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Gluten Sensitivity and B Vitamin Deficiencies

B Vitamin Deficiencies – Are You at Risk?

Low energy, brain fog, heart disease, liver damage, anemia, methylation problems, and much more… B Vitamin deficiencies can sabotage your overall health. Those with gluten induced gut damage are especially at risk for development of b vitamin deficiency. In part 1 of this special video series, I break down what you absolutely need to know about vitamins B12, 6, and folate…including symptoms of deficiency, food sources, lab testing, which drugs deplete these vitamins, and much more.

Low Energy Epidemic

Fatigue and low energy are some of the most common symptoms that people suffer with in our modern society. Not having enough energy can rob us of our capacity to live life to the fullest. Energy impacts:

  • Relationships
  • Mood
  • Sleep
  • Libido
  • Ability to exercise
  • Ability to heal

…and so much more. Many people gravitate toward B vitamin injections to improve their energy. I prefer taking this. No injection needed, and the absorption rate is actually better than injection.

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  1. Hi there, it’s Claire from Melbourne, I am new to your talk and find them v informative, as I have hyperthyroidism amd am looking for natural ways to heal this conditions.

  2. Hi Dr.Osborne,
    Is buck wheat or buckwheat flour OK to consume on a gluten free diet?
    Better still is it possible to give us a list of flours that can be used that are gluten free.
    Thank you,

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