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Eating Like a Caveman in a Modern World

Multiple Sclerosis Completely Reversed With Nutrition

Dr. Terry Wahls was stricken with the autoimmune disease, Multiple Sclerosis. She saw the best doctors that the Western world had to offer. None of the conventional treatments could help her, so she turned to Functional Medicine and nutrition. She changed her diet and changed her life…

Autoimmune Disease and Gluten

It is a very well established fact that gluten can induce autoimmune disease (AID). Multiple sclerosis is one of many forms of autoimmunity effecting the U.S. today. As a matter of fact, AID effects 23 million Americans. This doctor turned to diet and non traditional treatment using vitamins , minerals, and other plant based nutrients after medicine failed. She went from being crippled and dependent upon others to bike riding and enjoying life again. Her message is a powerful testament to the importance of diet.

Going Gluten Free is Not Enough

Many of you have embarked upon a gluten free lifestyle to help heal. You continue to eat processed sugar, processed dairy from sick cows, processed meat from the same sick cows, food marinated in chemicals and preservatives. You do so because the package says gluten free (and that makes it OK regardless of how unhealthy it is). You do so because eating right is hard. You do so because you don’t want to feel like a social outcast. You do so because it is socially acceptable to destroy ourselves with food. You do so because the TV ads tell you it is OK. You do so because ____________ (fill in you own blank). The damage of “doing so” can be seen all around us. Diseases of bad nutritional choices and sedentary lifestyle are rampant. One million Americans die annually from heart disease. In 1910, there was not enough heart disease in this country to support a cardiology practice. More than a million Americans die annually from cancer. The U.S. spends more money on healthcare than any other country in the world, yet we rank at the bottom of the list in health. As Dr. Wahl states above, don’t be fooled into the false belief that the processed, packaged substitute foods can help you reach your health goals. This artificial food is toxic and will only contribute toward your deteriorating health. You have a choice! Choose illness or choose health. I am not trying to be harsh here, but reality and truth sometimes sting. You can ignore them and pretend like you are nutritionally immune to the detriments of a bad diet, or you can take action. I spend time researching and writing and sharing information with you because I care 🙂 Need a guide to get you on the right path? >>>The Glutenology Health Matrix<<< can help you. All the best, Dr. O  

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