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Is Barley Gluten Free?

Is Barley Gluten Free? Adopting a new way of eating can be confusing and overwhelming. So when it comes to a gluten free diet, Gluten Free Society wants to be your go to source of trusted information to help guide your gluten free journey.  When considering what foods contain gluten, many think of wheat and […]

Can Gluten Cause Early Menopause?

Can Gluten Cause Early Menopause? Before tackling this question, let’s discuss a few basic definitions that will help you to understand this topic better.  The female menstrual cycle or menstruation, is the monthly hormonal cycle that a female’s body goes through to prepare for pregnancy.  This cycle is regulated by several different hormones to include […]

Do Potatoes Have Gluten?

Do Potatoes Have Gluten? When adopting a gluten free diet, it can become confusing to understand which foods contain gluten. In particular, starchy carbohydrate foods tend to draw a lot of skepticism. One food in particular that comes into question is potatoes. But like most foods, the answer isn’t so simple. In this article, we’ll […]

Staying Gluten Free While Camping

Campfire Meals The Gluten Free Warrior Way Camping is one of the most wonderful summertime activities. The ability to get away, disconnect, and really enjoy time in the great outdoors. But it’s not always easy if you’re following a gluten free diet because so many of the crutch foods and easy recipes call for gluten. […]

Is Sourdough Bread Gluten Free?

Is Sourdough Bread Gluten Free? The internet is full of information – and misinformation. It can be difficult to identify which claims and sources are valid, particularly when it comes to health information. At Gluten Free Society, we always provide unbiased, research-backed information and work to be a trusted source of information for your health […]