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Gluten Free Diet Changes Behavior

Research continues to link gluten sensitivity to behavioral disorders…
Coeliac disease in adolescents has been associated with an increased prevalence of depressive and disruptive behavioural disorders, particularly in the phase before diet treatment.
In this study, gluten sensitivity in adolescents was discovered to be associated with elevated prolactin and diminished serotonin levels. A gluten free diet reversed these abnormalities and alleviated psychiatric symptoms.


BMC Psychiatry 2005, 5:14

Gluten Free Society’s Stance:

This study sheds light on a couple of key gluten induced abnormalities.
  1. Gluten can elevate prolactin levels leading to a suppression of dopamine causing menstrual cycle dysfunction in women and erectile dysfunction in men. Prolactin also plays a role in the immune modulation of the gut.
  2. Gluten increases the inflammatory chemical interferon gamma. This chemical causes irregularities in tryptophan and serotonin metabolism thus altering gut and brain function.
Anxiety and depression have long been linked to those with celiac disease. This study demonstrated that a gluten free diet alleviates these mental aberrations. Share your experience in comments below… Sign up for free weekly updates here.

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  1. Thanks for posting this outstanding update. So many suffer with depression, only to discover (or not discover) that it is really being caused by food allergies and/or Celiac disease…

  2. After reading about the various ill effects of wheat, I tried giving it up several times. Each time I returned to eating wheat, it became obvious my depression was related to the wheat in my diet. After finding out I had Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, I gave up gluten entirely and lost a lifetime of anxiety and depression. Now when I am anxious or depressed it is usually something I can identify and possibly fix not just a vague feeling I don’t understand.

  3. This is completely true, I have seen the behavioral and anxiety issues in my preteen daughter. I got the gluten genes from both my mother and father. Which equals gluten syndrome, this has been passed to my children and there is a 50% chance possibly their children too. Get tested, Dr. Peter Osborne – Sugarland, TX is the man!

  4. My whole family I feel are sensitive to many things. My 11 year old has depression, ADD weird discoloration spots on arms bloated and very short tempered. My 4 year old also has a seen his behavior being more aggressive and mean. He also is like me and has AdHD. I really could use help in changing my whole family’s diet. P
    Lease help me. Thanks Gail
    Also supplements and getting tested . What do we need lack

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