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Gluten Sensitivity and B Vitamin Deficiencies

B Vitamin Deficiencies – Are You at Risk? Low energy, brain fog, heart disease, liver damage, anemia, methylation problems, and much more… B Vitamin deficiencies can sabotage your overall health.  Those with gluten induced gut damage are especially at risk for development of b vitamin deficiency.  In part 1 of this special video series, I […]

Toxic Food Additives Are Common In Gluten Free Foods

gluten free gums 1024x535 - Toxic Food Additives Are Common In Gluten Free Foods

Are These Toxic Food Additives Derailing Your Gluten Free Diet?   In this episode of the Gluten Free Warrior Podcast, I have Mira Dessy, The Ingredient Guru, on the show to discuss how hidden  toxic food additives and ingredients can sabotage your gluten free diet .  We discuss common gums and hidden sugar additives and […]

What Your Doctor Will never Tell you About Your Blood Sugar

When it comes to diabetes and blood sugar problems (hyper and hypoglycemia), the advice we often times here from doctors is way off.  One of the reasons for this has to do with the poor level of nutritional education taught in medical schools.  You see, when it comes to blood sugar, nothing is more important […]

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