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Russell Crowe, Weight Loss, & the Gluten Free Diet

Russell Crowe, star of Gladiator , and many other movies reportedly started on a quest to lose weight. The Actor, once “tweeted” that he had dropped 16 pounds of fat. Russell joins a long list of other celebrities who have gone gluten free and found tremendous benefits. Novak Djokovic reported that going gluten free played an integral part in winning Wimbledon (Mens Tennis Champion). Star of the television show, The View, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, ex SPICE Girl Victoria Beckham, and Oscar winning actress, Rachel Weisz are all gluten free and much healthier for it. Dr. Osborne's Comments Many people in the gluten free and celiac community detest the fact that a gluten free diet is being used by people without the official diagnosis of celiac disease. The thought process is: going gluten free as a trendy diet belittles those that suffer tremendously when being exposed to gluten. I don’t share this viewpoint at all. In my humble opinion, celebrities only help to elevate awareness about the health detriments that can be induced by gluten containing foods. The recent news about Russell Crowe’s weight loss will potentially help thousands of people make a decision toward a healthier gluten free lifestyle. Remember that gluten sensitivity can cause celiac disease, but it can also cause hundreds of other health issues. Different people are affected by the protein in different ways. I would like to personally thank Russell for being a Gluten Free Warrior, and sharing his benefits with the world. If you are ready to take on your weight issues and think that gluten might be at the root of your struggles, check out Gluten Free FIT <<< In good health, Dr. Osborne – AKA the Gluten Free Warrior

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  1. “I don’t understand people getting upset, over non-celiacs going gluten free. No matter how you look at it, foods containing gluten are not healthy. ”

    I disagree, foods containing gluten are only unhealthy is the presence of a disease condition, as in celiac. Most of the world sees gluten as a very important dietary protein.Too much food is really a new problem for humans. Im forced to avoid any trace of Gluten, and people have a hard time understanding that, especially when they hear about people who do it by choice. They will tend to think it is a choice for everyone, and that im being unreasonable, by making choices that keep me from getting sick.

    1. “Most of the world sees gluten as a very important dietary protein.”
      Most of the world suffers from autoimmune disease, obesity, or some form of chronic degenerative disease. I would not be so quick to allow their habits and false conceptions of what is healthy influence me.

      Thanks for chiming in.
      Dr. O

  2. My only worry is when companies and restaurants think that those ordering gluten free are doing so for weight-loss reasons and therefor do not need to take cross contamination precautions. For this reasons, “just a little” gluten is not as important as it should be for those of us who will be in pain if we ingest it. I’ve already seen this in so many restaurants offering gluten free options but using no precautions and even telling me that it does contain “some” gluten.

  3. I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2003 and all this celebrities on gluten free diet frustrate’s me a lot . I hate being gluten free but being a celiac I am forced to stay gluten free forever 🙁 Yet these celebrities go on the diet to lose weight it just makes the disease seem like a joke . Also Russell Crowe wrote on his twitter ” gluten free when possible ” . That is not a true gluten free diet if us celiac’s ate ” gluten free when possible ” we would be ill all the time . Leave the gluten free diet to the people who relly need it .

    Also I don’t believe going gluten helps you lose weight , since I started my gluten free diet I started putting on weight and now i’m finally a getting fat 😀

  4. Hi , I don’t mind non celiac gluten sensitivity going gluten free 🙂 It’s just celebrities who don’t have celiac disease or any problems with gluten and they go gluten free for weight loss , that frustrates me . I bet they know nothing about cc. I also read a gluten free magazine and there was an interview with 3 non celiac gluten sensitivity people and they all said they still ate gluten especially at restaurants . When some people go 50 % gluten free it and it gluten in restaurants it’s not good for real celiac’s . It’s like celiac disease isn’t taken seriously if some people / celebrities go gluten free only when it suits them.

    As for weight loss , thanks for the link . The part about an americans typical diet . If someone cut out pizza , beer , cakes , dohnuts and all the other fatty junk foods on the list , they would easily loose weight . Not because they have dropped gluten but because they are eating very healthy. I believe by going gluten free people loose weight because they are eating no junk food it’s nothing to do with being gluten free .

    It just frustrates me all this gluten free weight loss fad diet . I have been a celiac for over 8 years and have no choice about diet yet people are just going on a gluten free diet for weight loss . It makes celiac disease sound like a joke most people know nothing about celiac disease and now they will just think it’s a weight loss fad diet not a serious auto immune disease .

    Also if for example someone without celiac disease went to a restaurant told the restaurant they was gluten free and still ate some gluten because they didn’t check sauces or cc etc . They would be fine the next day . But imagine the next week a celiac eats the same dish because the gluten free person ate it last week and was fine . Thd celiac would end up ill 🙁

    Sorry if I am having to much off a rant I just get frustrated at how gluten free is promoted as a weight loss diet and a miracle cure etc . Yet most people don’t see how bad celiac disease can be and the damage it can cause to the villi.

  5. Edit – I believe by going gluten free people loose weight because they are eating no junk food it’s nothing to do with being gluten free .

    I meant to write – I believe people loose weight because they are eating no junk food it’s nothing to do with being gluten free .

  6. I can really sympathise with the coeliac folks on this site – cross-contamination when eating out is a real concern. As is GF menu options which may contain problem sauces etc. The last thing I’d want to do is trivialise anyone’s medical condition and health.

    Having said that, I went GF to relieve my constipation and it worked! No more constipation. I don’t know whether I am coeliac or gluten-sensitive. But I have lost weight going GF too. I don’t know what it is, but I suspect human beings aren’t meant to eat gluten in any form. It’s just not a human-friendly food.

    The wheat industry certainly won’t like my view. Gluten grains definitely constipate me big time.

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