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The World’s First Gluten Free Summit

This Event Will Save Lives

The most comprehensive gathering of GREAT GLUTEN FREE minds convenes on Nov. 11, 2013 the World’s first GLUTEN FREE SUMMIT is going to take place. The event is free. It is online and requires no travel. The quality of the information is cutting-edge, and unavailable to most. This is not another local-yocal event trying to sell a product. These are Experts at the Top of their fields-some of these scientists have never been heard from outside of science circles. Ever.

Make Sure You Share This With Your Doctor

A big part of the problem with gluten sensitivity, is the lack of knowledge among the medical community. I have seen patients get misdiagnosed for years before having a chance to restore their health. Help us get this information into the hands of doctors, and together we can save millions of people suffering with… The panel of experts selected for the Gluten Free Summit are M.D.’s, D.C.’s, PhD’s, R.D.’s expert authors, Clinical Nutritionists, and Pharmacists. Some of the experts include:
  • Dr. William Davis – Cardiologist and author of Wheat Belly
  • Dr. Alessio Fasano – world leading research expert on gluten
  • Dr. Michael Marsh – he created the biopsy classifications for diagnosing celiac disease
  • Dr. Loren Cordain – creator of the Paleo Diet
  • Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride – Creator of the GAPS diet
  • Dr. Mark Hyman – Functional Medicine expert
  • And…drum roll please – yours truly – Dr. Peter Osborne – in all seriousness, I am humbled and honored to be involved with these experts and many others to bring you cutting edge, live saving information.

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