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The Danger of Corn Mold Toxins in the Gluten Free Diet

More Reasons to Avoid Corn

A recent recent study examined the content of the mold toxin, fumonisin, in frequently consumed “gluten free” corn based products commonly eaten by those with celiac disease following a gluten free diet. The study also looked at the nutritional quality of the diet of celiac patients and found it to be high in junk food. The abstract is below…  
The fumonisin level in 118 frequently consumed corn-based products was determined and dietary habits were recorded using a 7-day weighed food record. Data were then compared to those obtained for a control group. The fumonisin intake in the celiac patients was significantly higher than in controls, with mean values (± SE) of 0.395 ± 0.049 and 0.029 ± 0.006 μg/kg body weight per day, respectively. With regard to nutritional habits, celiac patients showed a preference for a high fat diet, coupled with a high intake of sweets and soft drinks and a low intake of vegetables, iron, calcium and folate.
The authors of the study conclude…
These findings may have serious health implications for the celiac population due to the widespread occurrence of fumonisins in most of the widely consumed gluten-free products, leading to continuous exposure to this particular mycotoxin. Moreover, the recorded nutritional quality of the celiac patient’s diet raises concerns regarding its long-term adequacy and its potential impact on chronic conditions such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.
Source: Mol Nutr Food Res. 2012 Apr;56(4):632-40.

Celiac Diet not Healthy

The core of this problem is with the follow up education for those diagnosed with celiac disease. Most doctors tell those with gluten issues to go on a gluten free diet, but fail to give the education of what that actually means. This breakdown in doctor/patient communication often times leads patients to educate themselves. Much of what is found on the internet is marketing driven. In essence the information is biased and promotes the widespread use of “gluten free” substitute junk food under the guise that it is healthy. The study above is simply a case in point. Corn based gluten free products are a big staple for celiacs. These products contain high levels of corn mold toxin. This poses a problem for those trying to recover their health after years of gluten induced damage. Additionally, many corn products have been shown to be cross contaminated with other glutens. Add to this the fact that corn gluten itself has been shown repetitively to cause villous damage and incite inflammation in patients with celiac disease. It is no wonder that many attempting a gluten free diet don’t heal. The other finding in this study is also relevant to the healing process. The diets of celiac patients contained a “high intake of sweets and soft drinks and a low intake of vegetables, iron, calcium and folate.” In other words, the diet many of these patients follow is low in nutritional value.

Cardinal Rules of Nutrition

Remember that regardless of the gluten status of a food, we cannot escape some fundamental nutritional rules:
  1. One cannot achieve or maintain health eating unhealthy foods
  2. One should not eat foods they are allergic or intolerant to.
  3. If you feel bad after eating it, stop eating it!
  4. Processed, genetically modified, packaged “food” is not FOOD.

In Summary

There are many reasons to avoid corn based products that are under the guise of gluten free substitute foods. Consider the following:
  1. Corn has been shown to cause villous atrophy
  2. Most corn products in the U.S. are genetically modified and not safe for consumption.
  3. Corn contains high levels of mold toxin
  4. Corn gluten has been shown to cause inflammation in celiac patients
  5. Processed corn products are frequently cross contaminated with wheat, barley, and rye
Always looking out for you, Dr. Osborne – The Gluten Free Warrior

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  1. Connie, Dr.Osborne wrote something recently about rotation diets. I don’t remember the specifics, but if I recall he wasn’t hip on them.

    I joined glutenology a few months ago using my “spam” email address. Dr. Osborne is a copious sender of email– I receive at least one message a day from him, sometimes two and rarely three. However I have not noticed an increase in spam-related junk mail.

    If you don’t have an email address, I highly suggest setting one up. You can use it to test websites you aren’t sure about, without worry about filling your regular email account with junk.


  2. I was diagnosed with Celiac disease a couple of years ago and I am on a gluten free diet. However, I do not touch soft drinks or commercial food and I eat a bodybuilding diet. I had another series of vomiting even when nothing came up and diarrhea with water coming out so fast that I had to be hospitalized with IV fluids. I concentrate of protein such as whey and vegetable especially broccoli and I am always interested in how to prevent further attacks. I appreciate the tip-off about corn.

  3. Love the article. I’m gluten free and can not have corn at all. Corn is also extremly inflamatory. 8 advise all my client to stay away from corn and especially corn made flours.

  4. Why are these “chemical enhanced
    foods not “outlawed” since they are causing “ill health” to so many people! It’s as if food manufacturers are allowed “carte blanche” all in the name of profit without government
    oversight!! Isn’t it time for the
    American people to put a stop to
    this and rise-up and demand
    protection ?

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