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Gluten in Corn Can Damage Celiacs

New Study Finds That the Gluten in Corn Can Damage Celiacs Those with celiac disease are traditionally told to avoid four types of grain – wheat, rye, barley, and oats. These grains induce chronic inflammation of the small intestine which results in villous atrophy and malabsorption. But is it really the best advice to avoid […]

Is Cornstarch Gluten Free?

Is Cornstarch Gluten Free? Cornstarch is a common ingredient in many packaged and prepared foods. Knowing if cornstarch is gluten-free is key to ensuring you remain healthy and comfortable. This article will explore what exactly cornstarch is, how it is made, whether it is gluten-free, and what alternatives to cornstarch you can use yourself in […]

Is Corn Gluten Really Safe For Those With Gluten Sensitivity?

Corn Maize (Gluten) Found to Cause Harm Again… Since 1978 there have been a number of studies investigating whether or not corn gluten is a problem for patients with gluten sensitivity. The answer many give is that corn is perfectly safe for celiac patients. The big question is why would this advise be given if […]

New Research Will Demand An Evolution in The Gluten Free Diet Definitions

Most of you know that I am one of the world leading experts on gluten free diets and food allergy. Additionally, I am a regular contributor on Fox News when it comes to issues relating to gluten and other food allergies. Most recently, I was invited to discuss new research on gluten and other food […]

TRUVIA Contains Corn Based Ingredients

Many of you may be using TRUVIA as a sugar free sweetening alternative. The sweetener is made by the agricultural giant, Cargill. The product is an isolated compound (rebiana) derived from the stevia plant. Over the past several months this sweetener has become more and more popular as a non-caloric food additive. I recently received […]

Gluten Free Food Manufacturers Ignore This…

Corn is commonly used as a “gluten free” substitute grain. Did you know that research as early as the 70’s finds that patients with gluten sensitivity have problems with the gluten in corn? In this 1978 Study, corn antibodies were found in patients with celiac disease, crohn’s disease, and ulcerative colitis (see table 1). “It […]

Dr. Peter Osborne and Dr. Rodney Ford on Corn Gluten and Dairy

Hello Gluten Free Warriors! By popular demand I have added the transcript of an interview that I did with Dr. Rodney Ford. We go in depth about gluten free diets, corn gluten, dairy, and much more. You can access the interview here… Make sure your pop up blocker is off. You will need adobe reader […]

Hidden Corn Based Ingredients

Gluten Free Society recognizes that corn gluten is a harmful component for the gluten sensitive. Studies show that people with gluten sensitivity can have reactions to corn gluten as well (see links below) Selected Studies on the detrimental effects of corn gluten: Study 1 – Corn gluten causes antibody response in celiacs Study 2 – […]

Corn Maize Gluten Causes Antibody Response in Celiac Patients

In this research study, testing confirmed that celiacs react to corn glutens independently of wheat. Competition ELISA and preabsorption tests indicated that antibody reaction to maize storage proteins did not simply result from cross-reaction of antigliadin antibodies. Source: Clin Chim Acta. 1991 Dec 31;204(1-3):109-22. Getting the diagnosis of gluten sensitivity often sends a person to […]

Devil in the Milk? Damage from corn gluten?

Dr. Osborne recently interviewed world renowned expert and author, Dr. Gluten (Dr. Rodney Ford). Health damage from milk, corn, and processed “gluten free” foods were discussed. Please leave your feedback below… Devil in the Milk: Illness, Health and the Politics of A1 and A2 Milk If you think that this video will help someone else, […]

The Celiac Maniac and Dr. Peter Osborne on Corn Gluten

The Celiac Maniac Gluten Free Radio Show interviews Dr. Peter Osborne of the Gluten Free Society on helping people better understand Gluten intolerance vs. Celiac disease. Corn gluten is also discussed as a trigger for symptoms in part 2 of this comprehensive interview… Did you miss part 1? Watch it here… Watch part 3 here… […]

Corn gluten,soy, casein, wheat, and villous atrophy

Industrial adhesives? Dr. Osborne and Dr.Symes (Dogtor J) interview discusses how wheat, corn, soy, and dairy can cause damage to your gut in part 4 of this expert interview. Watch part 1-3 here… Watch Part 5 here…

How Gluten Causes Brain Damage Part 7 – Dr. Peter Osborne

Dr. Osborne of the Gluten Free Society interviews board certified psychiatrist, Dr. Charles Parker of corepsych about the damaging effect of gluten on the brain and nervous system. Some commentary on corn and other allergens in part 7 of 9… Get the whole interview between Dr. Osborne and Dr. Parker below… Part 6 Part 4 […]

Corn Antibodies in Celiac, Crohn’s, and Ulcerative Colitis

In this 1978 Study, corn antibodies were found in patients with celiac disease, crohn’s disease, and ulcerative colitis (see table 1). “It is of interest that patients with coeliac disease on a gluten-free diet had a lower incidence of wheat, but not of maize, antibodies when compared with those patients not on a diet.” The […]

Corn and Celiacs Disease

  Many gluten free products use corn as an assumed safe grain substitute. Are you buying into this myth? Is corn gluten free? A Study published in the journal Gut identified that corn gluten caused an inflammatory reaction in patients with celiac disease. “The observation that corn gluten challenge induced an abnormal NO reaction in […]

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