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NBC Discusses Celiac Disease with University of Chicago

Although this commentary is great PR for the gluten free diet as a whole, it was over focused on celiac disease and misleading for those with gluten sensitivity. Let’s break down the message:
  • The good doctor gave a 4 second blurb about gluten intolerance basically ignoring its existence. Most GI doctors will call you crazy and refer you to a psychiatrist if you mention gluten sensitivity without the presence of celiac disease.
  • She recommended a basket full of processed garbage to help the sick patients recover.
  • For a leading research center physician, she over emphasized the biopsy as a tool to get a diagnosis despite the fact that this test is completely flawed.
  • The Chicago Celiac Research Dept. is the same group that attempted to get Fox News to retract an interview with Dr. Osborne discussing gluten sensitivity.
  • On a positive note – they are doing a free blood screening. Unfortunately, these lab tests are tremendously flawed and tend to mislead people when the results are negative.
Save yourself the confusion! Watch this tutorial on gluten sensitivity vs. celiac disease…

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