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Top 10 Anti-Inflammatory Foods

anti-inflammatory foods

Foods to Avoid if You Want to Be Healthy

I recently had the honor of being named one of the Top 50 functional medicine doctors in the world by Dr. Josh Axe and his team. Shortly after winning this award, I flew out to Tennessee to collaborate with Dr. Axe. We discussed the best and the worst foods for inflammation and fighting autoimmune problems including the top 10 anti-inflammatory foods and the top 6 foods to avoid. Enjoy!

Top 6 Foods and Chemicals to Avoid

  1. Grains – these hard to digest, highly inflammatory foods contain a number of detrimental components to include – gluten, molds, mycotoxins, heavy metals, pesticides, and anti digestive proteins.
  2. Corn – often times referred to as a gluten free grain, corn is one of the most toxic on the list. The gluten in corn, zein, has been shown to cause inflammation. Additionally, corn contains mold toxins, heavy metal and pesticides. Much of the corn grown is also genetically modified. To date, no great studies have been done to evaluate the long term safety of GMO based foods. For a list of hidden corn items, click here <<==
  3. Glyphosate – This commonly used pesticide is sprayed aggressively on grains before harvest. This chemical has been linked to leaky gut, disruption of the microbiome, disruption to the production of a number of neurotransmitters and hormones (serotonin and thyroid). You can listen to a special interview on glyphosate to learn more about the dangers of this toxic compound.
  4. Sugar – This processed food additive has a long track record linking it to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, bone loss, dental cavities, mood disorders, and much more.
  5. Hydrogenated Oils – These artificially created fats are made by heating up corn and soy using a heavy metal catalyst. Hydrogenated fats have been linked to inflammation and increasing the risk for heart disease. For a full break down on fat, watch this video.
  6. Dairy – Highly processed with added hormones and enzymes, dairy can mimic gluten. Dairy is also known to elevate blood sugar and increase the risk for diabetes. For more information on dairy detriment, read and listen to this interview with Dr. Osborne.

Top 10 Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Dr. Osborne and Dr. Axe tackle the following list of potent “super” foods that can help control inflammation while nourishing the body.
  1. Turmeric
  2. Salmon
  3. Bone Broth
  4. Green Leafy Vegetables
  5. Ginger
  6. Berries
  7. Beets
  8. Asparagus
  9. Grass-fed beef
  10. Fermented Vegetables

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