An NBC affiliate recently ran a story on gluten…

Gluten Free Society’s Stance:

The gluten free diet keeps saving lives and reversing mysterious medical ailments.  Unfortunately, news agencies continue to focus on celiac disease instead of gluten sensitivity and they continue to focus on replacing gluten based foods with unhealthy, processed, overly expensive grains.  TRUE gluten free = grain free.  The so called gluten free grains have never been studied adequately to be recommended as safe substitutes.  In light of recent research discovering 40 new immune stimulating gluten proteins it is safe to say that we have a lot more research to do.  The following two diagrams break down gluten sensitivity vs. celiac disease…

Celiac vs. gluten sensitivity

The next diagram shows a number of different disease that can be caused by or contributed to by gluten sensitivity independently of celiac disease…

Gluten Induced Disease Chart

What are your thoughts?

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