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Are You a TRUE Gluten Free Warrior?

We are giving away the new Glutenology Health Matrix Program to our top Gluten Free Warriors. To enter, video yourself destroying any food/product, etc that contains gluten (i.e. you can use fire crackers, chain saws, hammers, etc) We want to see your creativity really shine here. To enter, all you have to do is upload […]

Della’s TRUE Gluten Free Testimony

Congratulations to Della! Another TRUE Gluten Free Warrior who was able to conquer her health issues… Going gluten free has changed my life! That is not an exaggeration. I suffered with IBS for years, with little help from the doctors. I saw one gastroenterologist who told me that all I needed to do was eat […]

Lorraine’s TRUE Gluten Free Diet Testimonial

Gluten Free Society salutes another Gluten Free Warrior. Congratulations Lorraine! You have won Glutenology – the Cookbook… This is my story- I spent many years trying to be healthy and fit. I got interested in health and nutrition beginning in my teens. In my twenties, as a wife and mom, I got more heavily into […]

Abigail’s TRUE Gluten Free Diet Testimony

Gluten Free Society salutes another Gluten Free Warrior. Congratulations Abigail! You have won Glutenology – the Cookbook… Dear Gluten Free Society, I want to thank you for educating me about the importance of giving up all grain when going gluten free. It has helped me significantly. Here is my story: In November, 2009, I began […]

Gluten Free Life Changing Testimonial wins Glutenology Cookbook

We are happy to donate a Glutenology Cookbook to Jacquie! She is a TRUE Gluten Free Warrior! My Gluten Free Story: My name is Jacquie Brandt. I started a Gluten Free Diet in April of 2010. I was in the emergency room 6 times from January to April. I had test after test after test. […]

The Problem with Traditional Weight Loss Programs

The problem with many weight loss systems is that they cater to the masses without considering individual need. They use a “one size fits all” approach. This approach works for some but leaves many to ponder why the weight will not come off the way it used to. The Calorie Myth & the Hormonal Effect […]

7 Things You Can Do to Guarantee Poor Health

Going gluten free often times leads to great improvements in health. However; if we focus only on gluten free and ignore these other important components, our improvements will plateau and our health will decline. The following is a list of things guaranteed to wreck your health if you ignore them… Eat processed foods – processed […]

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