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Dr. Osborne on Thyroid Nation Podcast

Thyroid Nation - Gluten

Gluten, Environmental Poisons, and Thyroid Disease

I recently sat down the ladies from Thyroid Nation to discuss the relationship between gluten and thyroid disease. The conversation was probably one of my best interviews to date. Dana and Tiffany were gracious hostesses, and the interview was more like a table side conversation. Whether you follow a gluten free diet or suffer with thyroid disease, or both, you will walk away from this conversation with a greater understanding of:
  • Gluten Sensitivity Lab Testing Vs. Celiac Lab Testing
  • Gluten and the thyroid
  • Beyond Gluten – Grains and Thyroid Dysfunction
  • Leaky Gut and the Five Immune Barriers
  • Differences between gluten sensitivity, gluten intolerance and celiac disease
  • Hidden gluten in thyroid medications
  • Medications that destroy the gut barriers
  • The nutritional ABC’s of normal thyroid biochemistry
  • Symptoms to look out for when you are naturally supporting low thyroid
  • Functional Medicine
  • and much, much more…
If you suffer with thyroid disease, make sure to visit Thyroid Nation on Facebook or on the web for lots of great information and support You might also enjoy these additional resources on gluten and the thyroid:
  1. Autoimmune Thyroid Disease
  2. Why Gluten Free is not enough
  3. No Grain, No Pain
Always looking out for you, Dr. Osborne – The Gluten Free Warrior

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