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Detox C Tabsules – Gluten Free Vitamin C

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Detox C – Premium Corn-Free Vitamin C

Adrenal fatigue, reduced immune function, and increased inflammation are just a few of the side effects caused by a lack of vitamin C. And according to research, this crucial nutrient may play a major role in the repair and recovery process of those with gluten sensitivity.

The scientific literature has confirmed vitamin C’s key role in:

  1. Immune system function
  2. Collagen repair and formation
  3. Joint function
  4. Energy production
  5. Antioxidant protection and function
  6. Detoxification, and more


The vast majority of vitamin C supplements are derived from toxic GMO corn. That’s why I formulated Detox C. This unique formula is pH-balanced and grain free.

Some of its unique features include:

  1. Fully reduced to preserve its integrity – Produced under a nitrogen blanket ensuring that you get a vitamin C supplement that is not oxidized.
  2. Buffered with minerals to prevent acidity or upset stomach.
  3. Designed in both tablet and powder form to suit your preference.


Key ingredients include:

  • Vitamin C (as 100% l-ascorbates, fully reduced and buffered)
  • Calcium

Does Not Contain: Gluten, MSG, soy, yeast, dairy, GMOs, fillers, preservatives, synthetics, or other hidden ingredients. It is 100% plant sourced and safe for vegetarians.

82 reviews for Detox C Tabsules – Gluten Free Vitamin C

  1. .

    I am super sensitive to corn, so most forms of vitamin C bother me. This is the first one I have tried that is spot on.

  2. .

    Really like this vitamin C. Been taking since September. This is the first time I have avoided catching cold during the holidays.

  3. Rose L.

    This is a great product. This is the only vitamin C that I can take that won’t set off my sensitivities. Thank you Dr. O.

  4. Linda K.

    Being Celiac and needing a True Gluten Free Vitamin C is right here at Gluten Free Society!! I feel much more at ease knowing that it is truly safe for me and my immune system runs much better!! Thank you Dr Osborne!!

  5. .

    I was looking for gluten free supplements.. vitamin C for immune health, Help with Common Cold, helps with detox, helps with cancer, energy .. and most importantly gluten and additive free.. it is the best vit c supplement I have found .. no stomach or digestive issues .. truly perfect

  6. Melissa V.

    I like knowing that this is a clean product and look forward to seeing the true benefits of this product during cold season.

  7. Lisa Z.

    So happy I found a vitamin c supplement that is gluten free. I am sensitive to corn and rice too so it was such a relief to finally find a vitamin I can feel,safe,taking. I work in a school with little guys all day so this has really helped with keeping my immune system strong.

  8. Olivia S.

    What is the vitamin C derived from?

  9. .

    Really do love this. I was dx with MS a year ago and it is important to me to keep my system as clean n healthy as possible. Gr8 product !

  10. Cyndi C.

    Love this product. I am corn sensitive so I can buy this with confidence. I can take this without any problems

  11. Rose L.

    I love this product but don’t love the amount of broken tabsules that are in each bottle. Customer Service was good to replace one bottle that I called about but I shouldn’t have to call about every bottle. You pay for a bottle of 250 tabsules but only receive 220 or 230 that you can actually use.

  12. Donna J.

    Needed grain free and trust Dr Osborne products .

  13. .

    Is this made from any sort of fermented food?

  14. .

    Product just to support wellness.. best iof all gluten free.. great cust service

  15. .

    No corn derivatives in this supplement and I take it year round for general good health.

  16. Dana G.

    I purchase this supplement from Gluten-free society because I can trust it to be gluten-free. I have Celiac Disease so it is important to know there is no gluten in the supplements.

  17. Gail N.

    For those folks wanting/needing to be gluten free this is a GREAT product!! I love the tabsule as it goes down very easy.

  18. Gail N.

    I love that you can buy with confidence that this is a true gluten free product. I take this product year around for better health!!

  19. .

    I love all of the products I received from Gluten Free Society! It’s so difficult finding supplements without corn, especially Vitamin C. I’m so glad there’s a reliable source out there that is also decently priced. Thank you!!!!

  20. Angelica U.

    I’m also looking for Vitamkn C for my kids. Can children use this product?

  21. Cyndi C.

    I am corn sensitive along with gluten and I love knowing this is corn free. I take it every day. Excellent product

  22. Gabrielle L.

    Very pleased with product. Knowing “gluten free” is Dr Osborne ‘s passion, I am totally fine with paying a few extra $ to get a quality product. Easy to swallow (considering one gram). No broken tabs that I can see.

  23. Jennifer G.

    In the past, I had trouble with Vit C supplements, but I don’t have any issues with this supplement at all. No stomach pain when I take it…amazing!

  24. Edit M.

    Gluten Free Society’s supplements are very powerfull and impove your health. My cousins tried too and they also feel the power of it.

  25. Ann H.

    I love that this product doesn’t have fillers. I have Celiacs Disease and multiple food allergies, sonit is hard to find supplements that don’t have all this fillers that I’m allergic to and have to stay away from. Thank you Dr. Osborne for creating a great products.

  26. Jennifer G.

    I absolutely love this vitamin C supplement! I have had trouble with Vitamin C supplements in the past (I suspect because most Vit C supplements are derived from corn, but this one IS NOT). Excellent product! Would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone.

  27. .

    What are the inactive ingredients in the vitaminc C pill

  28. LAURIE C.

    I have had trouble taking C especially in higher amounts and was very worried about this supplement. I was so happy with have no side affects from it.

  29. Eileen C.

    The calcium is high in my blood. Is it okay to still take this supplement?

  30. .

    What is octanoate and what is t fo? Thanks

  31. Mrs Carie M.

    Is the vitamin C made from rose hips? Hope not. Good to see there is no corn in it. Thanks.

  32. .

    What are the differences between Detox C – Gluten Free Vitamin C Supplement and Detox C
    Gluten Free Vitamin C Detox Powder? Thanks

  33. Marianella A.

    Excellent product. keep my system Clean. I really recommend it!!!!

  34. Patti B.

    Love this vitamin C , easy to take and keeps me going strong

  35. .

    My battle with gluten is daily. Vitamin C is paramount in this struggle. It’s healing effect is my goto for leaky gut and other toxins.

  36. Sandie W.

    Feels good knowing I’m giving my body a quality, safe product

  37. Susette H.

    Love this vitamin C. It is the only vitamin C that I can take because it is corn free. Whenever I tried other brands, they always gave me stomach pain, now I know why. It is because they were made of corn! Thank you Dr. Osborne for making this vitamin C corn free!

  38. Julie C.

    I take this supplement for constipation and love knowing that the ingredients are free of fillers that could cause a reaction in my body.

  39. .

    This product is gluten free.Since I am gluten sensitive, then this is very important to me. I do not have to worry about the side effects of eating gluten laden products. I look forward to trying other gluten free products. Do you have a multi gluten free vitamin?

  40. Renata B.

    I’m so grateful for a vitamin C without corn, which I am very sensitive to.

  41. Perooz G.

    I use it daily and I love the results.

  42. Allison W.

    I’ve been taking this supplement for 1 month now in hopes to keep me healthy through the fall and winter season. It gives me reassurance to know that’s it’s completely gluten and grain free.All my family just got the flu where I didn’t get sick. I will definitely be refilling this.

  43. Carrie H.


  44. Arthur P.

    My nutritionist recommended that in addition to the meds for the illness, I should consider taking supplemental measures to strengthen my immune system. She recommended this product which I have been taking for more than a month now. Anecdotally, my rebound this time from the illness has been quicker and the frequent flare-ups as the disease recedes have been milder. If this is in part due to the Vitamin C I’ve been taking, then it has been well worth it!

  45. Bernadette F.

    the detox C caplets are excellent and keep me in good stead for the cold weather. Caps are large, but smooth and not really too difficult to swallow–just take plenty of water. All of Dr Pete’s items are clean and pure–that’s the best part.
    thank you Dr Pete!

  46. .

    Great product. Helps with constipation. Would order again.

  47. Tiffany V.

    L-ascorbate seems to be easy on the stomach. Great for anytime of the day with noticeable increase in energy after consumption.

  48. .

    I love detox C. Having a non corn derived C is a Godsend. I feel a little something coming on I take as much C til I feel better (and/or) bowel tolerance. Works every time.

  49. Debbie H.

    I feel this is the only place to buy products .

  50. claire m.

    I love your vitamin C and the magnesium is great!!

  51. Diandra C.

    Been purchasing over the counter vitamin c but decided to try this one. Felt a huge difference when we take it verses a regular otc brand. I feel like it has made me feel allot better taking this vitamin c compared to others I have taken in the past. I have cytomegalovirus and can feel very lethargic so this has helped a ton. I take about 4 pills a day for this reason. I wanted the powder but they were out of that and got this one instead. Very happy with this choice and the price point is right on.

  52. Manar J.

    I’ve been using this product for 2 weeks so far… After I’ve reviewed this product from many people on Dr Osborne community website and asking more questions and get many answers I felt this product is absolutely good for me. My body became more resistant to viruses. It helped me to fight viral infection and helped me to flush out all the toxic out of my body.

  53. daniel w.

    immune system builder, i works very vell

  54. Jennie P.

    I have now purchased second set of this product and it’s excellent. I have stomach ulcer history and it is not as harsh as other expensive vit c products out there. I recommend this product to anyone who might want to take C but afraid of the gastric effects. In addition it is Dairy free and I’m highly sensitive to casein so this is excellent.

  55. Joan G.

    It is very difficult to find a Vitamin C with no citric acid or corn. After reading his No Grain No Pain I discovered I had to do more than remove wheat, barley, rye. I looked at my supplements & realized I’ve been taking corn or rice products for years. I feel much better since removing corn/citric acid/ xanthum gum/ rice. I wanted the powder but it was out of stock. I will definitely buy the powder on my next order. I am buying Vit C for my parents to take as well especially with this coronavirus ordeal!

  56. Lani S.

    This is the only C I have found that is not made from corn which I cannot have; so I am very appreciative for this product. Dr Osborne is my favorite trusted doctor.

  57. Gail L.

    At this point my husband and I are both taking this product. I chose this brand because I know Dr Osborne helped to create it. I trust that he uses the best source of ingredients to strengthen my body and protect me from immune issues. I can truly say that don’t readily see or feel a difference in the few weeks that I have been taking this Vitamin C, it is just peace of mind knowing it is benefiting my body.

  58. Jean M O.

    I take so many supplements that I don’t know what helps and what doesn’t, truthfully. I DO know that I have been taking Vitamin C for several years and find this formulation very much to my liking because I feel it’s a better C to take than others I have taken before, especially with the added ingredients. I’m taking 5000-8000 mg. a day in this time of possible disease everywhere, and I am VERY comforted knowing that my immune system is being helped by Detox-C.

  59. James B.

    These tabsules are giving me the efficient amount of Vitamin C that I need every day.

  60. Argentina M.

    I actually wanted the powdered vitamin c detox & ordered this by mistake. Because of covid19, I dared not return this product, so kept it & ordered a second batch of the powdered.. by then, Vitamin C was in short supply & I could only order one at a time.
    I’m grateful to have this. My spouse & I each take several C tapsules through the day. We feel strong & well. Best Wishes for sustaining your good health.

  61. Robert G.


  62. CRYSTAL P.

    I have been gluten free for 15 years now and was never informed about the importance of taking Vitamin C. I am so happy you have found you and your wonderful products! I have been taking 1000mg daily for two weeks with no issues and plan on upping the dose to stay nice a healthy during these uncertain times.

  63. Michele B.

    Due to years of having an autoimmune disorder, I was not absorbing nutrition from my food. My gums were not doing well as per my periodontist. Takin this vitamin C has healed my gums and I am absorbing it much better because I gave up all grains. Also, the versions easy on the stomach, doesn’t cause cramps.

  64. Patricia P.

    I love detox c. I’m gluten sensitive but highly allergic to corn. This is the only vitamin C that I’ve been able to take.

  65. Ayelet S.

    It’s nice to be able to take vitamins/supplements I can trust.

  66. Kym w.

    I work in healthcare and love dr Osborne’s vitamin c to keep my immune system working well.

  67. William K.

    The best vitamin C on the market by far.

  68. Jean R.

    Detox C Tabsules & NAC- I have been taking this two products from Dr. Osborne shop for a while now, they are part of my routine especially during this time of the year that colds & flus love to shine their lights. I work in a place that I’m exposed to people that they come with all kind of conditions, so I take Vit C and NAC to re-enforce my immune system and it has work for more than 2 years now. Very pleased with both supplements, I will highly recommend both products.

  69. .

    I am so thankful for this. I have been GrainFree for 6 years, but so much Vitamin C is made from corn (I believe) that it was hard to find one I really wanted to put in my body. My body says “ Thank you Dr. Osborne”. This one is so good. God Bless you all.

  70. marilyn a.

    Since doing the Vitamin C flush protocol and taking the Vitamin C I have noticed that my skin tags are slowly diminishing and some are gone completely.

  71. Katrina A.

    This amazing Vitamin C product is on autoship for my family! It is an amazing supplement, and very obvious that much thought and attention went into its development – all the way to the shape of the tabsule, which is so easy to swallow. Great Product!

  72. .

    These are excellent. I have been grain-free since I read your book 6 years ago. Vitamin C is very important to me, but it has to be a good one because I take quite a lot of it. Thank you so very much for caring. God Bless you all.

  73. Benedetta D.

    I’ve been using Detox C for a couple of years after discovering that most C are derived from corn.
    I would buy more, but I live in Canada and shipping cost + custom can be a problem…..

  74. .

    With small fiber neuropathy related to celiac disease, I wanted to try Dr. Osborne’s suggested combo for pain: Vitamin C + Quercetin. It was important to me to avoid sources of Vitamin C that contained corn and would do more harm than good. So I turned to Detox C. Shipped all the way to Canada super fast and I am now on my way to feeling better.

  75. Yong F.

    I have thrown out all of the suplements that I used take and replaced with Dr. Osbornes. It has been couple of months since I have been taking “C” and plus various Dr. Osbornes suplements and I am much more energized. I am so happy that I’ve found the suplements that I can totally trust!

  76. Yong F.


  77. Michael Sr P.

    Love this product. I am corn sensitive so I can buy this with confidence. I can take this without any issues. Not only corn sensitive, but Gluten sensitive, these work well and I know they are clean and clear of the things that harm.

  78. Patricia K.

    I’ve been doing this Vitamin C for many years,
    I love this product. I heard Dr Osborne on a podcast about six years ago, purchased his book and have been gluten free every since. I’m 67 years old and have not missed a day of work in six years due to an illness, even through COVID! Thank you Dr Osborne.

  79. Nancy C.

    Thank you, I Love it is easy to take & Very Happy knowing it is True Gluten Free & Safe.

  80. Nancy C.

    Love Knowing it is True Gluten Free

  81. Nancy C.

    I needed a vitamin C that was Grain Free ( No Rice or Corn. ) So far I have been taking this & my health & skin are doing a lot better. Thank You ! 🥰🤗🙏🏻🙏🏻🌵🌺 Nancy Cordray

  82. Nora G.

    Love this product. This is the only vitamin c that doesn’t give me an upset stomach. I’ve been taking this for a long time and it keeps me healthy.

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