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Gluten is a generic term for the storage proteins found in wheat, rye, and barley, but it is also found in all grains to some extent. Gliadin, the protein found in wheat, is responsible for the damage to the intestinal tract in celiac disease.

Science estimates that approximately 40 percent of the population reacts poorly to gluten, and the average onset of symptoms of gluten sensitivity is 35 to 45 years of age.

There are actually 140 autoimmune diseases that we’ve identified, and the only scientifically agreed upon cause for autoimmune is gluten sensitivity. Now there are other triggers for autoimmune disease. An infection can trigger an autoimmune disease. A vitamin deficiency can trigger an autoimmune disease, particularly vitamin D. But gluten tends to be kind of that central core hub that’s always present. — Dr. Peter Osborne

An allergy to gluten causes a direct immune system response. An intolerance has more to do with an inability to digest gluten. Undigested gluten will then contribute to abnormal growth of bacteria, the byproducts of which will cause an indirect reaction by the immune system.

Another problem is that gluten causes upregulation of a protein called zonulin produced in the small intestine. Zonulin dismantles proteins in the gut that seal the gut lining creating gaps through which other food proteins may enter the bloodstream and provoke immune responses.

Peter discusses in detail how our immune system responds to gluten, the various genetic and immune response tests you can take to determine your susceptibility to gluten sensitivity or allergy, and why going completely grain-free can help you heal faster.

Gluten and Autoimmune Disease Interview…

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