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Is There Gluten in My Medication?

Medicine cross contaminated with gluten

How Can You Tell if There is Gluten In Your Medicine?

Seems like gluten is everywhere! But is gluten in your medication? There might be. Gluten is a common filler in many prescription and over the counter medications. A recent research report found that almost 20% of medicine contained gluten. The study also found that the inactive ingredients in drugs contained sugar, dairy, and food dyes. Researchers are worried about the potential for drug reactions based on this new information.

Medicines Can Also Trigger Malnutrition

If gluten, dairy, sugar, and food dyes weren’t enough to look out for, you also need to be aware of the connection between the influence of medicines to cause vitamin and mineral deficiencies. It is well established that many commonly prescribed medicines can induce nutritional deficit. In the following short video, I break down some of the most common ones you need to look out for.

Are You Doing Your Part

The most commonly prescribed medications are given for diseases that are caused by poor lifestyle choices – i.e. lack of exercise, lack of sunshine, sedentary job, poor diet…By making simple but powerful lifestyle modifications, most medicine becomes unnecessary. Make sure you are doing your part, and worrying about the inactive ingredients in medicine will become a thing of the past.

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What’s your experience? Did going gluten free of following the No Grain No Pain lifestyle help you get off of medicines? Let us know below. Your story might change someone’s life!

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