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Corn Oil Usage Increases Villous Atrophy

A number of research studies have shown that corn gluten can create inflammatory damage to those with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. Past articles on Gluten Free Society have addressed this issue thoroughly.

Corn Oil Linked To Villous Atrophy

A study published in the medical journal, Pediatric Research, investigated different dietary fats and their influence on gut damage and inflammation. The findings revealed that corn oil increased villous atrophy, and also caused an increased production of inflammatory chemicals. One of the mechanisms suspected as the cause is the high level of omega 6 fatty acids found in corn oils. Source: Pediatr Res. 1997 Dec;42(6):835-9.

Dr. Peter OsborneThe Gluten Free Warrior’s Comment

Most packaged gluten free products contain heavy quantities of corn. Aside from the corn gluten itself posing a threat to health, this study identifies that the high levels of omega 6 fatty acids in corn oil contribute to increased levels of inflammation. Corn oil is a major ingredient used in restaurants. It is commonly mixed with genetically modified soy oil, and together the two toxic compounds are typically referred to as vegetable oil. Despite the fact that neither corn or soy are vegetables (corn = grain & soy = legume). Add to this the fact that most corn in the U.S. is genetically modified. Bt toxin and Round Up are both chemicals found in GMO corn that have been shown to cause gastrointestinal changes, and increased food allergy reactions. Mold toxins in corn have also been shown to cause severe health issues. The diagram below illustrates many of the detrimental health impacts of corn: Do yourself a favor – if you are trying to heal, cut out the corn if you haven’t already. Always looking out for you, Dr. Osborne – AKA The Gluten Free Warrior P.S. If you found the article helpful, please forward it to someone you love.

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  1. I am assuming original xylitol isolated from birch bark is ok, whereas the less pricey brands are typically isolated from corn, yes? I sure hope so…

  2. I find the title Ïs vegetable oil toxic misleading because while some oils are fine/good for health, others like canola oil or soy bean oil I wouldn’t touch with a barge pole. Alo keep in mind that heating oils or fats as in frying is not a good thing, although I use rice bran oil and butter for cooking.

  3. I was wondering if any testing has been done to see if non-GMO corn oil causes the same problems as GMO corn oil/products. Anyone know if Dr. Osborne has ever commented on this or if there are any sites about it? It seems that all the issues with food allergies have come about since GMO products have been on the market.

    1. I wish labels were clear on the sources I GET TIRED OF CALLING companies to then find out they know less than I. That’s the real scary part. Can we really trust what they say? Xylitol is so toxic to animals, BUT I am not educated on which source? And they use it in animal products! 🙁

  4. HI I was food allergy tested it showed corn gluten as a 3 plus also mushrooms oats, yeast and corn does that mean I should stay away from all gluten?

    1. No not necessarily. Unless you are tested positive for gluten sensitivity you do not need to stay away from all gluten. However here is something to think about, the gluten sensitivity and other food allergy issues are usually found on the same gene. So it is worthwhile to find out if you have gluten issues in your family. Then you might want to avoid gluten. Especially during pregnancy. (I don’t know that applies at this time)

  5. Hi Marilee:

    I am on the SCD Diet (Special Carbohydrate Diet) for my Celiac Diease. They do not allow any grains, including the the Gluten free ones. I orinally was on the Gluten free diet, but it did not work for me. Mainly because there are other types of proteins/Glutens in other grains. And sometimes the body is unable to determine the difference. Mine has that problem.
    Cathi G.
    Ventura, CA

  6. My daughter is struggling with so many stomach issues. She became a vegetarian about 5 years ago. She started to have a lot of stomach problems last summer. She has always had a high stress level so we know that is one of her problems. She was diagnosed with IBS and lactose intolerance this past year. She saw a nutritionist that suggest she go gluten free to help her stomach and intestines heal. That does not leave her much she can eat. She seems to tolerate some dairy if she takes a lactose pill. She has moved away from soy as much as possible and has moved towards corn. Now finding out corn maybe not a good thing is very frustrating. It does not leave her much to eat. She eats eggs, protein shakes made with fruit, rice, coconut milk, cooked vegetables and some dairy. It is very difficult to go out to eat. Any suggestions of products she can eat would be very helpful.

  7. I have recently removed all corn from my diet… Am finding it hard to stop using rice and my lifestyle and other diseases leave me little time to source replacements for this in a satisfactory fashion. My dietitian has asked me to continue with rice for now and suggested I go back to eating ENERG white rice bread. Does anyone have any information if the rice used is G.M grown in the U.S ?? I can see NO information regarding this on the packaging. Thanks 🙂

    p.s. I aim ultimately to remove all grains from my diet to see if this helps my situation..

  8. What about the stone ground organic corn tortillas that have nothing in them but corn, water and lime? What about organic frozen corn on the cob or GMO free/organic fresh corn on the cob?

  9. I too am wondering about organic certified corn and organic popcorn – are they both a no-no for those of us who are celiac &/or gluten-intolerant?

  10. From what the article says, all corn has too much omega 6 fats, so for that reason alone one should probably avoid it. However, if you ARE going to eat some, make sure it’s certified organic. My understanding is that it can’t be called organic if it’s GMO.

  11. Pingback: Anonymous
    1. Not true, I read a study about organic,regular corn and soy, there is no such thing as non GMO! The pollen is delivered to non gmo plants, in the past,by the birds, bees, wind, and GMO’s are everywhere now. So sad that if you eat corn or soy products, organic included, you are eating 4 times the amount of pesticides that are sprayed on other Crops! Monsanto has developed this pesticide to kill bugs on gmos, but not the plant, while every single weed, blade of grass around the corn and soy ,dies immediatley .we wonder why so many of us are sick, kids born autistic, look on Google about what Monsanto has done to farmers around the seeds can only be used once, no life if you plant seeds from original seeds. The plant will grow, but will be dead.The farmer used to plant for seeds for the next year, now they have to buy gmo seeds.scary… look it Up! The name of the pesticide is “ROUNDUP!

  12. I totally gray the court needs to be eliminated if you have celiac or are extremely sensitive to gluten. When I thought my twins had autism we actually took Dairy out first and children and hadn’t spoken in six months said mommy again. Then we went to the immunologist they found out that they were gliadin sensitive with extremely high levels… And then an amazing journey to recovery began … Including mean the mother losing 75 pounds in two months discovering I had celiac.

    Therefore none of us had the opportunity to be examined under endoscopy to prove celiac …but who cares we were all feeling great and especially children were engaging and participating again in life ..

    Several years later because the children have been on omeprazole to control stomach acids from regurgitating in the esophagus and throat we decided to do a endoscopy to see if there was a need for continued omeprazole. But my son fell was examined it showed serious information in the ileum portion of his bowel.

    I was told that my son would need to remain on the medication otherwise he would develop ulcers and other serious medical problems in his colon . I would like to thank Dr. Peter Osborne for having the site because I suggested to the doctor that I was going to remove every product to contain corn out of his gluten-free diet to see if he could help during this when you’re period of time until his next scope which is now going to be mandated as a regular procedure due to the information she had found.

    Thanks to the opportunity of coming to this site and following the information Dr. Peter Osborne offered I had been diligently reading about the effects of corn so I had started to monitor my son and watched closely what my son was eating and I was noticing that most of his favorite snacks consisted of foods that contain corn. It was almost like he was addicted to this stuff I now realize that I’m probably controlling hypoglycemia hyperinsulinemia him so of course the more sugar you eat the more your body craves… So I told the Stasia I was taking away the corn like I was taking way alcohol from an alcoholic.

    Just to let you know how fast you can notice the difference I don’t even think it was less than three weeks my son stop stuttering he lost his speech a proxy you which was like a delay in the coordination between his mind his joy and his throat was just delays in the coordination a neurological problem and it made sense because he a juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and it seemed the corn was the culprit because it disappeared. I do not think this was a coincidence because shortly there after I started to notice personality changes in my son who was always quiet and usually saf quietly and contently almost leading a Sendatary lifestyle of watching TV and never getting off the couch I called and my future mail couch potato.!!

    Are you still watch his siblings navigating around and moving with ease and even annoying the crap out of this poor little boy and he did nothing to fight back, I told them that I hope that one day he would get them back because I could see they were bothering him and I almost had to become his private defender advocating for him trying to teach him to speak up when he was annoyed. His brother was almost 7 years older than him and a much larger boy than him and one day about a month after I got that corn out of his life I heard screams coming from the other room but for the first time it wasn’t my little son it was the older boys screaming at the top of his lungs I went in and found him curled up in a ball and he told me that for some unknown reason his younger brother had hit him in his private parts and it really hurt and his brother needed help with anger management issues !!!!

    I’ll never forget that day it was the happiest day of my life my son had finally fought back from self, the older son of course I’ve been annoying him and for the first time this little boy wasn’t dehydrated and lethargic because he was no longer eating that Allergan that was the dehydrating him..

    NowI don’t advocate violence in anyway and I told my well son we don’t hit when people bother us , instead we seek out an adult for help and now that he could act and physically move he could actually escape being bothered by others

    I had secretly ask God that they have a king when his brother was bothering him I wanted to be present so that I could savior in the moment of payback, and it’s amazing God actually made it happen… I knew we didn’t need to rush into the next scope and due to scheduling instead of a year we pushed it to a year 11/2..

    Guess What HIs Bowel was completely


    And a new child hAs emerged and speech language issues are almost history it is just catch up time from all those years of inflammation caused by actual GLUTEN FREE FOODS

    I also lost another 20 pounds when I dumped the corn and dairy does the same thing almost worse than WHEAT

    Hope this humorous story will get the adult men off the coach and even some women and get our kids outside and off the Xbox

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