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I Need Your Help in the War on Gluten

Dr. Osborne displays GF Warrior BandsIn an effort to shed more light and raise awareness on gluten sensitivity and it’s associated diseases, I have launched a gluten free warrior campaign. I need your help slaying the Gluten Hydra. You probably saw the new warrior wrist bands (look at the fellows in the pic 🙂 ) I wanted to get your opinion on the new Gluten Free Warrior Shirt – Let me know what you think. The front and back of the prototype shirt are below.


The text reads:

“Gluten was destroying me. At the time, I didn’t know why my health was in disarray. I sought answers all the while I struggled with illness. The storm was ominous, dark, and seemingly endless. I did not give up, make excuses, or blame others for my problems. I persisted, battled, and moved forward – God and hope on my side. Nothing was promised, nothing was guaranteed. In the end of the beginning, I took up my spear and set it into the heart of the glutenous beast and reclaimed my vitality.”



Together we can conquer the gluten and create a healthier world. Leave me your feedback below.

Thanks for all of your help,

Dr. Osborne – AKA The Gluten Free Warrior

10 Responses

  1. The words are well chosen but the wording is a bit long and the font style is a bit distracting. I think less is more to really get the point across and heard. A couple of ideas….

    Gluten Free Saved ME

    Gluten = Poison

    Gluten Free Warrior

    Proud Member of Gluten Free Society. org

    Or last, what about a simple poison photo circled around a wheat picture with a red slash through it? Then put a simple logan above or below the photo? Best wishes.

  2. I agree that the wording is a bit long and the font is too distracting. Simplify it a bit more. Nice idea, having the shirt. Put the 7 headed dragon on it and let people inquire as to what it means. Then we can tell them and they don’t have to stand there and read for 5 minutes…Just a thought.

  3. My very first thought was that it is too long and wordy, something short, sweet and too the point would be more effective, IMO. No one is going to read it unless they are your friends and family, and in that case they probably already know all about it!

  4. Great idea. I would like to see the back say, TRUE GLUTEN FREE, or JUST GO GLUTEN FREE. Of those of us who have been through the fight of not knowing why we always felt bad, simple and real should be the message. I am quite aware of how the feeling to be sick all the time and do not want to go back there ever again. NO 2 GLUTEN.

  5. Great design and idea, however, you might be cutting off a percentage of the population with the use of the word “God” or any other diety. Thanks for doing this.

  6. I would like an opportunity to help you redesign the shirt. Its what I do. I am in the business of creating t shirts..
    The font is too hard to read…even in your simplest of forms.
    Yo have a is just not readily understandable.

    In my opinion you want your t shirt and its message to reach the masses…not just those of us that are Gluten free Warriors.. Its too small on the back….
    Seriously..I know you put a lot of $$ into this shirt and your design and I think its wonderful putting your message on a t shirt billboard. I just feel it is going to appeal to a limited number of people.. If you ever want to redesign…I will do it for you..Vickie Dyke

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