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More Attacks on Gluten Free Diets and Weight Loss

Now before you get too ticked off, take a deep breath and keep reading… This is just another poor job by media misrepresenting the gluten free diet. To say that the gluten free diet does not help with weight loss is an insult to the thousands and thousands of people who have lost weight when changing to a gluten free diet. (To all of you who have experienced weight gain after years of being malnourished eating gluten) Of course the gluten free diet does not help everyone lose weight. No one is making that claim here. But let us not ignore the millions of Americans holding on to inflammatory water weight. You see, for millions of people, grain in the diet can cause excessive insulin and corticosteroid responses that lead to weight gain via fat and water retention. Not to mention the fact that grain is very high in calories and extremely low in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Let us not ignore the fact that all farm animals are “fattened up” for market by being fed piles of grain. Let’s take a look at some key points:
  1. America is obese. More than 50% of us are fat.
  2. The staple foods of the average American diet consists of grain, dairy (from animals fed an abundance of grain), and meat (also from sick, fat animals whose main source of sustenance is grain).
  3. The South Beach Diet, Atkins, The Zone Diet, The Paleo Diet, and the Gluten Free Diet have all led to revolutionary weight loss in millions of Americans. The common thread…AVOID GRAIN (thus avoid gluten)
  4. Gluten Sensitivity is not a disease, it is a state of genetics mingling with the wrong environment. Different people react differently to gluten. Weight gain is one of those reactions.
Bottom Line: The gluten free diet can help with weight loss. The gluten free diet is not dangerous to follow. It will not lead to malnourishment. If you are in the media and reading this, please quit running stories that mislead the general public. Until next time, Dr. Osborne AKA – “The Gluten Free Warrior” If you have lost weight going gluten free, please share your story below… If you liked this article, please click the “like button” above. Get our free weekly updates here…

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  1. I have lost more than 65 lbs going Gluten free since diagnosed with Celiac.!!!! Don’t forget that the aches & pains stop and energy comes back by going Gluten free therefore giving you the energy & stanima to workout!

    1. It is true the aches and pains go away and the energy just comes back with a vengence. amazing i can exercise 9 hours a week with 8 pound weights

  2. I was overweight & puffy from gluten. Once I stopped eating it, I went from a Size 16 to a Size 12 in 6 weeks. I’m now a happy-healthy Size 10.

  3. I was 65lbs heavier and my family doctor couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. I saw a naturopath who told me to go gluten and dairy free and lo and behold: I lose 65lbs in about 8 months. Most of the weight came off after 3 months and then it slowly kept coming off. I transitioned to a very basic diet: vegetables, meat and NO PROCESSED GLUTEN FREE ITEMS!!! I still don’t eat a lot of gluten free items because I don’t crave it but now I’m a healthy size and weight for my 5′ frame and finally am healthier than ever. My celiac test came back negative (obviously because I was already gluten free) and my family doctor still doesn’t believe me…but I don’t care. Celiac runs in my family and you can get really heavy or really skinny but just because you’re gaining a ton of weight doesn’t mean you’re not celiac!!!!

  4. I have GAINED about 15 pounds since finding out I have celiac disease back in July 2010. I am on a gluten free diet and exercise daily and have been struggling to keep my weight from going up. I have always had a weight issue but now its like if i even look at carbs, it will be on me. I have found that it is better for me to be eating natural ‘gluten free’ foods than some products that are labeled ‘gluten free’ and geared for replacements in the diet like rice pasta, cookies,bread and crackers. Others can eat them with no problem but I seem to be that person who will have to elimate carbs and gluten all together.

    1. Thanks for chiming in Nicole. You are probably better off eliminating all of the processed high carb/sugar “gluten free” foods anyway.
      All the best,
      Dr. Osborne

  5. The very first sign that gluten was indeed making my husband and I gain weight and not be able to lose an ounce even with heavy exercise was our first cleanse experience while doing Suzanne Somers diet program back in 2001. We literally lost 10-12 POUNDS in ONE WEEK!! This was a very low to no gluten diet and that horrible bloated fat and full feeling in our stomachs totally went away. We didn’t know anything about gluten or Celiac back then, so of course we slowly drifted back to ‘regular’ eating, and of course battled the bulge once again. One thing that always tips us off that gluten is sneaking in by way of something like toothpaste os spices is the weight/bloat coming back! Going gluten free most definitely causes my husband and I to lose weight and make our bodies stabilize.

  6. I’m another who lost weight rapidly and easily going gluten and dairy free. That wasn’t my objective – it was to act in solidarity with my celiac son. What it did, in addition to removing about 35 pounds very fast, it also eliminated the pain and suffering of rheumatoid arthritis from which I have suffered since I was 9 yrs old. More than that, I can eat really normal meals instead of always starving and never losing weight as I did for years. The weight loss continues, gradually and I do have a way to go, but I feel so much better and being able to eat AND lose weight is such a revelation!

  7. I had lost 30 pounds before being told to do a gluten free diet by a naturopath to help control my Hashimoto’s disease. I was also told by her that there is no way to measure whether doing the diet is helping. But, she suspected I would feel better. I have been doing the diet for a year and I do not feel any different than I did before doing it. Also, I have been put on Levothyroxine by an endocrinologist because my antibody levels were sky-high. I have not gained any weight since doing that and a dairy free diet however, I am not sure if that is the reason or I am just more careful now not to overeat since losing all the weight. I am about to stop doing GF as I do not see that it is helping me. It makes eating out and planning meals very stressful for me. If I have not been proven to be helped by it or to have an intolerance, do I really need to be on a gluten free diet?

    1. Marcy,
      Have you been on a TRUE gluten free diet or the standard gluten free diet? Watch the Glutenology video #1 if you don’t know the difference. Additionally, it is recommended that you be genetically tested for gluten sensitivity:
      The results should confirm whether or not you need to be following a gluten free diet.
      You should also have your doctor run a Spectracell vitamin and mineral deficiency test as well as an iodine loading test on you. Often times nutritional deficiencies can contribute to thyroid dysfunction.
      All the best,
      Dr. Osborne

  8. My dad used to tell me when it was time to fatten the geese they would “stuff” the geese. Stuffing geese was feeding them noodles till they got plump. I’m avoiding gluten products and water is pouring off of me. The first 3 days I was running for the bathroom about 8 times per day!

  9. I have always had to work out and diet to lose weight. This is the first time in my life i have lost weight (10 pounds) without even trying. Been gluten free since end of Jan 11. Lately i have discovered every chocolate chip gluten free cookie in my city and have gained a few pounds again. Gluten free or non gluten free, eating any type of food with sugar will make you gain weight

  10. I had been trying to lose weight for several months and was very frustrated because it was coming off so slowly. I was also having a lot of physical problems. A friend suggested that I do some research on Celiac, and I came to the conclusion that I had so many symptoms going on that I would try going gluten free. I’m feeling so much better now, and the weight is coming off a lot faster. So not only am I healthier, I’m finally getting back down to a healthy weight.

  11. All my life I have been big, numerous diets did not work for me. I discovered i had gall stones about 4 years ago and the pain that fat caused stopped me eating it and I lost 15kg. Then in the last 4 months I was getting another lot of pain, after weeks of putting up with it i went to the doctor to have numerous tests done. They found that I was highly allergic to all cereals – wheat, oats, barley, rye as well as allergies to corn and peanuts. After being on the gluten free diet for 7 weeks now I have lost 18kg (and still losing!) and have never felt better. I believe that eating those grains that contain gluten has kept the weight on me all my life, I am 31 now! My 3 children have also needed to go onto a gluten free diet due to the same medical reasons, and it is do them a huge benifit, not only healthwise (my son was underweight and is now gaining to a healthy weight) but also their attention and learning capacity has increased.

  12. I have been gluten free for since July ’08. At the time that I stopped eating gluten I weighed around 60kg and lost 10kg in about 1 month. I’m 5’3″ I now weigh around 53kg and have remained very steady at this weight for the past three years. In around August of this year I finally gave up eating rice and maize as I was noticing the same effects as when I ate other grains, tiredness, bone pain, mental fog etc. I am now feeling better. I also avoid any soy containing products and realise that virtually all of the so called GFree products are not really. If you check out how xanthan gum is made you will find that it can be derived from corn (maize) as can all the sweeteners such as glucose syrup, dextrose etc. I have also excluded any skin care products that contain wheat germ, hydrolised wheat protein and vitamin E unless it is from a specified source such as Avocado oil. Living gluten free takes constant vigilance and it is never possible to take anything for granted, the information on this site is absolutely the best that I have found. I am challenged every day by this issue but feel that my health is in my hands, I listen to my body and am constantly researching information about the ingredients that I am told are safe. Thank you Dr.O for being such a champion on this issue.

  13. I was “gluten-free” for 1 year but still having reoccurring bladder infections, as well as dealing with an autoimmune. After finding Dr. Osbourne’s website, I now know that including brown rice, corn, and soy, as well as the so-called gluten free breads were the culprit. I treated the bladder infection with d-Mannose powder (1tsp every 2 waking hours) and it disappeared in a day. Since being on the true gluten-free diet, I haven’t had a bladder infection (5 months.) and have energy. I can’t thank Dr. Osbourne enough. I have all the cookbooks and must admit the almond flour quick bread and pumpkin bread are delicious.

  14. I lost a ton of weight by going gluten free. When I stopped, I gained weight immediately. Maybe it doesn’t work for everyone, but for some of us, it is the best we’ve ever looked and felt!

  15. I think like any eating plan you also have to portion control. I found that once going gluten free my cravings reduced so much and my ability to eat large portions diminished. In turn this has led me to reduce my portion size and I have lost weight. I am thrilled to have this weight loss, but I am more thrilled to not be riddled with pain and all the other physical and emotional symptoms eating gluten gave me.

  16. I have been diagnosed with Non Celiac Disease but sensitive to it. My Immunoglobulin A, Qn,was 521 which is high. However, my tTG and IgA anitibody were negative. I just started the Gluten Free diet last week. I still feel very bloated and when I do eat, I feel sick. How long does the gluten free diet start to work? I am hoping to lose weight because it is all in my stomach which I think is bloating. I am just learning about all of this Gluten Free eating and could use advice.

  17. Nearly 2 weeks of avoiding gluten – energy has improved, vitamin b12 tablets have reduced from 5000iu to 1000 iu. Aches and pains gone, bloating and excess gas (very embarrassing) have disappeared. Not lost any weight as yet but giving my body chance to heal itself before retrying exercise. Less grumpy and perimenopause symptoms reduced!!! Brilliant

  18. I have patients who had to adopt the gluten free diet due to Celiac D. They have lost weight, but did not need to, and now are asking me how to stop the weight loss. They do eat rice, potatoes, beans.
    Please help.

    Simona Borza

  19. I have gluten sensitivity and am lactose intolerant. While I’m not completely gluten free, I have cut off wheat products like pastas, crackers, pies, cake and certain breads. I’ve noticed a dramatic difference. I don’t have the terrible belly bloat I used to have after eating pasta or wheat/bread products, and I don’t suffer from the daily constipation I used to have. I would have to take Milk of Magnesia every night! I also suffered from brain fog, having Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and have noticed my brain has sharpened a bit since going low-gluten. But the biggest thing: I noticed that I’m more flexible with my yoga since going low-gluten. Somehow gluten made me less flexible. I also eat very little red meat, instead preferring fish or chicken. My diet is mainly organic food, with natural choices thrown in when I can’t find organic. When I do eat bread, it is my own home-baked challah, organic high fiber bread or an occasional potato bun. My carb of choice: natural, lightly salted Paul Newman Popcorn or his organic popcorn, when I can afford it.

    I used to be on a gluten-free diet, but found I was hungry all the time. I actually gained weight going gluten-free. So low-gluten works better for me. I eat a lot of vegetarian rice dishes. I also bake my own bread–I can tolerate my own bread much better than buying any commercial product. Now when I eat something like organic wheat ramen noodles, I can feel a tightness and bloat around my belly and hips about 10 minutes afterwards. I don’t like that feeling, so I prefer gluten-free ramen, though I’ll admit it doesn’t taste as good. But it’s worth not swelling up like a balloon or having that tight feeling around my hips.

  20. I have always had a problem with acne on my legs and arms and my wife had irritable bowel syndrome and had to cut out gluten so i did to in support. For about 2 years i had the clearest skin since i was a kid then i slacked off and eventually stopped being gluten free and eventually i gained weight and the acne Problems returned. I realized it must have been the gluten and ive now been 3 weeks gluten free again and already noticing my skin slowly improving. I feel light on my feet, more energy, and my Pants arent as tight. I dont eat less just no gluten at all religiously and i can already tell im losing weight. Plus i feel more energetic and even though im going through a difficult time in my personal life im uncharacteristically upbeat and positive. Im Hispanic so i dont mind eating corn tortillas every say haha i dont miss bread at all. I dont care what anyone says, clear skin, clear mind, and weight loss as a bonus, this time gluten free for life

    1. My boyfriend and i could not lose weight. We decided to try gluten free. My boyfriend has lost 25 lbs i about two months. He has lost about five inches or so off his waist. My stomach and overall physique has shrunk. I even feel it in my shoes, shoes i couldnt wear because of inflammation fit again. We both feel great but it is constant learning about what to avoid. I am scared of eating out. I think most of society doesnt realize how harmful gluten can be.

  21. My boyfriend and i could not lose weight. We decided to try gluten free. My boyfriend has lost 25 lbs i about two months. He has lost about five inches or so off his waist. My stomach and overall physique has shrunk. I even feel it in my shoes, shoes i couldnt wear because of inflammation fit again. We both feel great but it is constant learning about what to avoid. I am scared of eating out. I think most of society doesnt realize how harmful gluten can be.

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