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What Causes Autoimmune Disease?

Stopping Autoimmune Disease

The Definitive Guide to Stopping Leaky Gut & Autoimmune Disease

In this free training video, author of No Grain No Pain, Dr. Peter Osborne breaks down how to stop leaky gut and autoimmune disease. If you suffer with these problems, here is what you will learn by watching this training video:
  • The four known causes of autoimmune disease (including gluten sensitivity)
  • The 5 Firewalls that protect and preserve your gut function stopping leaky gut in its tracks
  • The connection between arthritis, joint/muscle pain and your food
  • How nutritional deficiencies are important to correct to aid in the healing process
  • What lab tests are the most accurate to measure food allergy, gluten sensitivity, and nutritional status
  • Which medications damage the GI tract and contribute to leaky gut
  • A 30 day program to help you restore your health and eliminate autoimmune pain
Links referred to in the webinar are below:No grain no pain Dr. Peter OSborne If you found this information helpful, keep these statistics in mind: More there are an estimated 46 million people in the US suffering with autoimmune pain. Common examples include: The current medical treatment model for these diseases was recently classified as the third leading cause of death! If you know someone suffering with chronic autoimmune disease, pain, and leaky gut, please share this information with them. You might just be helping save their life! Together we can help more. Always looking out for you, Dr. Osborne – The Gluten Free Warrior

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  1. I don’t want to buy a book or watch/listen to someone talk. Is there an article with the highlights of this?

  2. Thank you for your hard work and research in this subject. I had IgG and IgE testing and came out positive to wheat, soy, oats, rice and “gluten” but negative to corn. Does that mean it is safe for me to eat corn? I have RA.

  3. Thanks you again. I did purchase your book and am on my second reading and hoping for even more understanding. Dr. Oz is at this very moment talking about gluten and how it affects your body!

  4. I have purchased the book, I love it, and I’ve also watched every webinar I could. I will be doing the 30 day challenge soon. I have been doing research on natural remedies for a long time now and when I watched my first Dr. Osborne webinar, it was an instant ah ha moment for me. I have severe degenerative disc disease throughout my whole back, with just about every dx that goes along with that, and my spinal cord is dying at the C3 level in my neck. I had several back and neck surgeries since Aug 2012′ to try and get the pressure of of my spinal cord, even with the removal of the backs of 4 of my neck vertebra, the compression on my cord continues. Surgery is no longer an option because it just seems to make things worse faster. I would of never thought grain as being the root cause, if it wasn’t for Dr .Osborne I probably would of never thought of grain as being the cause. I also had been taking ibuprofen for yrs which I now know only was making things worse. I’ve quit taking ibuprofen and had switched to tumeric, black pepper, and fish oil, and Working better than the ibuprofen did. I also do meditation. I have more supplements ordered. I am having a hard time finding an organic food source because of where I live. I used to garden but am unable to do that anymore and growing season is very short here. The closest grocery store with organic food is 3 hrs worth of drive time, and I also do not do well driving/or riding in a car at this point. We do have the benefit of venison though for organic meat source. I’ve decided I’m going to have to order organic food powders and make my own meal replacement shakes. I have been out of work since 8/2012′ (was a nurse)so finance is definately a concern. I have looked for a functional medicine Dr. but have not been fortunate to find one yet that would be close enough, nor will my health ins pay for one if/when I do find one. But ins will pay for things that make me worse! Grrrr! After witnessing the medical feild on both sides as being a nurse and a patient, I have decided the natural way is what I need to do. The medical feild does have good diagnostics, but that does not fix any illness. I had witnessed what medications do, Not saying that sometimes they aren’t needed, but if you can use something natural without all of the side effects and give your body what it needs to be able to heal itself, I think that is a much better choice. I already know in my heart that this is what is going to stop this disease from progressing, I’m only 45 and have way too many things on my bucket list to just throw in the towel now! Lol! It will definately be a challenge at first but I know it will be worth it! It is really sad to know how so many people, and I was one of them, are in the dark about nutrition and what’s in (and not in) the typical american food and supplements. It’s time we all learn what we are really eating and exposing ourselves to, and realizing that our bodies are designed to heal, we just need to provide it what it needs to do so. Running to the typical Dr. to get a pill is Not the right answer to fixing the cause of an illness. Most medications only cover up some symptoms from an illness. Next thing you know you are prescribed another med to take care of the side effects from the first med, and it continues, and the meds keep making your body more dis-eased. When you are having any kind of symptoms, Your body is trying to tell you something is wrong. From everything I have researched, I must say this is the best info I have came across as far as letting someone know where to start. I wish everyone the best!

    1. Loved reading your feedback. I too hv come around to this same way of thinking. Modern medicine often is not the answer but actually just make the problem. I have healed a lot of my health issues within 6 weeks purely by understanding nutrition better and getting a grip on what my body has been lacking.

    2. Thx Erin for yr long & thoroughly and articulated testimony!! I too hv many physical/medical challenges! However, although SOME of MY issues are obvious allergies to CRAP food on the market (I HAVE been eating healthy for many years) the OTHER and SAD challenges I battle w/daily have come from many years of wear & tear on my body from extreme sports! I’m 53 and am a Cert Fitness trainer and basic Nutrition education! It’s sad how much widespread info & education there IS OUT THERE, but on the whole most American people DON’T take care of their body’s properly! ? God Bless!
      Barbarajean G.

    3. I may be spoiled in the area where I live, but just about every mainstream grocery chain has organic food, including Walmart and Target, even if they don’t have the variety that you can find at Whole Foods. If you can find any fresh organics, buy those, especially those on EWG’s dirty dozen list – Things like avocados are great for you and are one of the cleanest of the produce and you really don’t need organic – look at the Clean 15 to see which might be okay conventionally grown. And you can order non-perishable things like healthy oils, vinegars, spices, mustard, kelp noodles, etc. from Amazon or Thrive Market, etc., along with less toxic cleaning products, kitchen tools, etc. If you can’t make big changes, make small ones and keep working at it – it has taken me awhile to implement everything with diet, buying good water filters, changing out my cleaning products and makeup, etc. as well as finding a new set of core recipes, getting an exercise routine going, dealing with stress, getting my sleep into a good circadian rhythm… I was totally in the dark about nutrition and lots of other principles of good health, and boy were my eyes opened by Dr. Osborne and others. I’m glad you have decided to make changes, and I pray that you would be able to do what will work for you and find everything you need.

  5. For those who don’t want to read or watch anything: grain= intestinal damage=nutrients your body needs-your body is not getting- which it needs to heal. Also increased amount of toxins getting through damaged intestinal lining= more problems. Processed foods should carry a warning like a pack of cigarettes because they are loaded with chemicals. Most supplements on store shelves are not even real, most are synthetic and not only a waste of innocent peoples money, they are actually bad for them health wise. Many meds cause even more damage. All of these things causing more inflammation in your body, than your body can handle. Too much Inflammation = disease. Immune system is damaged- you need your immune system to protect you. I highly recommend taking/making the time to either read or watch, or listen as you are doing something else, there is a lot of info that is very eye opening, and eveyone really needs to know about it. Even if you currently are not having problems yet yourself, more than likely you will know someone, or many others who could use this information. Most people are unaware of what’s going on, and aren’t informed of the real cause of their problems. It’s better and more useful information than you probably have ever learned in any class room. Dr. Osborne is very good at explaining the hows and why’s in a easy to understand way.

  6. I adhere to a completely strict gluten free diet as you recommend! And, normally eat only salads, vegetables, fruit & meat. I have questions, though…even if the product states gluten free, is it?!
    For instance: Can I have the following?

    Organic Non GMO Fresh Corn
    Xymogen GHI Protein Shake (Contains Rice?)
    Virgil’s Rootbeer (Contains Caramel?)
    Gluten Free Chips: Green Mountain Gringo & Lundberg Rice Chips
    NUGO FREE Gluten Free Chocolate Bars

    1. I have Celiac Disease and am extremely sensitive. I have to adhere to a strict gluten free diet or become very sick. I have a reaction if I even touch anything with gluten, (I.E. our dogs eat strictly no grain, and I cannot feed our Koi anymore without the use of rubber gloves because I cannot find a GF Koi food). I have found that just because a product says gluten free, it is not necessarily totally gluten free. I try to restrict myself to fresh fruit and vegetables and organically grown, fed, meats and seafood. It is difficult to eat on vacations sometimes, but I do talk to staff at restaurants, etc. and explain in a nice way that I am extremely sensitive to cross contamination with gluten and that I will get very sick. When approached in a non-threatening way, I have always had positive and sensitive results. Thank you all for all the information!

  7. Do you know of any protein powders that do not have gluten or stevia. I’m highly sensitive all forms of stevia. Just a plain one would be good!!

  8. Can you offer more insight into genetic testing for celiac disease? I tested positive for the HLADQ2 gene but no antibodies. If you have the gene does that mean that you have celiac disease and must remain grain free for life? Or can at some point gave some rice once in a while? Thank you. I really enjoyed the video!

  9. I have neuropathy in my feet and legs fibromyalgia essential tremors and epilepsy. I still have a quinoa bowl every morning but it’s organic and it sprouted and I rinse it really well and it’s mixed with avocado and garlic and lemon juice and celery and Kale
    I’m in my 50s and I want to get off this medication I’ve been on out off half my life any ideas? I can’t go off seizure medication but I don’t want to take big Pharma medication

    1. You should try Lions Mane mushrooms (caps or powder) as it helps to regrow the myelin sheath on the nerves. Also Benfotiamine (fat soluble B1) helps neuropathy too. Methy B12 and Vit D assist as well.

  10. Yea, I can hear and see you.
    My concern with autoimmunity is because I hope to overcome first hypothyroidism, and then osteoporosis. For the past four months I have been free from gluten, dairy, soy and sugar, and really hope to “fix” the problem.
    Thank you, Dr. osborne, for your detailed teaching and your careful explanations.

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