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How Gluten Causes Neurological Brain Damage Part 8 – Dr. Peter Osborne

Dr. Osborne of the Gluten Free Society interviews board certified psychiatrist, Dr. Charles Parker of corepsych about the damaging effect of gluten on the brain and nervous system. Diagnostic laboratory work up to identify food allergies. Part 8 of 9…   Get the whole interview between Dr. Osborne and Dr. Parker below… Part 7 Part 6 Part 4 & 5 Part 2 & 3 Part 1…

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  1. I really feel that my mother who was bipolar before she passed was Celiac. My sons and I have been gluten free for 3 months now and are doing so much better. We have all the symptoms of Celiac but are not testing as such because we will eat gluten. I am looking forward to a test that is more reliable that is covered by insurance. I am going to have to relisten to this again because my speakers were low and my baby was fussing-there may be a new test that you were speaking about. This is so interesting-please keep this research up!

  2. I have one blown pupil and one that flows into the iris (looks like a lava lamp). I also have celiac, could the problems with my eyes be connected to celiac?

  3. Yvette,
    I was diagnosed with an auto-immune arthritic condition with the genetic marker HLA-B27, and suffered from eye flares during which one pupil would not dilate. Dr. Osborne tested and found I have the genetic markers for wheat and gluten sensitivity which includes corn gluten. The initial celiac test was negative. After 12 years, my eye flares are in remission after getting off all gluten, including corn. From my own personal experience, there is a connection and I believe gluten is the main trigger. I hope this helps you.

  4. Thanks, currently have been mostly grain free for more than 6 months and this does make a difference…
    I wish Dr Parker’s 9-part interview were more accessible. Requires jumping around to listen to the entire series, and includes interesting comments.

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