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Schizophrenics Have Elevated Immune Reaction to Gluten

Research by Drs. Reichart and Landmark discover elevated IgA antibodies to gliadin, beta-lactoglobulin, and casein in patients diagnosed with schizophrenia compared to non schizophrenic controls.


Gluten Free Society’s Stance:

This study sheds light on the fact that most mental disorders are actually influenced by food choices. Food is the ultimate drug. Think about it. Pharmaceuticals typically derive singular chemicals from plants and animals. How many times have you eaten something so that you could satisfy some mental craving. Peptides in grain and dairy have been shown to stimulate pleasure centers in the brain. Most psychiatrists completely dismiss the fact that food plays a role in mental health. The late Dr. Abram Hoffer spent his life researching the correlation between schizophrenia and nutrition. He had a higher success rate at treating schizophrenia to remission than any of his colleagues. Think about this: Schizophrenia is supposedly an imbalance in brain chemicals. Psychiatrists give drugs to try and restore this imbalance. However; to date, it is a rare occurrence for a psychiatrist to actually measure the brain chemicals they are trying to treat. It makes much better since to measure these imbalances but to also determine what is contributing to or causing these imbalances. In the case of schizophrenia, gluten and casein can play a major role in contributing to the disease. All schizophrenic patients should have the following lab tests before blindly taking medications:
  1. HLA-DQ gene analysis to identify gluten sensitivity
  2. Vitamin and mineral analysis (
  3. Neurotransmitter testing to identify chemical imbalance

Dr. Hoffer’s Book is available here!

11 Responses

  1. People with mental illness who live on the streets and eat in shelters are reinfecting daily. The food in shelters could not be worse for Gluten Sensitivity. High carbs, processed food, starches, few vegetables, NO FRUIT. Even if they were taking meds properly the food is offsetting the progress.

  2. I also have read about Gluten Free people with Bi-Polar have also been helped with the chemical inbalance. I am gluten intolarance and Bi – Polar and since going off gluten I only take half a dosage of mood stabilizer. It has also taken away my migrain headaches.

  3. I believe that mycotoxins in grains cause allergic reactions much the way adjuvants in vaccines work. That is the body reacts to a “carrier” such as a grain which may carry a mycotoxin into the body in foodstuff. The body eventually begins to attack the carrier grain because it is associated with the mycotoxin.

    1. Gordon,
      Interesting point. I have had a similar conversation with Sayer Ji. You can watch the video interview by clicking on the gluten free TV tab or searching on our site. There is definitely a multi-factorial contribution from a number of angles. Thanks for posting and sharing your thoughts.
      All the best,
      Dr. O

  4. To all in hopes for response

    There must be a very large difference between temporary mental problems, and those that never quite. I spent my first 20 years of my life as a normal kid, enjoying life, then very suddenly after my 20th birthday, this mental fogginess, lack of reality, feeling, anxiety, etc. just happened and lasted 2 years. I went traditionally gluten free for 4 days, and all symptoms went away, but they had been there, growing worse for 2 years. I then suffered from gluten whiplash, went truelly gluten free, and got better. 2 major points. One, when Im’ not glutenized,im not in pain, but I realize I have lost so much coordination, strength, and talent that I had previously as an athlete and student. I used to be good at everything, but now I’m a different person who after playing golf and soccer my entire life, wouldn’t know where to start with either of those sports. Two, when i get glutened, severe physcological, terrifying, mentail pain rushes into me and lasts for a few days. It’s obvious that gluten alone can develop hundreds of health manisfestations that humans are so good at diagnosing, but why does one get diabetes, or IBS, while the other gets severe mental problems?

    1. Mark,
      Thanks for sharing your story! Great question. Think of the different gluten responses the same way you would think about medication side effects.
      For Example:
      If we gave 1,000 people the cholesterol lowering drug Lipitor, we would see a variety of different side effect clusters. Some would develop muscle pain, some fatigue, some mental fogginess, some liver damage, and some a combination of all the above.
      Bottom line – different people react differently because we are biochemically unique.
      You might want to look into whole body vibration therapy to help restore your neuro-musculoskeletal coordination.
      Have a great day, and thanks for contributing!
      Dr. Osborne

  5. Thanks for responding, which is normal for this website, and I believe in what you said about unique reactions in people. Since there are many reactions evidently caused by gluten, it is clearly eating something poisonous but through time we have lowered our recognition of avoiding it. I’m hopeful because re-learning what it means to eat and get energy is going to save anyone who realizes this, but right now, there are people with manifestations, and the current medical establishment could still be useful by narrowly identifying problems and greatly speeding up recovery time. I personally would like to know what specifically happens to people with brain disfunctions. Eating as little as possible should be the quickest recovery, and not eating things that make your symptoms return. I’m posting for anyone who’d like to comment, and I’m always searching for people on true gluten free diet have found noticeable ways of speeding up recovery.

  6. I have a big upper stomach for a few months now, why is that? No Pain!! I always had a small under my breast and stomach! I gained alot of weight also!! I am wondering why no differece in eating!

  7. My son developed tics during sleep and daytime and being scared and anxious after a serious of vaccinations at age 2.5 years due to allergies. He also had what seemed to be restless body syndrome which can be compared to restless leg syndrome. I have read egg heavy metals and other bad things are in vaccinations. He also developed quarter size red raised bumps on his stomach and smaller ones on his growing and bottom after the shots. After a 1.5 years I found a DAN doctor who gave him an allergy test and then he was taken off all foods considered to be an allergen. Dairy, egg, gluten, and soy. Today he is a normal functioning kid without all that was mentioned above as long as he does not have any foods he was tested to be allergic to.

  8. I’m confused as to what to think about this. I’m aware that the medical establishment generally has most things correct, yet I’m also aware that because of this, if they are wrong about something it takes a lot of time and effort to change the paradigm.

    So I have recently been diagnosed with schizotypal personality disorder, experienced some symptoms of gluten sensitivity, tested negative for coeliac disease though… but the issue of correlation / causation is bothering me.

    Do I experience psychosis because I eat gluten and a high carb diet, or do I get cravings for high energy food because psychosis uses up a lot of energy at times? Is it in fact both in a vicious cycle?

    If I eat a lot of white bread, like 4 – 8 slices, within some hours I will feel like I’m on fire. If I go beyond this, I will get feverish and hallucinate / experience delusions. But can my interpretation be trusted?

    I certainly do not subscribe to the theory that gluten is bad for all people as many people eat it regularly and are completely and utterly fine. But since people have differences its entirely plausible that it could cause non-coeliac issues. But this is not an answer.

    So.. thanks for taking a different angle to the establishment, I truly hope you succeed in either proving or disproving your own theories, for both your time and mine.

    I guess the only thing left for me to do is try go gluten free as possible and also see if i can get intolerance / allergy tests done. But I have been led to believe that if its not coeliac disease, there is no official method to diagnose non-coeliac gluten sensitivity other than avoid gluten and see if you feel better…

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