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Another research study identifies a connection between schizophrenia and lab markers for gluten sensitivity.  This study demonstrated that patients with recent onset psychosis and multi episode schizophrenia had a higher prevalence of anti tissue transglutaminase and anti gliadin antibodies.


Biological Psychiatry 2010

Gluten Free Society’s Stance:

Treating mental disease typically includes using mind altering anti-psychotic medications.  The success rate for treating these conditions using drugs is poor.  It should also be noted that many anti-psychotic medications contain gluten, dairy, sugar, and chemical dyes all of which are known to effect mental behavior.

Food is the ultimate drug.  It would go to say that dietary evaluation in these patients should play a major role in determining treatment.  Gluten, casein, sugar, food additives, dyes, and other chemicals have all been shown to cause mental disorders and temporary alterations in mental status.  If you suffer with a mental disorder, ensure that your doctor is capable of measuring food intolerance and allergies.  Additionally, make sure that your doctor can measure vitamin and mineral deficiencies, as these have also been shown to play a major role in the development of mental disorders.  Avoidance of food chemicals, dyes, and sugar is not recommended for human consumption whether one is healthy or sick.

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3 responses on “Schizophrenia and Gluten Sensitivity – the connection continues

  1. Val Palmer says:

    Does Risperidone drug have gluten in it?

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