6 thoughts on “The Gluten Free Detox Meeting

  1. Sally says:

    Happy Birthday, Dr. Osbourne! You are a gift to the whole WORLD. We APPRECIATE your mission, your ability to communicate so well, your continuous mastery of more truthful healing practices, and your leadership and example in this area. We know we speak for many others when we say “thank you for being you!”

  2. MG-Silvia Morales says:

    Feliz Cumpleaños Dr. Osborne!!!!Que Dios le bendiga grandemente a Ud. y su familia y le de sabiduría para continuar su destino y propósito en Dios. Le agradezco profundamente por lo que hace, por todo su servicio desinteresado. Que DIOS le de muchos 41 y mas!!!


    Silvia Morales

  3. Sharon says:

    Thank you for posting this heavy metal detox information. Recently started taking your IgG formulation, seems to be helping.

    Flouride, bromide (from fire retardants), chlorine (in municipal water supplies) and iodine are in the halide family. Why no mention of iodine as a heavy metal detox agent?

    Also wondering why no mention that most vit C on the market today is being synthesized from gmo corn, even vit C sold in Whole Foods markets, not desirable to detox with.
    Thanks again!

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