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Dangerous Salad

Is Salad Dangerous?

Everyone is always talking about how health salad is. I would argue that eating salad could be a real problem… especially if you are trying to follow the No Grain No Pain gluten free diet. In this short video, I break down 2 things you absolutely must know in order to prevent a salad catastrophe. Enjoy 😉 You can learn more about meat glue right here. You can also grab some tips on healthy gluten and grain free eating while out right here.

Sugar & Meat Glue Are Not Good For You!

I know this statement is not breaking news. Fact of the matter is, holding companies accountable for what is being called food is an important step on your journey to become and stay healthy. Always looking out for you, Dr. Osborne – The Gluten Free Warrior and as always show me some love or leave me a comment below.

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  1. Thank you for that video on salads! This may help those who still may be having problems even though they think they have covered everything! 🙂

  2. I am so sick of the food industry. All these that have sugars added GMOs ect. It blows me away how they get away with it. They must be getting big bucks to make us sick.
    The caust to the health care system is astounding. Thank you for the video Dr Osborn.

  3. I have eaten out once in the past 23 years. I ate a grass-fed burger and locally-grown lettuce. That’s all. (And I didn’t pay for it… ) It was a stressful experience – not knowing what kind of oil was being used and whether or not the lettruce had been washed, and if so, how and in what kind of water… I’d rather eat at home where I know what utensils have been used, what kinds of pans, what kinds of oils, where the food came from…. Eating out is not relaxing for me, and besides, it’s way too expensive to pay the value-added cost for high-quality food. Rather just cook it myself, and eat simply.

  4. I got a bit scared at the title. I am glad it’s about restaurant ‘food’. Not salads too! Glad to be doubly doubly safe: not eating in America and not eating in restaurants.I try to avoid ingesting anything that passed through human hands other than mine.

  5. I would love a text option/summary/transcript instead of watching videos. Video is not always convenient and I forget to come back at a more convenient time. Thanks for considering.

  6. TWO QUESTIONS about “Mighty Microgreens”, “Aerofarms” and “7-11” brand boxed salads:

    1.) Do any of them use polyurethane glue to seal their salad boxes?

    2.) Do any of them soak their produce in sugar water?

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