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Testimonials for Pets Going Gluten Free…

Many have already found the benefits of a gluten free diet for their pets.

“My Cairn Terrier almost died from gluten 2 yrs ago. She started having neurological problems. She was losing muscle and having difficulty walking more than a few steps. When she drank water she would choke and would urinate in her sleep. I took her off grains and within 3 days I knew I was on the right track. As she healed, she gained back her muscle strength. She no longer chokes on water and does not urinate in her sleep. She still cannot jump as high as she use to, but she is a happy dog and able to run, play and bark again.” – Anne L. “We have a very expensive English bulldog whom are known for health problems!!! Our boy has been grain free from birth and is healthy as a horse!!! Your dogs diet makes just as big as an impact on them as yours…” – Cassie S. “Our yorkie is allergic to wheat and peanuts so she follows a gluten free diet.” – Penny H. “I have a mastiff and bless her heart, if she does not have just the right food, the paint is peeling off the walls….Anne, my heart goes out to you and your companion for the struggles you both had to endure.” – Heather M. “This is so funny! My dog gets sick when she eats gluten foods and there is Irish Setter in her line!” – Julie K. “my dog can’t have any grains, we always laugh that of course our dog would have celiac and more. If you think about it, like people, ancient dogs/wolves didn’t eat grains.” – Sarah O. “We have a Wheaten Terrier ALSO KNOWN for big problems with gluten sensitivity. The breeder suggested a diet free of corn, soy, wheat from the get go…but it was funny we didn’t already know this about the breed since we’d been gluten free in our home already for five years! Grain free diets have also been used successfully for treating epilepsy in dogs. Google ” DogtorJ”… John Symes, DVM.” – Cara C. “I had to remove grains from my German Shepherd when she was a puppy due to illness! I think this is a very common problem in our dogs. My Maltese mixed improved (allergy-wise) after removal of grains from his diet.” – Irene C. “recently I gave my chocolate labrador a “treat,” and that evening we had to make a trip to the doggie ER. She had hives, and her eyes were nearly swollen shut. I looked, and the treats had lots of chemicals, AND things a gluten-intolerant person could not eat.” – Debra B. “we had a german shepherd who couldn’t tolerate any grains – so we put him and all of them on a raw meat diet, which cleared up all his skin issues within a few months. Our remaining dogs are still on a grain-free diet and do very well on it. Someday I’d love to go back to raw food – they were happier and I think they were probably healthier!” – Christina W. “Chinese Shar Pei are also known to have considerable problems with gluten” – Miranda J. “I took my cat off grain containing food years ago. He’s so much healthier now! He’s 17 years old and has issues but I blame it on his prior diet.” -Nancy M. “Dogs, like people, are Carnivores. When you remove the meat/protein from most dog foods all you are left with is unnatural, man-raised food sources (wheat, barley, corn, oats). Dogs would not consume these foods in the wild. There are plenty of grain free dog foods on the market today providing dogs (and cats) with the nutrition they need. All of our 4-legged family members have been grain free for 3 years, our Golden Retriever is 10 years old and is as frisky as a puppy. Our 17 year old Shiba Inu still amazes our vet. Our cat who had suffered from IBS suddenly had a full recovery when started on a gluten free diet. Gluten free isn’t just for humans, our pets can benefit too.” – Laura W. “my shepherd/husky mix dog was always sick from the day we adopted him at two with bowel problems. When we all found out we were GF I thought this could be his problem too. I gave him lamb and rice food and he lived to the ripe old age of 17, almost unheard of for that breed.” -Jennifer S. “my mastiff….definitely intolerant and has to be on a very special diet.” – Heather M. “My husky developed an allergy that made her chew her feet raw! She was about 4 years old and I think it was the “greenies” . I switched her food to a grain free called “Instinct” and took stopped buying dental bones. She hasn’t had a problem since and she actually grew to the size of her parents. She was a bit small compared to them.” – Kim G. “My sister’s dog is on raw as well because she had too many allergies. She is way healthier now!” – Manda G. “Our Maine Coon Cat was “diagnosed” with IBS at the age of 19 months. The poor thing was wasting. I put the kitty on a grain free diet and supplemented with probiotics. The vet was amazed at the quick turnaround in his health….that was 4 years ago. I switched all of our pets to a grain free diet and am happy to report that our 11 year old golden, 17 year old Shiba Inu and 11 year old kitty are all incredibly happy and healthy…the vet is stunned! Wish I had put our family on a grain free diet sooner!” – Laura W. “We took our first dog off of wheat when our house went gluten free, just to prevent cross contamination. When we got our next dog, a wheaten terrier, we learned they are predisposed to gluten sensitivity just as Irish Setters are, and the breeder suggested a diet with no wheat, corn, soy, eggs forever. We currently feed him a grain free diet. I met DogtorJ years ago on the BrainTalk epilepsy forum…before we lost our first dog, and have been reading his website on and off ever since :).” – Cara C.

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