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  2. NDocRoth says:

    Not only should those of us who carry the glutensensitivity/celiac genes eliminate any gluten-containing dog and pet foods from our environment because of contamination.
    Our carnivorous pets too are not set up to handle gluten. Think of it – nature gives us a clue:
    Animals able to digest grains (horses, cows, deer, etc.) produce youngsters who are up and running within half an hour of birth.
    Animals whose youngsters need to be nurtured for sextended periods of time (dogs, cats, wolves, monkeys, etc.) are designed mostly as carnivores or omnivores.
    I have yet to see a human baby skip out of the delivery room while mom is delivering the afterbirth. We humans are clearly not designed for grain consumption either. We too are hunter-gatherers.
    Hence, for us wheat is not the staff that upholds but the staff that kills.

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