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Devil in the Milk? Damage from corn gluten?

Dr. Osborne recently interviewed world renowned expert and author, Dr. Gluten (Dr. Rodney Ford). Health damage from milk, corn, and processed “gluten free” foods were discussed. Please leave your feedback below… Devil in the Milk: Illness, Health and the Politics of A1 and A2 Milk If you think that this video will help someone else, please share it with them! For more solutions on what to do next, go read this now <<==

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  2. I agree about thinking about what we are eating. My main complaints with the GF offerings at the store is that they are non-nutritious, soy based or high in sugar (albeit fruit sugar.) No biggie. I live in the meat and produce section anyway.

    I’m unsure about his meat comment insomuch as we have demonized good healthy meats and fats. I was finally able to heal (and lose belly fat) when I increased healthy animal broth, fats, meat. See Dr. Weston Price’s research and the GAPS diet and draw your own conclusions.

    He’s right that you have to pay good money to get good food -this is a disadvantage to he lower class- but if they are keen to sales and in season product, they can make it happen.

    I don’t take in much dairy but wish that milk and cheese would be labeled A1 or A2 or both.


  3. This is a video and therefore a huge disadvantage to me cause I am Deaf. I either need for it to be captioned or subtitled. I am even fine with a txt/article that I can read. Thanks

    1. I agree with the need for a text version of each of Dr. Osborne’s talks. I forget what I hear more than what I read. That sticks with me better. More work for him, but a great benefit for those of us that need it.

  4. I am gluten intolerant and lactose intolerant. I have lost 60 lbs on the change in lifestyle. I am an avid juicer. Unfortunatly I am having trouble keeping weight on now! I work out almost everyday , I am a fitness instructor. Any help to maintain a balanced diet with these problems? Just to let you know, I had fibromyalgia, rhumatoid and ostio arthritis and severe acid reflux. All these problems are now gone and so are the medications! Life began again at 50 for me!

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  6. I was diagnosed with Bleeding Ulcerative Colitis in my 30’s and they wanted to resection my colon and give me a colostomy bag! No way was I going to do that, so I decided to look at what I was eating. I eliminated dairy and lo and behold, it resolved itself. 40 years later I discovered Dr. Osborne’s teachings and have now figured out that gluten was actually at the root of all my issues throughout my whole life, starting when I was a very young child. Wish I had discovered this info 40 years ago, but better late than never. There are dairy substitute options out there but you need to read labels to see if they contain hidden gluten. I found great ice cream recipes online using coconut milk, etc. so I’m not deprived in that area. It’s a choice. Give up dairy or be sick. I choose dairy free.

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