on by gut issues… these have been largely hidden – my history was all ENT… chronic sinus infections, ear infections and flu… I remember 20 years ago telling the doctor that the symptoms seemed allto be linkedand follow a pattern. For 10 years I’ve been doing the Buteyko Breathing method with Learnbuteyko… and it has helped the lungs and sinuses ears and throat to heal. My mood is much better and thinking is clearer. But my guts are still extremely weak. What’s interesting is that a lot of symptoms hidden under an IBS blanket for 20 years… have emerged to be much clearer. So I’ve been able to see how bread causes severe asthma and gut toxicity 3and 4 nights after consumption… getting the foul smelling poo out is relaly hard work and provokes asthma. From bread the poo is small and sticky – i guess that’s the gluten… and rotten. I tried usual gluten free since a Celiac’s blood test came up negative. Still I have been on low level prednisone for 7 years so this will probably distort any allergy tests. I noticed that corn products disagreed with me – often a delayed reaction similar to with bread.. and sharp stabbing pains. Now I’ve bought No grain No pain… and I glutened myself yesterday with some licorice sweets that ostensibly have no grains in them. AFter eatingthem I measured my breathing (something called the control pause) and this has worsened greatly just in a few minutes. Still I ate some more of the sweets… in denial about it. Ingredients here: “Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, 22% licorice juice, modified starch, brown sugar syrup, glucose-fructose syrup, natural flavoring, vegetable oil (sunflower)
    , coating agent: beeswax, white and yellow.” I’ve been up all night from 1:30 am with pain under the rib front and back… and difficulty breathing.. also having to poo and pee… what I realise is the level of denial and ignorance I’ve been in. So I’ve had this kind of rib back pain for many years… now I realise it’s very gall bladder. And from the ingredients the glucose-fructose syrup will likely be from corn and is toxic to the liver / gall bladder. Also the glucose syrup and modified starch are likely from grains – wheat / corn, and most likely GM. At least the oil is sunflower… But as someone very sensitive to foods… I still find it difficult to accept the level of toxicity of packaged foods to me… and the level of self-discipline and self-care I must exert in order to recover. Since childhood I’ve used sweets as treats. I was craving wheat when I hadn’t had it for a week or two… and would go off the wagon, feeling great for 2 days until the hell begins. I did a lifestyle gene test (as I was working for the company selling them) and that said I had a genetic predisposition to caeliacs and wheat sensitivity. I can’t remember which SNP it related to. I believe every part of my GI attract is damaged in some way. And the various kinds of pain and stiffness I have relate to a different part of the intestine which is enflamed. The magnitude of this – in terms of the level of poisoning of the population – and the level of damage it’s done to me personally – well it stuns me. I would like to recommend Classical Buteyko breathing to anyone struggling with health issues. Without it I wouldn’t have come this far. Much of my diseases were masked under the asthma – I was extremely toxic and coming from a mum and dad who had bad health issues from brith. Both of them wheat sensitive I suspect, with asthma / chemical sensitivity, gut issues… severe depression and untreated alcohol addictions. Thank you Dr O especially for your videos and for your thorough and thoughtful approach.

  33. I forgot to say that I bought some pH papers yesterday and I have been measuring the pH of my poo. Becuase my breathing teacher told me he suspected my colon is too alkaline. The universal indicator (cheap test strips from Lachner) estimated stool pH is between 7 and 8… nearer to 8. I’ve checked online and poo pH of healthy babies is more acidic but has been moving to alkaline in the past 100 years. Baby poo was about 5.0 (mildly acidic) back in 1926 – acidified by the bifido bacteria that turn oligosaccharides from breast milk into short chain fatty acids. Contrast that with a study from 2017 finding that poo from healthy babies was 6.6, very close to neutral. According to Google, alkaline poo such as mine indicates dysbiosis and is linked to increased colon cancer risk. Interestingly, one website recommended supplementing with wheatbran or oat bran to bring pH down. Sounds like a terrible idea for gluten-sensitives like me… as gluten seems to paralyse my guts, and the food literally rots, until it finally comes out with a lot of pain, gut crawling, asthma, nausea, headaches and drama. So I’d like to recommend pH strips as a simple way to gauge the effect your health measures have on your biome / colon health.

  34. I just tried to click on the link to the National Corn Growers Assoc. to find the list of non food items that contain corn only to be taken to their main page, not the article or list. And there is no search box to enter in the info I’m looking for. Please send us that link. I am especially looking for a list of medicine that contains gluten.

  35. I know now why I react badly to iodised salt and Losalt (Potassium Iodide). Also supplements wreak havoc to my histamine issues, they are all loaded with corn based fillers. Thank you so much for the list

  36. How about CORN FIBER? There is a brand of cereal (Catalina crunch) that has a gluten free and “grain free” product line. However one of their ingredients is non-GMO corn fiber. Would that be harmful for someone trying to avoid gluten type material in corn?

  37. I’m looking for the comprehensive listing of non-food based items that contain corn from the National Corn Growers Association website that was mentioned at the end of listing. The link just drops you off to the homepage and I haven’t been able to find it through searching. Can anyone drop the direct link?

  38. Basically corn contaminated stuff to be aware:
    Shampoos and conditioners
    Body wash
    Hand soaps
    Sanitizing gel (corn alcohol)
    Sun blocks
    Food coloring/preservative
    Corn alcohol
    Corn sugar
    Corn syrup
    Corn starch
    Corn gluten/corn protein
    “Fortified” ingredients
    Easy swallow pill coatings
    Supplements with “Citrate” in the name
    Gel capsules
    Sometimes within prescription medicine and supplements.

    Corn free brands: Best Naturals Glucosamine Chondroitin + MSM, Health Foods Unlimited (red) Algae Based Calcium, Carlson’s liquid Vitamin D3.

    I also read somewhere that the only over-the-counter antihistamine that doesn’t have corn in it is Children’s liquid Benadryl.

    I haven’t yet found an antacid that is corn free. But I did find some charcoal based antacids, but I don’t know how safe that is. Isn’t charcoal a carcinogen?

  39. Baking Soda is listed in some of Dr. Osbornes recipes. I thought we couldn’t use baking soda? It’s in the pumpkin muffins and some others. Is there a baking soda that doesn’t have corn starch or some other alternative?

    1. Baking powder Is Sodium Bicarbonate + Corn Starch.
      For every 4 tsp of Baking powder, I use 1 TSP Arm & Hammer Baking SODA.
      Now to get the best results, You have to add some apple cider vinegar or sour cream to the liquid part of the recipe. this helps with the rise.

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