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Is there gluten in milk and dairy products?

Dairy intolerance is a common clinical condition in the U.S. and other industrialized nations. Could feeding cattle grain be contributing to this process? Is gluten found in standard store bought milk? Is gluten the only protein in grain that causes or contributes to poor health in those with gluten sensitivity? Dr. Ford and Dr. Osborne answer these questions in part 2 of this breakthrough interview that you won’t want to miss if you are on a gluten free diet… Miss part 1 of this interview? If you think that this video will help someone else, please share it with them!

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  1. Most milk will now say “rbhst free,” most of the milk sensitivity is actually derived from homogenization, which is NOT natural!

  2. Do you think that Genetically Modified and sprayed grains have contributed to these sensitivities since they have modified proteins. Curious if Organic and Heirloom grains would have gluten that does not cause these reactions? It would be hard to find someone to fund this research since the Genetically Modified Organism industry is huge and powerful.

  3. Dr. Osborne,

    When you post a Video, would you please consider posting the “option” to read the transcript. I am often way to busy to watch a video, but I can read a transcript at my leisure. I notice a LOT of websites that post videos now offer the option to read the transcript as a pop-up when you click on the video. Please consider this, and … Thanks for all that you are doing for those with gluten sensitivities.

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  5. A very informative video, I agree with John-a transcript to read would be easier for me. I especially applaud Dr. Osborne for stating that physicians telling patients it’s all in their heads is very unacceptable. I heard that all my life – nervous nelly, hypochondriac, attention seeking and that was as a child. Never mind the fact that I was extremely anemic, extremely underweight (80# at age 17), extreme fatigue, not able to go places/stay the duration with my friends because I would get sick. Then as an adult, during my 2 pregnancies & while nursing, I had to take 2 prenatal vitamins and 3 iron pills daily and my blood levels were still low. I saw multiple dermatologists, diagnosis – not acne, rash on your arms is an allergy to housework (as he laughed). Had a colonoscopy at age 36 – nothing wrong, just an allergy to casein. Found out I had osteoporosis around age 38.
    This is the shortened version! Doctors in my area still don’t diagnose CD! Dr. Osborne, could you please find a way to educate all doctors! I have permanent damage and I cannot tolerate the least amount of gluten, I have more allergies than anyone I know and I can’t help but think this is a result of having CD symptoms since a baby and no one making the correct diagnosis. I don’t want others to go through what I have endured my entire life!
    Thank you Dr. Osborne! You are the light at the end of the tunnel!!

  6. Susie,

    i would like to email with you, as I share your life experience. Please email me @ beckybn @ comcast . Net, no spaces.

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