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Genetically Modified Wheat For Celiacs?

Would You Eat Genetic Manipulated Wheat? Gluten, a group of proteins found in cereal grains like wheat, pose major health problems for those with celiac disease, non celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS), or gluten intolerances. In an attempt to overcome this necessary diet restriction, scientists are investigating ways to modify genes and breed wheat varieties that […]

Covid & Gluten: A Connection The World Needs to Understand

Quick Summary: Early Research shows that people following a gluten free diet have less risk of developing Covid as well as severe Covid complications. Gluten causes leaky gut and leaky lungs.  This can lead to heightened levels of inflammation that may play a role in contributing to more severe covid infections as well as a […]

Corporate Corruption of Nutrition Experts – The Danger for Celiacs

When Nutritional Leaders are on the Take, Who Can We Trust? Many with celiac and gluten sensitivity seek out nutritional experts for guidance on their health journey. Recent research brings to light the conflict of interests that many of these experts have. If you looking for nutritional advice, beware. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics […]

Oxalates on a Gluten Free Diet – Friend or Foe?

Eating Oxalates on a Gluten Free Diet – Is It Safe? High oxalates on a gluten free diet might be the mistake that holds your progress back. Do you ever feel like you’re doing everything “right,” but you’re still not feeling your best? Maybe you’ve given up grains, but your symptoms still persist? Or maybe […]

Do Antibiotics Cause Celiac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity?

Antibiotics and gluten intolerance

Do Antibiotics Cause Celiac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity? Some researchers say yes. The video above presents the studies demonstrating this connection. The medical research in this area shows that the problem could be even worse for those with genetic susceptibility to gluten sensitivity. Here is a simple breakdown of one of the mechanisms behind this […]

Is There Gluten in My Medication?

Medicine cross contaminated with gluten

How Can You Tell if There is Gluten In Your Medicine? Seems like gluten is everywhere! But is gluten in your medication? There might be. Gluten is a common filler in many prescription and over the counter medications. A recent research report found that almost 20% of medicine contained gluten. The study also found that […]

Can Blood Pressure Medicine Cause Celiac Disease?

Olmesartan and Celiac Disease

The Connection Between Blood Pressure and Celiac Disease Can blood pressure medicine cause celiac disease? That is the question that researchers at Mayo Clinic have been asking and exploring…And the simple answer answer is yes. In this Gluten Free Society Update, I break down the research linking blood pressure medications to inflammation of the GI […]

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