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Leaky Gut And Gluten Sensitivity

How to heal a leaky gut
The good news is that the awareness of gluten and its dangers has been growing in recent years. In the short term, it can lead to digestive disturbances, migraines, chronic fatigue, etc. But the bad news is that the long lasting and more severe effects that gluten can have on your digestive tract and immune system are still not getting the attention they deserve. Gluten has been linked to a condition called Leaky Gut Syndrome, (also known as intestinal permeability) where it has been shown to cause long term damage the lining of your digestive tract which can result in a number of immune related issues ranging from food allergies to autoimmune disorders. I recently did an interview about gluten with holistic nutritionist, functional medicine practitioner, and Leaky Gut Syndrome expert, Karen Brimeyer, and Karen wanted me to share it with you. You can download it here<<< Below, I’ve included some information from Karen regarding Leaky Gut Syndrome and how it develops. Removing gluten from your diet is one of the first steps to healing your gut.

How Leaky Gut Syndrome Develops

Leaky gut Syndrome typically develops slowly over time from the long term exposure to inflammation within your digestive tract. As this inflammation continues over time, it first wears away the mucosal lining of your intestines which accounts for 80% of your immune system. Then as the damage continues, the inflammation begins to damage the cells of your intestines which has a two pronged effect. It damages the cells that are responsible for secreting the enzymes that your body needs to properly digestive your food. It also damages these cells in such as way that it causes them to lose their rigid structure. And instead of only allowing fully digested nutrients to pass through and enter your bloodstream, they begin to allow larger undigested food particles, toxins, bacteria, yeast, and pathogens direct access to your bloodstream. Food intolerance and leaky gut

Food Allergies

One of the most common symptoms associated with Leaky Gut Syndrome is food allergies. As these undigested food particles begin passing freely through your intestinal lining, the remaining 20% of your immune system is left to clean up the mess. So, it begins to target the foods that you eat as the problem, & when your immune system builds up antigens against these foods then they present themselves to you as food allergies.

The Cause of More Severe Health Problems

Because 80% of your immune system exists within that mucosal barrier that lines a healthy digestive tract, your immune system has already taken a beating in this Leaky Gut process. Over time, this continuous damage takes its toll leaving you susceptible to chronic infections, chronic Candida (yeast) symptoms, and eventually autoimmune conditions such as arthritis, eczema, and psoriasis. You can learn more about Karen and what she does by clicking the link below:

Click here now<<<

All the best, Dr. Osborne – AKA The Gluten Free Warrior P.S. – Don’t forget to download and listen to the interview that I did with Karen. It’s full of great information that you can start putting to use today. Click here for the interview<<<<

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