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Gluten & Your Nervous System – Depression, Brain Abnormalities, and Neuropathy

For years scientists have been investigating the detrimental effects of gluten on brain and nerve tissue. A recent study published in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry is just one more piece of evidence pointing to this overwhelming connection…
Patients with established coeliac disease referred for neurological opinion show significant brain abnormality on MR imaging.
These “brain abnormalities” consisted of white matter lesions and loss of gray matter in multiple areas of the brain. The symptoms in these patients were balance disturbance, headache and sensory loss. It has been well documented that gluten contributes to autoimmune nerve damage. Some of the most common medical conditions include (click on the links below to learn more): Sources:
  1. J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry. 2012 Aug 20.
  2. Rev Neurol. 2011 Sep 1;53(5):287-300.

Skeptics who oppose the gluten nerve connection are dead wrong…

I recently had a patient with symptoms of systemic neuropathy severe depression. He was a skeptic that diet could have anything to do with his condition until it changed his life…

What To Do If you Have Suspected Gluten Induced Nerve Damage

  1. Go on a TRUE gluten free diet. That means cutting out the gluten free (highly processed, non organic, genetically modified) bread, pasta, and cereal.
  2. Remember that gluten causes inflammation. This can cause your body to lose nutrients as it tries to heal the food induced damage. Additionally, gluten can damage the digestive organs and contribute to both digestion and absorption problems. Consider a digestive enzyme and a strong probiotic to help your body recover. Have your doctor check your vitamin and mineral levels with functional testing (serum tests are not accurate – don’t settle for them). You can learn more about this here <<<
  3. Consider the fact that many medications used to treat nerve disease can cause vitamin and mineral deficiencies. This means that a multivitamin may not be enough to counteract the effects of the medications. Talk with your doctor about the possibility of drug induced nutritional deficiencies. (Vitamin B12, Folate, Magnesium, and CoQ10 are most often effected)

Want to Learn More About Gluten Induced Nerve Damage?

Watch this in depth interview with functional medicine psychiatrist, Dr. Charles Parker now <<< In good health, Dr. Osborne

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  1. I am 50 now. I broke my hip at the age of 40 and was on my death bed with a blood count of 5.2 and completely depleted of all vitamins and minerals when it was suspected I had Celiac. I had no health insurance at the time and ignored symptoms I had. Since this happened, there are now over 20 immediate family members who are gluten free with me. As I look back at my child hood, there is so much I can’t remember. In fact my sisters and myself have to piece together our childhood. We believe, Celiac played apart in our memory loss. We lost our dad to Multiple Sclerosis and our mom to breast cancer at early ages. We can look back and see how gluten affected both oh parents as well as our grandfather.

    My question is, have you ever heard of gluten affecting your childhood memories?

  2. Darrin Smith Have you eliminated dairy and eggs? They could have gluten if it is grain fed animals that they come from….

  3. @Nancy: Deficiencies could cause poor memory or ‘memory loss’, I experienced that as a grown up. Celiacs is something that could effect you at a very young age, goes away and then comes back at a later age – this is typical but not definite. So it should make sense that Celiacs could be the main culprit. But trauma could also cause memory loss. There is other reasons for memory losses as well. You are so lucky to have family and to be able to recover the pieces from the past.

    @Star: gluten could be in dairy, yes ! But then it was added to it as a flavourant or preservative, etc which contains gluten. The grain fed thing, we were ‘formaly advised’ that gluten contamination is not possible, but as a Celiac I eat chicken with no affect and prefer free range eggs (it taste better).

  4. Darrin Smith,
    Many in our family have to watch the MSG like they watch out for gluten. MSG will leave them with the same immediate symptoms as gluten. One member who is GF free, dairy free and MSG free, will get vertigo from the slugfest amount of MSG. Through genetic testing we have found one member of the family who does not carry the Celiac gene but he does carry the gluten sensitivity gene. He is our most sensitive when it comes to cross contamination and has a strong reaction to MSG. He is dairy free as well.

  5. I notice such a difference in how I feel when I eliminate as much gluten and wheat from my diet as possible. My energy levels are one thing but it is more about how much lighter and flexible I feel. I don’t feel like a sludge trying to jog down the street!

    Very interesting with the link to the nervous system.

  6. @Darrin Smith. A gastroenterologist (hope I’m spelling it right) could send down a camera to make sure that you don’t have damage (damage to the villi could take years to recover, therefor the supplements & probiotika suggestion). A dietician could help with the food thing – if you are realy cutting out all the gluten you might have a cross reaction, which means that you need to cut out all grains, not just the gluten (wheat, rye, barley, oats) ones. Also a few other foods. Also check out on the website SCD diet, maybe something there might make sense. But I agree, phone Specialist close to you- ask before turning up if they are well known with gluten sensitivities or if they could direct you to someone. Or call your nearest good hospital and ask them if they could advise you. If all fails contact Dr Ozz-see internet. Dont panic, rather attend to it asap and get the answers you need to recover soon ! Are you taking calsium, vit d, Magnesium, etc ? Gluten hides in places, are your sure gluten is the culprit if you are realy cutting it out ?

  7. Remember that when you go gluten free: there could also be gluten in make up (lip stick), facial creams, ointments, medicine, sunscreens, etc. Which means that if you have Celiacs and the aforementioned is on your lips, you still get gluten to pass through to your small intestines. The smalest amount could trigger an immune reaction. Also you shouldn’t work with gluten flours, because inhalation (hope spelled correctly) is as good as eating ! Many times the ingredients on a medicine container says that there is no gluten in it, but what about the capsule ? It doesn’t always state. Further if the product (food or medicine) are packed in the same area where there is gluten products, the gf product could get contaminated by gluten – I even get sick on contamination ! I wish all could understand how gluten could affect their life quality – many who are affected, still doesn’t know the cause ! That is why I am reading like mad and started a website and are spreading the word to ”advise” and refer people – they don’t need to feel sick, but it seems that most don’t take me serious, only the ones who are already sick. (SA)

  8. Has anyone had a hair analysis done? That was truly a blessing in disguise. Blood tests had shown that my minerals were where they should be…..but, the hair analysis showed how low I was in everything. It not too expensive to have done and the booklet that came back with the results explained everything and what it does to your body and how to correct it. Amazing!

  9. Before I even realized I had the HLA-DQ8 gene I stopped eating wheat barley and rye after I found Sean Croxton online who insisted I stop eating them and he included rice corn and oats. My symptoms were all over including my brain function, I would be talking with someone and forget what I was talking about in mid sentence or just nod off, I bet they thought I was on drugs! Its taken me years to find that gluten is in all grains and I’m still investigating all hidden forms of gluten in my life. I can’t wait to go into remission with Dr Osborne’s help although my appointment is 6 months away. At least now I know there is light at the end of the tunnel…

  10. My little Darío was born in September of 2017 totally healthy. During its first 8 months of life it had a normal development. With this age, in which he was already sitting alone and turned and crawled on the floor, I began to notice that sometimes he was not able to hold his head. I work in Early Care, so I quickly realized that something was not right.
    We went immediately to the pediatrician, who referred us immediately to the neurologist. This one sent us a first test basket, which included serology for celiac disease, and it was when my husband and I began to analyze that the symptoms started when gluten was introduced. That is why after the blood collection we decided to remove it. My son in a matter of 9 days returned to almost normal. We told the neurologist and he told us that he would refer us to the gastroenterologist even though the serology was negative but that we would give him gluten until then. In just 4 days with gluten, my son regressed until he was like a two-month-old baby: he did not hold his head, he did not interact with us, he did not move his hands or his legs, he did not make noises, he was crying all day, he hardly slept … It seemed we were poisoning him. We need help about this,please

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