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No Grain No Pain – Pain Mechanisms

Grain Free Diet to avoid these toxins

Inflammation is the Common Denominator in Grain Induced Pain

There are many mechanisms at work that influence grain induced pain and inflammation. Gluten is just one of many factors and is discussed in greater detail below, but first let’s take a look at this short video that discusses the benefits of a grain free diet via eliminating several different toxic compounds commonly found in grain based foods to include:

Now that you better understand some of the toxic compounds found in grain, let’s dive more into depth about gluten induced problems.

Mechanisms of Gluten Induced Damage

Poor immune function, inflammation, and intestinal permeability (AKA – leaky gut) are common problems for those with gluten sensitivity. How does gluten break down immune function? Let’s look at this in closer detail. The diagram below illustrates three primary mechanisms of how gluten can damage a healthy immune system:

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Leaky Gut and Gastrointestinal Damage

Several years ago, researchers (including Dr. Alessio Fasano) at the University of Maryland discovered that gluten can directly cause a phenomenon known as intestinal permeability (AKA – leaky gut). This process has been shown to lead to the development of additional food allergies followed by a progression to a hyper responsive immune system – subsequently contributing to autoimmune disease.

Right behind your gut wall is a tissue called the GALT (Gastro Associated Lymphoid Tissue). Research shows that approximately 80% of your immune cells are harbored here. Once leaky gut develops, the flood gates literally open up and the GALT is bombarded with bacteria and other microorganisms, food proteins, and a number of intestinal toxins. Over time this immune assault can lead to inflammatory damage not only in the intestine, but in other tissues of the body as well.

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Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies

Gluten has been shown to impact intestinal absorption, but it has also been shown to damage other organs that aid in the digestive process. The stomach, liver, gall bladder, and pancreas all aid in the proper break down of nutrients from the food we eat. Gluten induced damage to these tissues can create both vitamin and mineral deficiencies. The loss of nutrient absorption and uptake contributes to countless problems. For example, vitamin B-12 deficiency is very common for patients with gluten sensitivity. This B-vitamin plays a major role in the repair and healing of the intestine. You can see the catch 22 that nutrient deficiency plays. The gluten damaged gut needs vitamins and minerals to aid in the repair of the damage, but the existing damage is preventing the absorption of the nutrients necessary to help in the repair process. Unless addressed, it is a vicious cycle.

Altered Intestinal Bacteria

Research studies have shown the gluten can impact the type of bacteria in the intestines. Some animal research points out that this is especially true of genetically altered varieties of grain. There are a number of diseases associated with abnormal intestinal flora – SIBO, IBS, Ulcerative Colitis, and Crohn’s to name a few.

Why are the healthy bacteria important? They serve to help your body produce B-vitamins and vitamin K. They also help your immune system regulate it’s ability to communicate and regulate the inflammation process. In addition, these healthy flora help to prevent pathogenic (disease causing) micro-organisms like H. pylori, yeast, parasites, etc.

How Do You Address All of These Problems?

Beyond a grain free diet, I developed the following supplemental protocol to support healing and recovery from chronic inflammation. This protocol can help support digestion, a healthy microbiome, a healthy inflammation response, and tissue repair.

Always looking out for you,

Dr. Osborne – The Gluten Free Warrior

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