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Celiac Patients React to “Gluten Free” Bread

Gluten Free Bread Damages Celiacs…

A recent study found that patients with celiac disease can react to “gluten free” bread made with maize (corn) protein. Serum IgA was measured against the prolamine in corn. Previous studies have found similar reactions with corn in patients with gluten sensitivity. Many of these studies find that the gluten in corn is similar enough to the gluten in wheat and other grains to create an inflammatory reaction in celiac patients. As a matter of fact, one of these studies was just published in Feb. of this year. You can view it here <<< The big problem we are facing is that when doctors measure blood tests for gluten reactions, the test is only measuring the gluten found in wheat. This leads to a potential false sense of security.


Gluten Free Society’s Stance:

Gluten Free Society recommends the avoidance of corn. Typically, people with celiac disease are instructed that corn is a safe food to consume. They are told that is is “gluten free”. The reality is – corn contains gluten. The gluten in corn has not been studied as aggressively as the gluten in wheat and other common grains associated with gluten intolerance. Several recent studies have shown that people with gluten sensitivity react to the gluten in corn. Remember that most studies focus on antibody production as the outcome for a reaction. Because many celiac patients have IgA deficiency, the test often yield false negative results. The above study used IgA as an outcome measure and (fortunately) found that celiacs react to corn gluten. The immune system is complex. IgA, IgG, IgM, IgD, and IgE antibodies are only a small part of immune system reactions. Immune cells create a myriad of different inflammatory molecules in response to the environment. Leukotrienes, prostaglandins, eicosanoids, histamines, cytokines, serotonin, etc. Most lab tests being used to identify gluten sensitivity focus only on antibody production. This is a major part of the problem in accurately diagnosing food reactions.

Are You On A Traditional Gluten Free Diet & Still Having Problems?

Remember, some research shows that up to 90% of celiac patients don’t get better on the currently defined “gluten free diet”. Is it because the current definition is wrong? GFS supports the notion that it is. It has been scientifically established that the hallmark villous atrophy found in celiac patients can be caused by more than just wheat. As early as 1972, corn has been shown to create this atrophy, and a recent study shows corn oil as a cause for villous atrophy. Add this to the fact that corn is also a carrier for multiple mold toxins and highly genetically modified. The attributes of this grain are a detriment to those trying to heal. Please share this article with the world. All the best, Dr. Osborne – The Gluten Free Warrior

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  2. I’ve been gluten free for a few months and notice when I eat GF corn chips, my abdomen swells up just like it does when I eat gluten.

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  4. I have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease since July 1 and have been on the gluten-free diet since then. I often eat corn and corn chips and thankfully have no bad effects from them. I have had only one bad reaction, and that was from La Choy Soy Sauce.

  5. I have been on a gluten free diet for seven years, I still have problems digesting my food, I have lost weight and now I see myself too thin and tired and not able to exercice because of being exhausted after, I eat grass fed beef and found out today that the beef is fed wheatgrass, rye and oat grass, and I beleive that what has making me sick with diarhea for the past 6 months, the time I started to eat the grass fed beef, also the chickens are fed corn and soy, which I am also intolerant, and I have been eating a lot of chicken also,
    The only food that seem safe for me is fish, which we have to be careful because of mercury.
    Can somebody tell me if it does make sense, I don’t know what I should eat to regain some weight and my energy.
    I will like a reply .
    Does somebody has the same problems with food, I can’t have corn, soy, dairy, gluten, wheat, and
    preservatives, chemicals etc.

    1. This morning I ate two slices of Franz gluten free mountain white bread three hours later I had the worse case of uncontrollable diarrhea just unbeliceable this was the worse bout after eating gluten free Franzs bread m
      but I have had a reaction before after eating Franzs gluten free breads.I’m read gluten free products can cause even more problems think I can no longer trust gluten free foods like I once thought think fruits and veggies may be my safe road

    2. I feel for you. I seem to be having many of the issues that you are. I Developeda dairy allergy, high intolerance of wheat, mild allergies with tomato, coconut,and egg whites also. Last week I ate one piece of G.F.bread with peanut butter and nearly went to the hospital. ??? Wth

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  7. @Suzie: I have found that a strict Paleo diet does the trick. There are a lot of sites/blogs with good recipes and support…

  8. Great info!
    Suzie, Digestive enzymes are a good addition to a gluten free diet, both to aide general digestion and help the gut heal. Glucosamine is another gut healer, probiotics and herbal digestive bitters may also assist more complete digestion & less sensitivity.
    I use OG coconut oil for cooking, & make coconut milk kefir (great source of non-member dairy probioyics) & find these quite healing. The anti fungal, anti bacterial & anti viral properties boost the immune system, & in the tropics, coconut can be up to 60% of the diet.
    Gluten free RN also suggests gong dairy free for at least 6 months, as many people who are gluten sensitive also develop sensitivity to the proteins in dairy, which may be better tolerated after the digestive system begins to heal.
    My adult daughter has noticed that now, almost 2 years into our GF regime, if she gets some accidental gluten, her skin reacts (D H) BUT she doesn’t experience anxiety! She added digestive enzymes5 or 6 months ago.

  9. I ate gluten-free bread last night and had a gluten reaction to it (nervous system problems). It was made with mandioc and cassava only. I had the stomach sensations (electric shocks) and couldn’t sleep at all that night due to muscle cramps and hyperactivity and high-level, unprovoked emotions. I really enjoyed the bread but after finding this article this morning I think I’m probably going to just give up flours altogether. It’s just not worth it.

    1. After haveing a horrible reaction after eating two slices of Franzs mountain white bread I have to go bread free just not worth the mess even gluten free can and has caused me

  10. I have been working on a gluten free diet for around ten years now. My reactions were severe fatigue, constipation, bloating, inability to focus and trouble with motorskills. (balance, speech, focus, orientation) Corn appears to cause instant and severe fatigue and narrowing of my awareness and ability to focus on what is around me. Many gluten free products still induce a reaction. I also have noticed issues with chicken and possibly beef.

  11. i live in australia and i need to buy besan flour to make up my flour mix BUT every time i find a packet, on the back in the allergy notes , it says made on equipment that may contain GLUTEN, so i dont buy it… what can i use instead of using besan flour… the recipe says to make up fine flour ..ingredients are besan flour, tapioca, potato starch,buckwheat flour or amaranth… i cant make it up without the besan flour and i dont know what i can substitute it for ?????

  12. THANK YOU….you have opened my eyes WIDE and it’s SO CLEAR that I have been struggling with a severe Gluten allergy for YEAR AND YEARS….I started a gluten free, preservative free and almost completely dairy free diet 9 months ago and I have NEVER felt SO good and healthy…After spending nearly 25 years of major stomach and anxiety issues I am HAPPY to report that they are ALL disappearing. My family is in amazement at my new energy level. I’ve lost 33 lbs. in the process and I have the body of a 20-30 year old at the age of 53. This sight has been SO incredibly informative for me. I don’t think that many in the medical profession have the knowledge of how sick FOOD can really make a person….it wasn’t until I ended up in the hospital with what the dr.s thought was a stroke that “I” became suspicious of my symptoms…always after eating foods or taking medications that included GLUTEN…….I share my story with EVERYONE in hopes of helping at least 1 other who have suffered so severely like me….IT paralyzed my life and I’m learning how to LIVE LIFE now…..THANK YOU DR. O….

    1. After haveing a horrible reaction after eating two slices of Franz mountain white gluten free bread seems I will have to go totally bread free just not worth the bathroom mess if I’m lucky enough to even make it there.I thought gluten free was golden egg.

  13. The comments here have blessed me so much in finding out the horrible, unexplained anxiety with adrenalin surges, total sleeplessness and burning in my arms for an entire summer were, in fact, symptoms of food sensitivities that I have only recently tested positive for. I had been eating salads at a favorite restaurnt with gorgonzola cheese and suspected an allergy to blue cheese since it is mold, after all. I asked my traditional doc to test me, not knowing what type of tests to ask for. They tested for pollen, etc., NOT the proper testing! That was 2008. This month, April. 2013, I have just had my integrative doc/nutritionist/metabolic and neurological chiropractor order the proper teating and discovered leaky gut from gluten, dairy (even milk chocolate) and coffee sensitivities (lifelong, I am told) and secondary issues with egg, potato, teff. I had been eating mostly gluten free for about 6 months just to lose my “wheat belly” and I believe that is where the teff allergy came in as I was eating the gluten free bakery products (containing teff) mentioned in the above article. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of you who shared your experiences here. They really are a help to others in their journey to discover and correct their health issues. May God bless each of you with health and healing!

  14. What am I going to eat? It’s been hard enought I’m still sick every day and it’s been 4 and a half years since I was dianosed and over 40 years since iv’e been sick with this. I don’t know what to eat and when I do eat it’s a crap shoot no pun intended. my stomach is always swollen and it’s effecting every thing I do.

  15. I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance over 20 years ago. I don’t have problem with corn, but I do get sick with some eggs, and some meats … even organic. I try not to eat too much corn because of what one hears about it and GMOs etc.

    1. If the meat isn’t grasss fed, chances are its grain fed. Which can be an alternate source of contamination. Stick with organic, grass fed meat. So much easier to digest.

  16. I have not had gluten & dairy in 3 years after having thrombosis.later I
    Became sensitive to some healthy foods. I had the alcat test & found
    Out about these sensitives I haven’t been on the inflaming foods since then
    Seems I have candida which mutated to funges which explains rashes
    The candida eats the carbs & grows roots in the digestive track causing the leaky gut.
    Is there a way to kill the fungess and bring back good balance of bacteria

  17. I often have the same question Linda! I have been dealing with stomach issues due to leaky gut and what I now know was a severe gluten intolerance for years. I have been gluten and dairy free for 2 years and still have major symptoms. I can not eat tomatoes or night shades. I am now questioning corn. My diet seems more limited every day and I still have symptomes including joint pain, “cysts” in my lymphatic system,anxiety,severe weight loss, irritability, nausea, intestinal pain and diarrhea. I am definitely suffering from patient fatigue as no doctors including functional/holistic health specialists have been able to pinpoint the problem. I am just labelled “autoimmune disorder” on the records. This road can be frustrating as we are often left to figure out our own treatment as patients.

  18. I would love to share your information with my connections on Pinterest. There are many “pins” concerning gluten intolerance, celiacs disease, and a sharing of gluten-free recipes and comments. You provide connections to Tweet, Facebook, etc.; could you please add Pinterest to your list, it would be very appreciated and helpful.

  19. I, too, have multiple allergies and intolerances and it does make it incredibly difficult to exist in this world. I’m on my third year of trying to heal a lifetime of being misdiagnosed and receiving inadequate care. I have learned to honor the fact that my body has limitations (not easy for a perfectionist, type A positive gal)…and accept that this is my new normal. I’m dairy free, wheat free, corn free, nightshade free, legume free, soy free, shellfish free, peanut free and pea free, and mostly grain free with the occasional indulgence of organic brown rice, but I still felt awful…until a few weeks ago, when I finally gave up coffee and sugar. But it was like magic and I am finally over the”pain” hump and can move again. The whole point of my writing this is to say, it took me a long time to give up some of these things. I had to learn how to listen to my body (not easy)… Some of my biggest intolerances were “hidden” and I had to really pay attention to how things made me feel. There were some shockers along the way…raisins…apparently some celiacs can’t tolerate raisins…who knew…but it was worth it. Keep going/keep moving forward everyone…you aren’t alone. It just feels that way, but there are a lot of us out here who have bodies that are highly sensitive.

    1. Raisins are high histamine as are all dried fruits plus some foods.also salicylates can cause problems with gluten sensitivity or intolerance.i can’t eat bread,cakes.i have to limit any food with high histamine and salicylates.rapeseed oil also causes problems as can be grown close to corn crops

  20. For Karen slater , make your own besan flour. It is made from chick peas. Just blend them fine in a blender jug. Sieve the made flour and re blend if its a little coarse.
    Also for those of you who still have a lot of problems maybe the issue is the preservatives and additives in food that is also causing problems as well. I know they cause problems for me besides the gluten intolerance.

  21. I have discovered I am extremely allergic to Genius bread. I have been seriously ill for 2 years and 2 years ago I started eating this bread and I eat it every day.

    Ive had two holidays where I havent eaten it and was a different person. My symptoms have been extreme:

    Stomach pain
    Duodenum area very painful

    Heart palpitations
    Heart rate of 91 bpm when RESTING !!
    Pins and needles in hands feet and arms and legs
    Peripheral neuropathy
    Severe pain in feet
    Loss of feeling in left arm
    Heart pains (daily)
    Memory loss
    Poor concentration

    Im looking into this in a lot more depth now. I have all the symptoms of having had a stroke!

    I saw on netmums some people had the same problem.

    1. Genius contains rapeseed celiac and cant eat most gf bread or cakes and biscuits as they have rapeseed oil in.i get heart palpitations,fast heartrate plus more.

    2. I’m the same. Terrible gas too which is embarrassing! Pain in th duodenum like I’ve been kicked.. it alcultually raises my blood pressure too! Which is so random.

      Hope you are healing and feeling much better .
      Im cutting out all processed gluten free products now.

  22. I have also had stomach upset from eating UDI’s GF breads. I’ve been trying to stay away from grains in general, but didn’t realize that GF bread could also contribute to bloating, nausea, etc.

  23. I think that those who react to GF bread etc should check whether their problem is celiac disease indeed or a different kind of allergy. I thought I can’t eat gluten, but actually I have allergy reaction only to some grains like wheat, oats, barley – even to their allegedly gluten free products.
    And I’m also extremely allergic to Genius GF bread – need to call sick at work after eating it…

    1. I went gf and felt better then got heart palpitation,fast heartrate,headache infact various unexplained symptoms.i checked ingredients and all the foods i was eating apart from fruit,veg potatos and chicken plus some chocolate contained rapeseed oil.even Roses chocolates contain E442 and E476 derived from rapeseed oil.i cut out all foods with that in so means reading ingredients on all tinned stuff and some chilled including butter and marge.symptoms are slowly going

  24. Kimberly,
    I know some people have mentioned that some meat is corn-fed, etc., but what a lot of people don’t know is that it is quite common now for companies to inject raw meat with gluten. In this day of rampant gluten sensitivities, I think they should be required to put a highly visible warning on the front of the package of any product they add gluten to that does not normally contain gluten, but they aren’t.

    I had to go online to find out which companies did NOT inject their turkeys with gluten at Thanksgiving. Most people would never expect a raw, whole bird to be anything but turkey, which we all know isn’t (naturally) a product that contains gluten.

    Be careful out there!

  25. I have been avoiding Gluten since I realised at 43 that I had all the symptoms of celiac disease but did not test as such, including becoming lactose intolerant. If I stay off Gluten I can drink milk no issue if I don’t I vomit within 30 mins. My hubby has twice made buckwheat pancakes to Jamie Oliver’s healthy recipe. The first time I did feel a little unwell but thought it may have had other causes. The second time there was no doubt! After an hour or so I became nauseous at the local shopping centre; availed myself of the facilities and set off home as soon as it felt safe to do so. Vomited again, quite violently into an empty plastic bag at the exit and ended up vomiting all the way home in the car until my stomach was in agony and there was only froth coming up. I was in a terrible state: my fingers and feet were tingly; I was purging from both ends and I was absolutely exhausted. Never been that sick from food before. Obviously my body did not want those buckwheat pancakes. Am I Gluten intolerant or more than that? Anyone else get such a violent reaction to Buckwheat?

  26. I have this same issue my body hates all gluten and you need to own chickens and give them a gf diet so you can have eggs and meat.. I have them… Most celiac can not have any grains I can’t eat almost any grains at all.. I’m scared to eat anything anymore I basically am starving all the time..

  27. Recent research shows that celiac patients can tolerate small amounts of gliadin, the most problem causing part of gluten, if there is no presence of fructanes, also called foodmap. Phytic acid in whole bread has also been described as a problem to celiacs. Same issues with mycotoxins, lectins and pesticides, which make things even more complicated. Guess what fixes all of these issues at once according to research? Real sourdough bread, under some conditions. First make it yourself, including the sourdough, unless your sourdough baker can answer your questions on these issues. 2. Use ecological fine wheat in the starter. 3. Max 75% water in the starter as compared to flour, in weight. 4. DO NOT ADD YEAST 5. Raise at room temp for at least 12 hours. Expect some detox reactions the first 10 days (gas)

  28. I’ve recently got some juvela bread on prescription, I was diagnosed with Coeliac disease around 10 years ago. The Juvela bread has upset my stomach terribly. I have stomach pains, dioreah and feel generally unwell. Has anyone else had problems

    1. To put it bluntly… Juvela is highly processed garbage. Though it claims to be gluten free, the number one ingredient is derived from wheat. It also contains processed dairy and rapeseed. It doesn’t surprise me that you have a stomach reaction. The breads that this company is producing should be illegal.
      All the best,
      Dr. O

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