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Exercise – Work Out Recovery – Gluten Free Vs. Paleo Diet

I once gave a lecture to superior group of athletes here in Stafford, Texas. Many in the group were injury prone, and many in the group were facing challenges in their workout recovery because of improper diet habits. If you suffer with fatigue, muscle or joint problems, and slow recovery after trying to work out even though you are following a traditional gluten free diet, watch the following video…

You Cannot Out Train a Bad Diet

It is no mystery that gluten can cause muscle and joint damage. Clinically speaking, many other foods can also contribute to this problem. Dairy, sugar, hydrogenated fats, and genetically manipulated foods are all other examples. The cardinal rule of nutrition states that one cannot achieve health eating unhealthy foods. When you combine unhealthy foods with an intense workout program, the results can be problematic for many. Chronic inflammatory overuse injuries are common among athletes who carb load, and athletes who live under the false belief that intense exercise exonerates them from having to be selective about food choice. I have seen injury after injury in people with this mindset. That is the catch 22 – You exercise to lose weight , but in the process, injury occurs. The injury prevents you from working out and reaching your fitness goals. The simple solution – stop the injury by eating a clean diet and choosing the right types of food for fuel and recovery. The following diagram lists a number of components that can contribute to recurrent and chronic injuries. If you are just getting ready to introduce exercise into your lifestyle or if you are a seasoned athlete, make sure to be preventative. One stupid mistake can cause an injury that can keep you from getting the exercise your body needs for months or longer.

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Dr. Osborne – AKA The Gluten Free Warrior

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  1. I like the video it’s informative, Can we feature your article in our magazine and give you credit for writing it?

  2. The video stopped 7 minutes short at minute 14:48… How can I view the rest of it..I didn’t get to hear the true solution.. If you still have muscle and joint issues… What do you do?

    Also I’m interested in a healthy way to put ON weight. I’m gluten free and have lost more weight than I want to lose. I do exercise often and consume bone broth and take whole food based vitamins. Also, I have hypothyroidism and have been on levothyroxine for over 30 years.

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