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Can Gluten Cause Kidney Disease?

Gluten and kidney disease

Can Gluten Cause Kidney Disease? Your kidneys are located below your ribs and behind your stomach. And these two “bean-shaped” organs are involved in numerous vital functions, which include: Detoxification Blood pressure regulation Body fluid regulation pH regulation Vitamin D activation Red blood cell production Inside your kidneys, you’ll find millions of small structures known […]

The Functions of Calcium

functions of calcium

Calcium is the most prevalent mineral in the human body. It is essential, meaning the body cannot synthesize it, and it is vital for several functions within the body.  And because gluten can damage the intestine causing malabsorption of nutrients, those with gluten sensitivity should be tested for calcium deficiency on a regular basis.  Understanding […]

Addicted to Gluten?

Can Someone Be Addicted to Gluten? Many people who go gluten free will initially notice an improvement in their health.  But on the flip side, many go on the gluten free diet and start feeling worse.  Gluten Withdrawal Syndrome is a very real phenomenon.  In essence, gluten has addictive properties that can create severe side […]

Can Diet Affect Thyroid Function

diet nutrition affect the thyroid 1024x538 - Can Diet Affect Thyroid Function

The Connection Between Diet and Thyroid Function Most doctors will tell you that diet has nothing to do with thyroid disease or dysfunction.  This is simply not true.  In this article and video (down below), you will learn just how important a role diet plays in thyroid health.  Before we dive into the nutritional aspect, […]

16 Food and Chemical Migraine Triggers

migraine food triggers

Migraine Headaches Everyone probably knows someone who suffers from migraines, or experiences migraines themselves.  A migraine is not just a bad headache, but a neurological disorder involving nerve pathways and brain chemicals.  It is the 3rd most prevalent and the 6th most disabling illness in the world.5 1 in 7 people struggle with these headaches, […]

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