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Should Your Pet Be on a Gluten Free Diet?

Do you or your pets have a neurological disease (seizure or epilepsy)? Dr. Osborne interviews Dr. Symes (Dogtor J) on gluten, the GARD diet, pets, and people…Part 1 of 9  

Watch Part 2 Here…

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  8. My dog developed a a bad rash on her snout along with throwing up every day. The vet said it was a auto-immune disease because of her breed and prescibed a prednisone medication that cleared up the rash but made my dog thirsty and hungry all the time and gave her behavior problems. I took her off the deadly medication and decided she would just have to live with the snout problem being the lesser of two evils. When I developed Celiac disease and did a lot of research I realized that my dog would benifit from a grain free diet and when I put her on one she cleared up from head to toe, it was like a miracle.

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