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Gluten Free Life Changing Testimonial wins Glutenology Cookbook

We are happy to donate a Glutenology Cookbook to Jacquie! She is a TRUE Gluten Free Warrior!

My Gluten Free Story:
My name is Jacquie Brandt. I started a Gluten Free Diet in April of 2010. I was in the emergency room 6 times from January to April. I had test after test after test. Nothing was ever found to be wrong with me. I was given acid blocker’s over and over again. I kept getting worse. I had allergy tests and they noted that I had allergy induced asthma. Which I have known for years. I have been on an inhaler for 12 or so years.
No food allergies were ever discovered. My history of stomach issues goes back, as far as I can recall, to theage of 17. I have been diagnosed with H-Pylori, Acid Reflux/GERD, Asthma, Depression, Meniere’s Disease and I have hypothyroidism due to removal of half my thyroid, 8 and a half years ago.
As the year 2010 approached, I was getting more and more sick. Everything I would eat would make me sick to my stomach and I did notwant to get up in the morning. I was tired all the time, sick to my stomach all the time and constant burning in my stomach and chest. Then in January, I started getting horrible pains in my stomach after eating. The pain was intense and I was missing a lot of work and spending agreat deal in doctor’s offices and ER rooms. I was given a shot of Diladid on one occasion and thought I was going to die. The medication given to me stopped my breathing. I could hear the nurse and my husband telling me to breathe, but I just lay there not able to move or respond. Finally, I was able to take a deep breath. I told the hospital to NEVER give me that stuff again. They said it was for the pain and that heroin user’s love the stuff. I could not believe my ears and I told them once I was able to, “I am not a heroin addict”. It took me two days to recover from that ordeal.
The following week, I got really sick and literally thought that I wasgoing to die. I left work and everyone that saw me knew something was wrong. They wanted to drive me to the ER and I told them I would befine to do so myself. Honestly, I didn’t want to go to the ER yet again and have them tell me nothing is wrong. They’ve already insinuated thatit was all in my head. So, when I left work I went to the VitaminCottage to see about taking natural stuff, since all the med’s I was on,were not helping and I was getting worse.
I talked with Kelly who was in the aisle stacking. She was the greatest person I was about to meet. She is a nutritionist and does free sessions at Vitamin Cottage. Shethought I looked sick and I told her my symptoms and she said to me “itsounds like you may have an allergy to gluten”. GLUTEN??? That was going to be a word I would start using everyday of my life. Kelly suggested that I still go to the ER to make sure I wasn’t having aheart attack. So, I did! Again more acid blocker’s. Every time I leftthe ER, I would take home 3 more prescriptions. None of which were helping. I also made an appointment with Kelly. It was the best thing I everdid. She gave me lots of information and told me to try not eating gluten and see what happens.
I kept a diary as well. It turns out that all the foods I had previously given up (tomato’s, potato’s, beans andmore) were not what was making me sick. I ate oatmeal every morning, if not oatmeal than Kashi or boiled egg and toast. More Oats than anything else, though. Trying to eat healthy right? Wrong! Once I stopped eating the oats I started feeling better. Than the grains, wheats etc. Not only do I feel great now, I have lost 15 pounds and still going. I have energy again. I am a clean freak and my house had suffered because of my lack of energy and happiness. I was depressed.
I am now free of inhaler’s, have cut back a deal on the Depression medications and will soon be done with them. I don’t take med’s for Meniere’s anymore or for acid reflux. I am still taking one fourth of my Celexa (was on 40 mgand now 10 mg) and my thyroid medication. Once or twice I slipped and it made me go right back to my healthy eating, because I was reminded of why I don’t eat that stuff anymore.
I try to spread the word daily. People think I am crazy but also note that I look so much healthier andthat I am back to my (Abby)normal self. Gluten Free has worked for me and I pass along my e-mails from the Gluten Free Society and I have 3 people now on the same life stylechange. I am working on two more as they have the same symptoms. I tell them just try it for one day to see if it makes a difference. So,after one FREE session with a Nutritionist (and $5,000 dollars in ERbills), I am feeling great!
Thank you for sharing information from the Gluten Free Society Newsletter. This is my story and I tried not to make it too long but, needed to share some details of my unhealthy way of living before going GlutenFree.
Jacquie Brandt

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