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Fox News in Philadelphia discusses gluten free, schizophrenia, celiac, and autism

I was jaw dropped when I heard Dr. Mike talk about schizophrenia and autism in relationship to gluten sensitivity! Not because it isn’t true, but because so many are skeptical about the connection. A couple of months ago, I was attacked by several celiac visitors because of their violent opposition on the topic. One guy created a you tube video wishing that I would die and burn in a fiery car crash! Talk about gluten affecting the mind… Overall this video is a step in the right direction. We are seeing a greater media trend toward the open discussion of the impact gluten has on human health and disease. Baby steps… The following links may be helpful in showing how gluten can damage the mind: Want more information? Sign up for our free updates…

2 Responses

  1. The only thing I don’t like is he is calling it an allergy and an allergy is not what Celiac is characterized and Gluten Sensitivity is an illness not an allergy.

  2. agree on the previous comment, however worth a bit of “mis-information” (Celiac being an allergy) to get this newscast in front of alot of folks.

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