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7 Symptoms Of Autoimmune Disease That Often Get Overlooked

Autoimmune Disease – Symptoms of the “Hidden Epidemic”

An estimated 50 million people in the US alone have some form of autoimmunity. For many, the symptoms of autoimmune disease are not always textbook. They can start small, last for years, and subtly grow into major health issues. Because they don’t always follow a clear path, many people go to the doctor with a plethora of vague problems that don’t quite match what the doctor was taught in medical school.

Another problem surrounding autoimmune illness is that medical training to understand how autoimmune symptoms can cross over to multiple organs and systems is not emphasized. Medical experts typically hyper specialize in either one organ, or one system; therefor, they do not recognize that the multitude of health issues a person might be having can all be related or tied into an autoimmune process.

Autoimmune Disease Can Be A Silent Killer

Many autoimmune diseases start with small symptoms that can insidiously grow and morph into more small symptoms. This can happen for decades before the problems have done enough damage to send you into a doctor’s office to get a definitive diagnosis. That means you could have years of accumulated inflammatory damage before learning that your body has been silently attacking itself. The following video breaks down that top 7 symptoms of autoimmune disease that often go missed leading to years of unnecessary suffering…

What are the Hidden Symptoms of Autoimmune Disease

Symptoms of autoimmune disease are not always cut and dry. A common pattern is that the symptoms start small and get worse with time. They don’t usually have an obvious cause or trigger. They are often times blamed on the aging process, family history, or the favorite excuse of doctors when they don’t have an answer – stress. So the question is – “What are the hidden symptoms of autoimmune disease that could indicate that you are developing an AI related illness?”

    1. Muscle and Joint Pain – Aches, pains, stiffness, tightness, and proneness to injury with even light activity can be a silent and slow working AI process. People that suffer with these symptoms cannot link the onset of pain to any injury or traumatic event. They simply have a history of slow, progressive musculoskeletal issues. Early on, these people often make attempts at exercise and physical activity only to find that it becomes harder and harder. As the symptoms progress, these individuals find that they put on more weight, often retain water, and become extremely prone to injuring themselves with minimal activity. Often times, these people experience pains that migrate from one area of the body to another with no rhyme or reason. This migrating pain can worsen into swelling, redness, and stiffness in muscles and joints leading to a complete avoidance of physical activity for fear of more pain. The visit to the doctor will commonly lead to a prescription or over the counter pain medication that targets the issue by blocking inflammation. Pain medication use becomes more frequent with time, but is accepted because these people are typically told that there pain is normal, or that they are just getting older. As they spend years chemically masking there pain, the underlying AI process only grows and gets worse, leading to greater problems. For more information on this problem, see “The Prescription Pain Trap”. Some of the AI diseases related to this group of symptoms are rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, ankylosing spondylitis, migratory arthritis, reactive arthritis, dermatomyositis, myalgia, psoriatic arthritis, and scleroderma.
    2. Fatigue and Brain Fog – You wake up tired, push through your day feeling tired, and trying to concentrate or remember small tasks becomes more and more overwhelming. These individuals will often gravitate toward self-medicating with caffeine – usually in the form of coffee or high caffeine teas. Initially, the caffeine is helpful at stimulating morning energy levels and boosting afternoon energy. But the paradox of too much caffeine is that it can cause B-vitamin and magnesium deficiency. Because these nutrients are needed by the body to produce energy, the fatigue persists and in time worsens. Caffeine also disrupts the sleep cycle, so these individuals often have a hard time going to sleep at night. And when their rest is compromised, their ability to recover is stifled, and the fatigue becomes even more progressive. A visit to the doctor might lead to prescription medication for ADD or medication for thyroid disease. And although these drugs can sometimes improve the symptoms, they don’t resolve the underlying autoimmune process. These individuals will often end up confined to bed for most of the day, and when they try to get out of bed, they pay for it with overwhelming exhaustion for days afterward. Some AI diseases linked to this category of symptoms are, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis (hypothyroidism), autoimmune gastritis that causes anemia, pernicious anemia, type I diabetes, Addison’s disease, silent celiac, and myocarditis.
    3. Anemia of Unknown Causes – Much like #2, anemia can contribute to severe fatigue. The fatigue of anemia is often times described as relentless fatigue that is not improved with rest. It is coupled with the symptoms of shortness of breath, muscle aches and pains, cold intolerance, exercise intolerance, anxiety, and proneness to passing out. Because there are different types of anemia (iron deficiency, B-vitamin deficiency anemia, hemolytic anemia, etc), the symptoms can overlap as well. For example, B-vitamin deficiency anemia can cause numbness and tingling in the hands and feet as well as nerve pain. Iron deficiency anemia can cause cold intolerance. People who fit these symptoms typically have a history of recurring anemias. For example, they go to the doctor and find out their iron levels are low. After a blood transfusion, they feel great for a time. But the anemia comes back, and know one asks why. So they go through this cycle never learning that they actually have an autoimmune illness. Examples of AI disease that can cause anemia are celiac disease, Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis, multiple sclerosis, pernicious anemia, and gastritis. It is important to know that anemia can also be caused by taking medication that block stomach acid. You need acid to absorb both iron and B-vitamins. So this category often has cross over with #7. Because B-12 deficiency can also cause neuropathy, it is also common to see symptom cross over with #4 on this list.
    4. Neuropathy – One of the most common symptoms of autoimmune disease. Nerve damage can manifest in many different ways. Physical manifestations can include numbness and tingling in the extremities, nerve pain, stabbing or shooting pain into the arms and legs, muscle weakness, muscle loss, and hypersensitivity to touch. Neuropathy can also effect the brain and spinal cord and muscles. Symptoms can manifest as dizziness, brain fog, vertigo, poor coordination, and ringing in the ears. This category commonly has overlap with #1, #2, and #3. AI nerve damage will also effect the gut leading to irritable bowel and in very bad cases, gastroparesis. There are a number of research studies that link gluten and dairy consumption to AI nerve damage. Examples of AI diseases of the nervous system include, multiple sclerosis, GBS, cerebellar ataxia, dynautonomia (reflex sympathetic dystrophy), ALS, Restless Leg Syndrome, transverse myelitis, polyneuropathy, and gastroparesis.
    5. Cold Intolerance – Cold intolerance is a common symptom that can indicate an autoimmune problem. A form of autoimmunity called Raynaud’s disease can contribute to cold intolerance. So can hypothyroidism. Anemia can also cause this symptom.
    6. Intermittent Low Grade Fevers – The body uses fever to help combat infection and sometimes to fight food allergy. Many who have this symptom also have swollen lymph nodes in the neck or throat. As infection and food allergies are both major triggers for autoimmune disease, low grade fevers without a known origin should be investigated further. Keep in mind that not all infections are obvious. Some of them are more chronic nature.
    7. Gut Problems – Gut problems are one of the most common symptoms of autoimmune disease. Gut symptoms often indicate intestinal hyper-permeability (Leaky Gut). Leaky gut is a trigger for autoimmune symptoms. Acid reflux, intestinal bloating, cramping, and pain are all common signs that this is happening. Additionally constipation, diarrhea, and frequent blood in the stool can be autoimmune symptoms. Damage to the gut is often a result of food allergies, intolerances, and exposure to harmful chemicals (pesticides, chlorine, etc). Many medications can also contribute to gut problems. So if you are taking medications, make sure you cross reference your medicines with side effects associated with gastrointestinal dysfunction. Ask your doctor to rule out food allergies and gluten sensitivity.

Did you have a list of vague symptoms before you were diagnosed with autoimmune disease? What were they? Share below…

Always looking out for you,

Dr. Osborne – The Gluten Free Warrior

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  1. Well, all of this appears accurate and common but getting the right care and comprehensive work up means you have to be wealthy. That’s the problem! Only wealthy people can get healthy bc all the docs who do this work up and treatment charge huge amounts of money not to mention the thousands on supplements and labs not covered by insurance … advice?

    Additionally, I know a few doctors who specialize in autoimmune issues in my town and besides being seriously in the hole financially, patients I have referred into those folks aren’t any better, but now even more sickly die to the fear and stress of not getting better

    Again, ideas?
    Much appreciated

    1. I am not wealthy. I have researched all my symptoms free on the internet .I have health insurance and finally one doctor soda Rheumatoid Factor tests and it was too high. I did not take his experimental medicine. I was educated by You Dr Osborne.Eliminating diet is free. Added basic vitamins . Another genetic test about my family tree confirmed my suspension about my self diagnosed gluten sensitivity.

    2. Darcy, My husband and I are seniors, on a fixed income. The way we afforded our out-of-pocket medical needs was to seriously scale back our “wants.” We scaled back to one older/used vehicle (no car payment.) We gave up our cable TV (now use a Laptop and the Internet to watch movies) take no more vacations/trips (might camp) traded in our SmartPhone for a $40.00 flip phone and $23.00 a month service) no eating out (cook and eat healthier at home anyway) wear second-hand clothing, use the library to order needed books etc. and so on. This way we could put the “wants” money into “needs” (our health) instead. The cost of Functional Medicine is at the beginning and once your health begins to stabilize you can pretty much handle it yourself with diet and lifestyle changes. It may not be a lot of fun at the time but our health is our wealth – so it is worth it.

    3. You are absolutely right! This is the dilemma my Son is in. He was diagnosed with celiac disease 3 years ago. He makes $16 dollars an hour. How is he to afford a Functional Medicine Dr. ?

    4. I started with muscle aches, joints and fever. Then itching on my eyebrows and palm of my hands. It was extremely intense. The doctor gave his diagnosis as you have the flu. He presented tamiflu medication. That was Friday and I had the symptoms for a week. By Sunday I went to urgent care they said I was allergic to that medication and it wasn’t the flu. They gave me IV and an injection for the allergy to the medication and medication for pain and fever. By then I have developed salmon color hives on my extremities and chest. After few hours with IV and medications I went home. It was Sunday fevers were worse pains increase in a scale that there was no number anymore. It was in the entire body. There was no part in it that didn’t feel it. By Tuesday I was hospitalized morfine was added time was passing and I was just feeling that it was the time to die. I just said I’m my mind “God be your will” I couldn’t talk anymore the information was internal in my organs all I can remember is that one of the last doctors came and told my husband we threw to her all the book . Which now I understand that there was nothing else to do because they couldn’t figure out they tested me for all the deseases they knew. By then had passed over a month. They sent me home to die with the diagnosis Fever of Unknown Origin. That was it. Day after my husband took me to my primary doctor whom with sadness told me “I expected this from somebody else but not you “ he send me in an ambulance back to the hospital, I felt that my ears will explode of the extreme pain. My blood pressure was to the ground they injected something saying if she doesn’t day of what she has the low blood pressure is going to kill her. There we go again more morphine. I lost consciousness by then I couldn’t moved at all I was bed ridden. I couldn’t lift a finger or say a word. Rheumatologist came in last doctor in the entire hospital who immediately pumped steroids in very large quantities. Rare condition accord to them 1/100.000 Onset Adults Stills Desease. That’s it. They never saw any case like mine. She saw a patient when she was doing her residency 23 years ago. All this happened in December 22, 2016. I’m a survivor that naw I’m medication free, and thanks to doctor Osborne gluten free. To be continued

  2. I answered yes to all of this. I’ve been 90% grain-free organic, legume-free, lots of leafy greens for five years. It’s frustrating going to a traditional, insurance approved doctor and having to be sent all over the region to get different Tests done when the blood testing just doesn’t show anything. So, off to the laboratory for more blood testing, somewhere else for a colonoscopy, another location for a breast exam. Etc.… All the traditional testing. And I just don’t have confidence that we are on the right track. And yes the symptoms aren’t going away and getting worse. I won’t give up on the grain free organic diet, however I’m not exercising as much to avoid the pain. Just don’t know what to do anymore.

    1. Hi, Darcy.
      I totally feel your frustration–it’s my frustration, too. However, I have made a point of tapping into as many on-line resources as possible, particularly in the way of health summits and other video series (that is how I came across Dr. Osborne), and through what I have improved tremendously, not only in how I feel and think but in my blood work (thyroid antibodies from over 1200 to below 200!). I have not been able to afford all of the recommended supplements, but I get what I can when I can, with some prioritization for a few of them. My diet and eating patterns (daily intermittent fasting/timed feeding) have been the major changes and my biggest investment, but also being ever more aware of EMFs and other toxins, supporting my liver, minding my sleep hygiene, physical activity, and other steps I have taken that cost me nothing have made a difference! Don’t doubt that you can do it!

    2. Cannabis for pain and sleep
      No side effects and amazing energy after two years of doctor approved dosing. Go to a cannabis doctor

      1. I have my medical cannabis license. If you are having a hard time eating, this can be very helpful. The munchies can get you into big trouble the following day. I’ve woken up the following day doubled over in pain from overindulging while high. It has it’s ups and downs.

    3. Hi KT,

      Get your heavy metals tested, you’ll probably find you are full of Mercury, possibly Lead& Cadmium too.

      I’d also be checking for parasites & mould.

      Hope that helps!


      Victoria Ludemann
      Health Kinesiologist

    4. I am using MSM supplements after
      Exercise and before bed on the days of exercise. It has helped my
      muscle pain and allows me to sleep.
      Since I am not eating onions, garlic ,
      Broccoli or cabbage , Brussel sprouts I think my body needs the sulfur!

    5. I would get a Lyme test: IgenX or Vibrant America. Best diet in the world won’t help if you have Lyme and co-infections outside and inside the gut. The Western Blot will probably not Dx chronic lyme–need a specialized antibody test. Some insurance including Medicare is covered by IgenX. Chronic pain happened to me suddenly with a very good lifestyle and diet after 30 years of contracting Lyme. I was lucky to know a doc that did the right testing; used several sessions of IV Ozone and UVBI treatment and doing herbal therapy on-going to rid myself of gut dysbiosis and co-infections. So far, everyone in my practice who has chronic pain, esp in the joints and has tested has come up positive for Lyme. It mimics the myalgias and arthritises. You should at least rule this out with good testing.

    6. Hi!
      “Lots of leafy greens” is a recipe for other plant toxicities such as oxalate poisoning, salicylates toxicity, etc. These are extremely common causes of inflammation, chronic muscle and joint pain, and organ dysfunction. It is worth going on a low oxalate/lower plant diet (“carnivore” diet) just to see what happens. ALL plants contain toxins because they don’t want to be eaten (except for their fruits, to spread their seeds). Just be aware that low oxalate diets aren’t necessarily low gluten, so you may need to combine strategies.

  3. Yep. The entire list was slowly but surely ongoing from the SECOND my first baby was born. It would be 15 years later that testing confirmed Celiac. It’s been 12 years since and I’m still trying to figure out full remission and healing.

  4. I’ve suffered for over 45 years with AI symptoms. I really need to see a naturopath but my insurance won’t pay for it. I have all the symptoms you described but anemia. I’m going to a rheumatologist on the 29th. I don’t have much faith in regular doctors. Thank you for your advice. Melodic 🦄

  5. My 17 year old granddaughter was diagnosed with Crohns Disease at age 15. She is currently working with a holistic doctor and has cut out all gluten, grains, and most meats except chicken and fish. She is only supposed to have 1 gram of fiber a day (which is difficult). She eats mostly organic with shakes that include supplements. She takes prebiotics and probiotics. She continues to have cramps and diahrrea, though not as often as before. She has lost about 15 pounds. Where can I get a list of allowed food and/or foods to definitely avoid. I believe there is something that is still affecting her. I feel badly for her as she misses outings/activities with friends as well as school time.

    1. I have been fighting this for most of my life and I am 64 years old now. When I was a young child I was tired and my legs would ache. I could not keep up with the other kids. I got older and was diagnosed with Raynad’s cold hands and feet that turned blue. My hearing got worse too and I had developed Menier’s. After I had Children then it really kicked in and I was exhausted and tired and I had pain all over my body. I would just cry. I went to the doctors but they just labeled me a nut because they did tests and everything came back normal! I was given antidepressants. Shortly after I was developing sever stomach aches after eatting and gas with diarrhea. I was diagnosed with IBS. But the symptoms continued. I was so tired of going to doctors who did nothing to help me. I knew I had to take matters into my own hands. I discovered wheat was one of the main problems. Then dairy, eggs, nuts, beans and soy. To say it is difficult is an understatement. It is a constant battle to remain free of these foods. And people just don’t understand what I go through. But I do feel better and will always continue to fight to be free of the pain. (This is not a complete list of all of my symptoms.)

    2. Dr Osborne has a book. No Grain, No Pain. You will find all foods to eat and not to eat. Great book.

    3. Carol, I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and most have the problems in this article. A Holistic Health provider found my problems and is working with me. I’ve been taking supplements and have drastically changed my eating habits…totally gluten free, and grain free. I have been eating the Keto way since January 1st; plenty of nutritious meat and fat. I had iron anemia and b12 anemia. Had blood work done this week. No anemia in either category! My labs were really good except still have TPO antibodies. Starting to feel quite a bit better after 18 months! Thank God for leading me there!

  6. I have had fatigue & asthma for over 10 years I knew something was wrong I had numerous blood tests done all doctors were saying you are ok but I didn’t feel ok.
    Than I started to research and found out about Ige food alergie test l was allergic to almost 15 different food. After I have changed my diet to only grass and free range meet fruit, vegetable, almonds & coconut milk it took me one year to fix my gut. My asthma have disappear almost in 3weeks from when I changed my diet.
    Now I’m feeling much better still can’t do lot’s of exercise but every day l see improvement and that makes me happy to keep eating the way I should.
    Lucie from South Australia

  7. I have had fatigue & asthma for over 10 years I knew something was wrong I had numerous blood tests done all doctors were saying you are ok but I didn’t feel ok.
    Than I started to research and found out about Ige food alergie test l was allergic to almost 15 different food. After I have changed my diet to only grass and free range meet fruit, vegetable, almonds & coconut milk it took me one year to fix my gut. My asthma have disappear almost in 3weeks from when I changed my diet.
    Now I’m feeling much better still can’t do lot’s of exercise but every day l see improvement and that makes me happy to keep eating the way I should.
    Lucie from South Australia

  8. I had a lot of this . Was amazed at how much diference b12 and d3 made. Worth every penny to be grain sugad dairy free!

    1. Like you, I gave up grains, ate organic, etc and some of my symptoms improved. However a year later, following the recommendation of Dr.Peter Osborne, I gave up dairy – all of my remaining issues resolved, and 25 lbs disappeared. Everything Dr. Osborne told me to do improved my health and over the course of a year and a half I was able to get off of my Hashimoto’s medications, Anti anxiety/depressant medication and all of my symptoms including skin rashes, joint pain, foot issues, went away. You did not mention giving up dairy which is why I am sharing this. It was a big problem for me. I eat hundred percent Paleo, avoid eating at restaurants but sometimes I do when I travel. Grass fed meats, wild caught fish, organic fruits and vegetables from local farmers market’s are the food sources I try to live on and it really has made a difference for me and my family. I highly recommend finding a functional medicine doctor. Dr. Peter Osborne was a blessing to my family and I was lucky to live in the Houston area and have access to him. There are times where you need a primary care provider but for me and my family it has been the functional medicine approach that healed us and has kept us well. All the best to you.

  9. Hello, As you know, autoimmune problems can be caused by chronic infection and exposure to mold and other toxins, including vaccines.

    To make matters worse, Lonnie Herman, DC of Florida found that his patients were not responding to vitamins and homeopathic remedies due to exposure to wireless microwave radiation. Since I can’t afford to see them, what to do?

    Recently, I read an amazing account of an AIDs cure from using coconut oil externally and internally. You can read it here:

    Dr. Bruce Fife said that the best way to take coconut oil is with food and fiber. Since coconut oil is too hard for me to digest, I just eat unsweetened coconut flakes with no additives in a homemade oat bran breakfast cake without sugar and coconut oil in it.

    It helps to rub coconut oil all over your skin 3 times a day.

  10. Hi I am Edward B and I haveirratable Bowel syndrome ankl losing sparengatis flymalargia had psoriasis sore throat get headaches poor balance deupentrons contraction mental disorders was in a traumatic shop injured accident when I was 21 Have post trama stress disorder please tell me what I can do Thanks Ed B!!

  11. I was diagnosed with Mast Cell Disease 15 years ago after many years of feeling bad (which was the AI). The doc was a GI specialist and did a biopsy to confirm it (during a routine colonoscopy). But that was just the beginning. At the time, he said supplements didn’t help, nor allergy shots, or anything else. I took a special compound ($$$) for 2 years and it helped with the worst symptoms. Later I used a very inexpensive drug from Europe for a while that was the same as the compound. When I felt better, I could actually think (brain fog was horrible). I knew a lot about holistic health — so I started experimenting. Here is what ended up helping me heal; today I am a different person — healthy, vital, energetic — 70+ years old. It is possible! But you have to take control, and experiment on yourself! Everyone is different. 1) take THE BEST vitamins and supplements 2) heal the leaky gut 3) reduce the allergic response (allergy shots or homeopathic). I was severely allergic to dairy, somewhat allergic to gluten, so I eliminated those. Then other foods I rotated for a long time. 4) mild exercise (extreme exercise can work against you) like walking, biking (not extreme) as soon as you feel somewhat better; even walking 3 blocks a day is good. 5) spiritual practice–prayer, meditation, mindfulness, LOVE!! yourself and others. BE GRATEFUL FOR EACH STEP OF PROGRESS. 6) several homeopathic treatments (inexpensive) to support the endocrine system 7) biofeedback — this can re-wire several systems. I use the SCIO — most comprehensive and effective one available. 8) as soon as you feel better, decide what your purpose is for this life — live it to the max! Feeling good, enjoying yourself, loving others, and being of use for a greater good is some of the best medicine you will ever find!

    1. Sher thank you for sharing your encouraging testimony. I am 68 and have a similar testimony but agree wholeheartedly with your advise! 🙌🙌❤️

    2. Hello
      Looking for help with mast cells can you tell me the compound you used? Also the homeopathic treatments that would be great thank you.

  12. I’m really curious what you think about the notion that Lyme disease is at the root cause of many of these symptoms and diagnoses? My research is leading to me to believe it’s way more prevalent than generally thought and that treating it is needed to get at the root cause.

    1. It can be. My functional medicine doctor recently had me get a number of tests to see if I had any tick bourne illnesses. I had anemia of an unknown cause that was stumping him. My tests came back that I didn’t have any of the tick bourne illnesses. We did find out recently that childhood developmental trauma and the effects on the body has been one of the root causes. Plus the gene for gluten intolerance.

  13. I have no problems with autoimmune disease because the Lord lead me in time to all the right vitamins, like Milk Thistle to keep my liver healthy, D3,
    combined Vit. B, turmeric/curcumin, antioxidants Resveratox from BIOGLAN, Vit. E, which is also a low grade blood thinner, Ubiquinole Q10, K2 for clean arteries normalising blood pressure, coconut oil etc. I keep myself informed by naturopath practitioners to avoid health problems.

  14. I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis 9 years ago. Since then I have Raynauds, Sjogrens, IBS-D, Gout, Osteoporosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Restless Leg, Diverticulitis, Severe Peripheral Neuropathy, Lumbosacral Spondylosis, Lumbosacral Radiculopathy and Chronic Pain Syndrome. Depression and Anxiety are everyday battles also. Was first diagnosed when I was 40, now I’m 50

  15. I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis 9 years ago. Since then I have Raynauds, Sjogrens, IBS-D, Gout, Osteoporosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Restless Leg, Diverticulitis, Severe Peripheral Neuropathy, Lumbosacral Spondylosis, Lumbosacral Radiculopathy and Chronic Pain Syndrome. Depression and Anxiety are everyday battles also. Was first diagnosed when I was 40, now I’m 50

  16. I had #1, #2, #4, #7 all before being diagnosed with MS. I was told I was just getting old. (at age 43) and that everyone has these issues. I knew it wasn’t right. Listen to your body!! Don’t ignore the red flags!!

  17. Hi Dr Osborne
    Do you have any advice for someone trying a infrared sauna or a steam ozone for detoxification with a recent diagnosis of an Auto Immune disease ?

  18. Good evening was diagnose with degenerative disc disease it mostly affects the cervical sign, loss of curvature in neck, ddd from c2-6 most significant in c4-5 with mild disc bulge no compression of nerves. However, I have been experiencing severe headaches at the back of the head, stiff neck, dizzy and faintly feeling and cracking and clicking everywhere especially in jawline. Also, recently numbness and tingling in arm, leg and fingers. I’ve also Vern experiencing severe anxiety.

  19. Hi I had leaky gut years ago but seemed to go away after time (or so I thought) It simply led to Iritis/uveitis later on in the eyes followed by years of taking eye steroids leading to cataracts of both lenses.
    Now I know better I no longer take any drugs but am taking a turmeric latte 3 times a day which has replaced steroids as it reduces inflammation but do add a touch of freshly ground black pepper to quadruple the effect

  20. My question is in regards to Hasimotos, My daughter was first diagnosed, then my 1st son, then my Husband and lastly my 2ond son……….Is this POSSIBLE?? This all was over a 2yr period!!

  21. Me and my mum have recently developed all the symptoms listed here. What do we do now? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  22. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto about 5 years ago. Many years earlier I was plagued with fatigue, my bloodwork was always in the ‘normal’ range so nothing was ever done. I had a congenital heart defect that was usually assumed as the culprit. Ironically, the stress my body was in coping with the extremely low heart rate probably contributed to the development of AI. I also noticed extremity tingly on occasion and tinnitus is still an issue. I have more or less stabilized my thyroid issues but fatigue is still a bother especially in the morning. I seem to get better as the day goes on. Several doctors wanted to treat me for depression, but I am not depressed, frustrated maybe. I am gluten free except for some cross contamination but I take enzymes to help with that at restaurants. I was dairy free for a while but I now consume some dairy limited to feta cheese, Parmesan cheese, and butter on occasion.

    You have to do your own research and study. I have doctors who give me a lot of say in my treatment and meds. The health insurance is not so accommodating.

    1. I also have Hashimoto’s. The type of thyroid replacement medication made a big difference to me. Initially I was prescribed Synthroid which made all my symptoms worse. I needed a T3/T4 combination to feel better. I used Naturethroid until it was recalled in 2020. Now I use a compounded medication , unfortunately insurance doesn’t cover it, and it is three times the cost of Naturethroid. I also have tingly extremities and found Low Dose Naltrexone to help with neuropathy. I feel better than I did 10 years ago, but still struggle with gastritis, anemia, and insomnia. I am off of gluten, dairy, and eggs and am considering trying a carnivore diet.

  23. I highly encourage anyone with these symptoms to have food allergy testing (IgE, IgA & IgM) with a specialized lab, through a naturopath. Instead of going to endless doctors and getting no answers, it could be the least expensive way to figure out and address the issues. Then, based on your results, eliminate the offending foods AND all processed foods, sugar and gluten. In conjunction, use a good quality probiotic every day. It’s not easy, but WILL yield results if you stick to it. If you have leaky gut, which is highly likely, you can jump start its healing by following a keto diet, but I would do so under the supervision of your doctor.

  24. I started having issues 30 years ago. Started with gynecological issues, acne, Gallbladder problems and removal, followed by extreme pain on the right lower abdomen radiating to low back L4/L5 area, Gyn removed right ovary, more persistent pain, GYN doc then prescribed pain/anti-inflammatory drugs for years and told me it was phantom ovary pain, post surgery. Then more pain, doubled over, many ER visits, and then diagnosed with polycystic ovary disease, new doctor prescribed uterine oblation procedure, still ongoing pain, then went to GI doctor, who did exploratory surgery and found severe endometriosis, took 8 hours to remove in surgery, continual ankle twisting breaking ankles 4 times, which led to breaking 5th metatarsal in 4 places. I was trying to stay healthy working out every day, tore ACL, meniscus, lots of back pain, back injections for pain, shoulder pain and joints. Six years ago ended up in hospital with an extremely bloated stomach, bloody diarrhea for 7 months, and pain in entire body, severe back pain, restless leg syndrome, lots of acne. After 8 days, I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and crohn’s disease. Was put on Humira in 2015 after many medications did not work. Last year had a complete hysterectomy, which caused hormone imbalance, dizziness, heart palpitations, extreme exhaustion, confusion and two hospitalizations in 2019 and 2020. Now I am suffering from high blood sugar, high lymphocytes, cold extremities, the worst acne of my life, exhaustion after I eat meals, frequent urination. I have spent thousands on meds, co-pays, back and foot ankle and knee orthotics and braces, shoes that help my balance, supplements to help cure my illnesses, hospital stays. I am tired of this!

  25. Previous diagnosis was fibromyalgia with all the associated symptoms. When I got worse the diagnosis of RA was made. Right now I am on Humira but have decided to follow Dr. Osborne on No Grain No Pain and am already feeling better after only a couple of weeks. It seems like a miracle!

  26. Thank you Dr Osborne for your above article as always very informative well explained and clear to understand.
    I wish everyone well who have wrote about their ongoing health problems and pray you all gain better health.
    Dr Osborne I believe you don’t ship to the UK ? I was looking at some of your supplements. I did email gluten society and was informed You don’t ship to the UK.
    I was a little disheartened.I too have many ongoing health problems like the people above,I have purchased your no grain no pain book, excellent information.
    I am following this brilliant advice it’s helpful.Ive started watching your classes modules on gluten I’m on module 4.
    Hopefully one day I can purchase some of your supplements.
    Sending love to all above and Thank you Dr Osborne you are a ⭐.

  27. As a child had asthma and anemia was always cold hands and feet were always cold
    Later in life diagnosed with hypertension until a doctor referred me to a rheumatologist about aches and pains in my legs and back tests identified were lupus and celiac and raynauds
    Put me on a gluten free diet that was ten years ago never mastered the diet I’m still eating gluten
    Experience minimal acid reflux and taking three prescriptions drugs for hypertension lupus and colesterol

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