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Gluten Free Society Meeting May 2010 Part 1

Dr. Osborne discusses how to regain your health after a lifetime of gluten exposure… Part 2 and Part 3… If you enjoyed this Gluten Free Society video please comment below. Thanks! If you have what it takes to get healthy, JOIN US TODAY!

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  1. Thank you for these educational videos and website. Reading and listening to you helps me feel less alone in this new way of life.

    After becoming quite ill in Sept.of 2008 (I thought somehow I was dying or being poisoned)I’ve been reading up on gluten sensitivity as the root cause of so many syndromes/diseases.
    (I have Celiac disease) I diagnosed myself initially then later had testing (stool and genetic).

    If I had not seen for myself how going off gluten (SCD diet and later staying gluten free) gave me such relief, not to mention losing 30 pounds, I guess I would have the same trouble the rest of my family has in believing in this condition–I am not even sure I would follow it if not for the threat of having several feet of my intestines removed or going on drugs for Crohn’s disease, either of which are NOT options for me.

    I am a massage therapist and constantly see sick clients who would have a better quality of life if they gave grain free a try, but, I sometimes feel like I’m speaking a foriegn language when I suggest changes to their diet.

    Your suggestion to soak beans until they sprout then cook them was wonderful advice for me and now I can eat beans without feeling torn up.

    The PA I saw for my initial testing has a gluten free support group but no-one seems to be into healthy eating, it is all about finding “gluten free” brownies etc. and snack food. I complain about that but I have to admit I began eating Bob’s Red Mill GF All Purpose Flour(garbonzo bean, fava bean, potato starch, sorgum) as pancakes and am not as well as when I began leaving all grains alone but am afaid I am addicted to this stuff and seem to tolerate it.

  2. Totally Grain Free for 10 Days, thanks to your exposure. It will be a long path.. I believe the right one. I will love to keep you posted on my progress repairing 12 years of damage..

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