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Gluten Sensitivity – A Cause for Anxiety, Depression, and Migraine


A Medical Mystery…

Meet Mary… She is a 34 year old mother of two children – a boy and a girl. She is blessed because she gets to stay home with them, and she loves nothing more than being a mom. Up until last year, Mary was doing just fine (so she thought). And then it happened… At first it was subtle. She started experiencing heart palpitations, muscle twitching in her eyelids and shoulders, and difficulty waking in the morning. Over a few months, these symptoms progressed and worsened. The fatigue became more and more overwhelming. She could sleep for 10 hours and still wake up tired. She started to feel anxious and noticed that her ability to cope with day to day activities became more challenging. The anxiety progressed into severe irritability. She had less patience with her husband and children. She had zero libido, and found herself yelling at her children on a daily basis. A few months of these symptoms went by and then the depression set in. Depression so severe that the act of getting out of bed every day was like an in surmountable battle. You might be wondering what happened to Mary. What caused all of these symptoms to manifest. Mary wondered the same thing. After trying to cope for months, she visited with her doctor. He was quick to tell her that her symptoms were caused by stress. Mary was prescribed an antidepressant medication and asked to follow up in three months. The medication was called Zoloft. She started using it and noticed that the depression improved, but her energy and ability to think clearly diminished even further. She described this to me as a “brain fog”, “a curtain being pulled over her brain that muffled her ability to think”. After being on the medication for a few weeks, she developed severe constipation, gas, and intestinal bloating. This prompted another visit with her doctor. At this appointment, he ran some blood tests (a standard blood count and chemistry panel). The results came back normal. Mary’s doctor shrugged his shoulders – looking at her, he said –
“According to your tests, there is nothing wrong with you. I am sending you to one of my colleagues. He is a psychiatrist, and should be able to help you.”
Mary followed up with the psychiatrist, hopeful that he would be able to help her overcome her problems. He prescribed two more medications – one was an antidepressant, the other an anti anxiety medication. Mary promptly filled these medications at the pharmacy and became taking them. At this point, Mary started to feel better. Her anxiety symptoms diminished along with her irritability. However; her energy and brain fog never improved, and her battle with constipation continued (only to be relieved by daily use of Miralax).

The Migraines Followed…

About three months later, Mary experienced a severe, sharp, stabbing headache. The pain was so intense it took her to the floor writhing in agony. She was rushed to the emergency room by her husband, and physicians there quickly acted by providing IV pain medications. She was diagnosed with migraine headache. Mary recovered from the intense migraine in the ER, and was taken back home with two new prescriptions for pain and migraine prevention. Over the next two months, Mary had 2-3 headaches per week. The pain was debilitating and would last for 12-24 hours only to be relieved by rest in a dark and quiet room. Her ability to function as a loving mother and wife continued to diminish, and her frustration and despair started to deepen her depression. She decided to visit with a neurologist at this point. Many tests were run, including an MRI of the brain and neck. She was told that her blood work was normal – no anemia, no liver, kidney, or thyroid abnormalities. The MRI results were normal as well. This was the second time that Mary was told – “According to your tests, there is nothing wrong with you.” She was told that her headaches were caused by her stress and depression. She was referred back to her psychiatrist. It was at this point that Mary visited with me. After reviewing her history and blood work, I found several abnormalities that had not been discussed with Mary by her prior physicians.
  • She had an elevated Mean Corpuscular Volume (MCV) – When MCV is high it is often times an indicator of a B12 and Folate deficiency
  • She had low 25 OH D (vitamin D) levels.
At this point, I wanted to investigate deeper, and ran additional tests on Mary. We checked her vitamin and mineral status, analyzed for gluten sensitivity and food/environmental allergies, and evaluated the function of her digestive tract. This is what we found:
  1. Vitamin B12 Deficiency
  2. Magnesium Deficiency
  3. Calcium Deficiency
  4. CoQ10 Deficiency
  5. Mary was gluten sensitive
  6. Mary had allergies to lemon, MSG, almonds, and coffee.
  7. Mary’s pancreas was not producing adequate quantities of amylase (a digestive enzyme that aids in breaking down food).
Food as medicine

Nutrition as Medicine…

I put Mary on a nutritional regimen with the appropriate dietary restrictions based on her lab work. Within two weeks her headaches were gone, her brain fog and energy levels were dramatically improved, and she started to have bowel movements without needing a laxative. Within two months, Mary’s symptoms were virtually gone and she was medication free. She visited with her psychiatrist and neurologist again. She wanted to let them know what she was doing. They both promptly informed her that food did not have anything to do with her condition, but if she felt better, she could continue with her new diet. Mary walked out of both appointments disgusted and frustrated. She had spent more than $40,000 in office and ER visits, testing procedures, medications, and doctor appointments to find no solutions. Diet change saved her life. Diet change was free. She was happy to be healthy and functional again. She was sad that doctors refused to acknowledge her path to wellness. Until nutrition and a functional approach to health is taught in our medical schools, stories like Mary’s will continue to be the norm. I want to hear from you. If you have a story like Mary’s, share it with me. Stories are powerful, they can touch the lives and perhaps even save the lives of others. Always looking out for you, Dr. Osborne – The Gluten Free Warrior

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  1. Dear Dr Osbourne,

    My name is Chloe. I am a 26 year old female normally very fit and active and I have reached a similar point as Mary. I luckily believe i have identified a link with gluten and other foods but its taken some doing and a lot of time and severe symptoms and i have had some flare ups (as i am currently coping with at the moment). Still trying to pursuade both doctors and family that there is a link has been one of the hardest parts without being labelled as a bit loopy! I have now started support with a nutritionist who uses kinesiology tests and surprise surprise has helped to back up that I cannot eat certain things; one being wheat, and Informing me that my tests show severe problems with my stomach, digestion and possible my endocrine system. I’m feeling more positive that I can manage my progress. Its going to take a lot of time to get better-mentally and physically but I will keep you posted.

  2. Great to know the outcome of Mary’s case.
    I am myself a victim of similar situation, i can relate my story as 90% matching with Mary, so i know the value of finding the right person to help you out.
    All the best wishes.

  3. What an awesome testimony!! I love hearing these true stories of healing.

    In the article you said, “She had an elevated Mean Corpuscular Volume (MCV) – When MCV is low it is often times an indicator of a B12 and Folate deficiency.” You then said that she had B12 deficiency even though her MCV was elevated and not low. Does this mean that both elevated and low MCV indicate B12 deficiency or was there a typo? I’m always trying to understand these things better.

    Thanks to Mary for letting you share her story!

  4. Dr. Osborne, I had a very similar experience recently. I was feeling so ill that I felt I had to quit my job on 02/22/13. My head was spinning. I had high blood sugars, my legs and ankles were swollen with adema, and yet I was dehydrated. I had a urinary tract infection which went undiagnosed until the summer when as a self-paying patient with no insurance, I had put off the test until July or August 2013 even when my medical team urged me to get tested. I had horrible chronic fatigue and pain. Because I had been diagnosed with degenerative disc disease since 2004 I accepted this chronic pain as what I have to put up with. But my tolerance for pain decreased at that time since the beginning of 2013. I was on maximum oral medication for diabetes including Metformin 1000 mg and Glyburide 10 mg both x 2 per day, along with blood pressure medication and a statin drug to reduce my cholesterol and a lousy bottle of pain medicine that barely touches the surface of my pain which is an anti-seizure drug called Topiramate. Well, I left my job and fortunately, when I applied for Unemployment Compensation, based on leaving my job for medical reasons and miss-treatment on the job, I was able to collect compensation but only until end of December 2013. I had gone around and around with doctors and got as much treatment as I could as a self-paying patient. I had my liver diagnosed with an ultra sound because I felt it was enlarged. And it was confirmed that I had a “fatty liver” and my medical team said, not to worry because that is common. Then I had my urinary tract infection diagnosed and treated. I was exhausted with chronic pain and chronic fatigue. I requested an increase in my thyroid hormone medicine and my prescription was tweaked to increase the hormone just a little from .75 mg to .88 mg. I was warned that my increasing the hormone that it could make my bones more brittle. By January 2014 i started getting bone fractures in my feet. They were referred to as “stress fractures”. Of course, I weighed approximately 285-290 and my medical teams have been more than willing to blame everything about my health on my weight. But I never had stress fractures before. This is what I did to change everything. I went to the University of Bridgeport Naturopath Clinic and I filled out the intake paperwork and listed all my problems and I told the doctor assigned to me, that I have so many problems I cannot remember them all. He said, “We are going to take care of your inflammation. We know diabetics have a lot of trouble with inflammation. And we are putting you on a liver detox program with hydro therapy to improve your circulation so that your skin wounds can heal.” Well, that was just the thing I needed because at the bottom of this was my high level of inflammation which clocked in on reports for 10 years as being rated 20-25 on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being an indication for heart disease, but with consistent higher numbers that mean that the patient has inflammation from bone problems. Either way, my inflammation in my mind was the result of bone problems, pain from bones, and digestive problems. I was put on an elimination diet to eliminate: grains, sugar, dairy, potatoes, citrus. I was given a supplement called, “Detox Formula” by Vital Nutrients as well as probiotics. Within days I felt a burst of energy. I even felt sexual energy that I had not felt my entire life. My mind fog began to clear up. The only thing with this kind of restricted diet, I could not always figure out what to eat besides boiled squash, salad and lean meat (chicken or fish). But over time, I have gotten used to it. Sure, I have my bad days, but not too many of them. I have had a few instances of eating bread and butter and then I felt aweful afterwards. After doing this elimination diet for 3 months my liver enzymes went from 40-41 down to 30. I have recently reviewed my blood tests even back to 2006 when my liver enzymes were 15-20 and that was before taking the shit load of diabetic medications prescribed to me over the years since I was diagnosed as a diabetic in April 2006. I have never taken my statin drug consistently but made a conscious decision to quit the drug entirely this year. Because of that my endocrinology doctor refused to test me for cholesterol. The message is that she is not liable for ruining my liver with the statin drug, so she does not need to measure my cholesterol. Fortunately, my primary care doctor has order a test for cholesterol. I am improved as to pain and chronic fatigue, but the battle is not over because I still need to take diabetic medicine and I believe I am one of those patients with the MTHFR gene defect whereas I cannot release toxins from my body without the enzymes. Because I ran out of the enzymes in the past month and I began to feel very sick again. I understand the importance of diet and enzymes and also the damage caused by conventional drugs for my Type 2 Diabetes and the cocktail of other drugs for other metabolic problems.

  5. Last year I fell on ice and herniated a disc in my back. I had surgery to repair after months of pain. I had great difficulty recovering from the surgery. I consulted a
    “metabolic chiropractor” who ran blood test and told me I had low vitamin D and autoimmune response to gluten. I already knew or suspected I was lactose intolerant. Since that time I am (almost always) gluten free. When I eat the smallest amount of gluten or dairy I get a lot of mucous in my throat making it hard to talk. With no more gluten this lasts 3 or 4 days. Once I am totally gluten/dairy free my throat becomes clear and I am experiencing this for the first time in my life. Now my daughter, age 22, has been diagnosed with Crohns this past week. She says she has diarrhea mixed with constipation. She is very ill and going on steroids. She is headstrong and “does not believe me when I tell her I suspect she has gluten sensitivity”, although she says she was recently tested for it but has not received the results back. She is very pale and very fatigued. Please forward to me any helpful suggestions. Thanks.

  6. I cannot seem to find anybody in my area with knowledge of Mthfr c677t to assist me in my healthy endeavors. I am reading everything I can to help myself, changed diet, exercise 3x a week, I quit my job, I could not think anymore due to my brain not working. I cannot take my hemo dr’s Advise or prescriptions she put me on folic acid mega doses, I discussed with her not feeling it was helping and gave me another prescription for folic acid in a different name combined b12 & folic acid totally brain fogged me. Got off folic acid onto meth5 works for me (thanks dr ben Lynch online I am a little better, but not good as I would like. My general Dr. is not much help either i asked several times to check vitamin levels, but she doesn’t? I now have gallbladder issues, bone spurs everywhere, arthritis, my bladder was checked for cancer 2 times, my breasts the same, folic acid is not my or probably anyones friend. Fyi folic acid is put in everything ( due to our crappy government) almost, it is a cheap synthetic form of folate! I tried the phone consult with a nutritionist from manhattan but after the 30 min consult she has yet to get back to me.
    If you could give me the name of somebody smart &reliable in my general vicinity north east Pennsylvania I would appreciate it. Any advice will be great!

  7. A lifetime of misdiagnosis. Can’t tell you how many times I was told nothing was wrong, it’s all in my head. Sickly child who doctors simply referred to as a nervous nelly. I was a mere 80# when I graduated high school. Among the doctors who misdiagnosed me as an adult were my ob/gyn who had me taking 3 pre-natal vitamins & 2 iron pills daily. A dermatologist who laughed and told me I was allergic to housework. A gi specialist who told me I was lactose intolerant and when the otc pills didn’t help said I was allergic to casein (which I still am). A different ob/gyn that wanted to remove all my parts because he couldn’t find anything wrong. A physician’s assistant who told me that I had osteoporosis at an early age from my anorexic eating and over exercising (she had no clue about my life, first and last time I saw her). I could go on. Now, I have permanent damage to my villi, more allergies than anyone should have and no matter how diligent I am about what I eat & how it’s stored & prepared, I still have troubles. Thank you for the information about the B12 testing, my levels come up normal but I have always doubted the accuracy of the test.

  8. All my life I had stomach trouble, chronic constipation, bloating, etc. I had just about every test done, but the doctors didn’t know what my issue was, so they diagnosed me with IBS. At age 50, I was feeling more tired than usual and woke up one day with bruises up and down my arms. My doctor sent me to a hematologist, who promptly diagnosed me with ITP and put me on steroids for 6 months. During that time, I asked about nutrition, and he said nutrition would not help me. I have since found a nutrition doctor that has tested me and found me to be gluten sensitive, allergic to dairy and yeast. As long as I eat right, all is good. Nutrition is so important. And I have found that we need to be our own advocate! If you feel that something isn’t right, seek a second opinion! Thanks for looking out for us, Dr. Osborne

  9. Hi Dr O
    I would give my eye teeth to consult with you. I am suffering so greatly that i too feel constantly suicidal. My story is very long and complex and relates to all the posts above. Essentially what I want to say is that when I was tested correctly to find out all deficiencies and these were corrected i felt awesome. Each time through various circumstances my health has been derailed restoring it has always been through very high nutrition. Why my body is so deficient and needs such high nutrition I don’t know. At this point I am so toxic and deficient, short of enzymes and minerals, have osteopaenia, CFS,Leaky gut,viral illness,B12 problems, immune dysfunction, nervous system issues and on and on. A year ago I was in a way better state. i am so tired of going round and round the same mulberry bush and knowing how good I can feel when treated properly.
    Thanks for reading though I know it is not very specific. Colleen

  10. Hi Dr Orborne

    Can you tell me where I can get that food sensitivity test run as I googled it and cant seem to find it. Also wondering the best ways to test b12, magnesium and digestive enymnes

    thanks so much for all you do.

    Can I ask one more thing. With all your info on rice and corn nit being gluten free why do all the world leaders in gluten i.e. Tom Obryan, Rodney ford, Dr Perlmutter all say these grains are gluten free. Why also do they not recommend gene testing

    1. Lara,
      Contact my office 281-240-2229 for testing info.

      As far as the other good doctors and their opinions, I cannot comment. I can only say that gluten by definition is in all grains. The type of gluten that most doctors focus in on is called alpha gliadin (found in wheat, barley, and rye). Unfortunately it is only 1 out of thousands of different types of gluten. Why the research on corn, rice, and other gluten containing grains continues to be ignored by the masses is beyond me. Especially when up to 92% of those following the traditional gluten free diet don’t heal and go on to develop multiple autoimmune disease.
      I think that the rise of the paleo diet popularity is based on the fact that many of those going gluten free don’t get full health recovery. Interesting that the paleo diet is completely grain/gluten free.

      All the best,
      Dr. O – The gluten free warrior

  11. Dr. Osborne,

    I have had celiac disease for two years now. It started by me feeling very tired every day. I went to see by primary doctor and he had me take a blood test. That showed that I had anemia. So he set me up with a colonoscopy and endoscopy; colon was fine but results from the endoscopy show that I had celiac disease. I have been feeling better but recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. I start chemo in a few days and I would like to know what you recommend in way of vitamins to take to keep me strong while I go through this. My chemo doctor has prescribed a few drugs to prevent nausea. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Cynthia

    1. Go natural if u do chemo tour body made to heal itself doctors are after money and let u suffer look into vitamins like vitamin d look into ldn and lipoic acid chemo is poison check out the gerson therapy too doctors know so much like bacteria causing ibs and food causing auto immune diseases u fix this problems ur body will heal its made to like when u get a cut its when u get a imbalance that ur body goes crazy causing it to attack u ect doctors aren’t sent up to really help u they are meant to treat symptoms cover up the problem some surgery are needed ect but most part research and think of doctors has crooks and u be fine make sure ur doing what u should i bet u find out the same like i did i also had cancer and reacting to food at the same time worst ever to have both took me getting sick to see whats going on in the med field its all about money scientist are not going to approve drugs that work or even vitamins they will say not enough evidence its a circle they work for the drug dealers the fda

  12. I will tell my story in short. I am a 67year old women. I was in pain for about 15 to 20 years. I walked with crutches, my tommy was not okay. I looked on Google, and saw something about Gluten. No I am Gluten free. I walk without crutches, I have no pain, I drink no pills. I’ve got a lot of energy. My tummy is ok. Here in SA in this small town of Parys, no doctor could help me. I am young in my heart an can do lot of things. I don’t go by car any more. Thanks to Dr O

  13. Dr. Osborne,
    About 4 yrs ago I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and given medication that was forced to leave due to extreme side effects. I consulted with an Ayurvedic doctor and started an Ayurvedic formula and diet. Did well for a while but the inflammation in my joints persisted. I travel a lot for work and it was difficult to maintain my diet during travel. A year and a half later I consulted with another rheumatologist and was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and primary Sjogren’s Syndrome. I started a gluten free diet about a month ago and was forced to start taking Hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) due to continuing having flair ups, no energy and depression despite my diet and taking vitamins. Is there a certain kind of test you recommend? Many thanks.

  14. Hi Dr. O
    This is Angela. I have just been told by one of my daughters that I look like I am starving. My husband thinks the same and I have to agree. I am extremely thin, without much fat at all. My sternum is showing. I need to gain some weight but I am not sure how to go about it, being gluten free. I am sure getting back in the gym with dancing classes would help, but that is not enough. Can you offer some advice?

    1. Angela,
      If you haven’t already, consider eating foods with higher fat content. Avocado, coconut, almonds, beef tallow, extra virgin oils, etc. You should also consider having your doctor check you for vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Often times a deficiency can hinder your ability for anabolic growth and weight gain. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to work with a functional medicine doctor. Often times, years of gluten induced damage can create problems that need further investigation. The ability to regain weight is one of them.
      All the best,
      Dr. O

  15. I have had the exact symptoms as Mary but it has been going on for about 7 years. I am on high dosages of Zoloft, Escitalopram, Lyrica, Xanax, allergy, Hydrocodone

    1. Oops…and have been trying for quite some time to get to a dietician. I have had excellent insurance, but since Obamacare…I dint have as much coverage. I had a DNA test performed and carry the gene for Celiac but the doctor didn’t thjnk I had it. I have been acting as if I do and trying to go gluten free. It’s been a huge learning curve, and I have cut out a lot of glutens, but am sure not all. Previously, when I had glutens in my diet, my body felt as if it shut down and I would sleep for 17 hours straight. I nk longed do that, bug still am exhausted all the time. I have lost my career, going through a divorce from a man I have been with gor 26 years, can’t collect disability because there isnt zny medicsl evidence, but have severe pain with high stress and normal full time work activities. I am concerned about all of the meds I am on and they have recently added thyroid and hormone replacement therapy. The meds make me sick, dizzy and sleepy, and cannot focus on any task! I get shuffled from doctor to doctor, have seen pain management doctors, rheumatologists, neurologists, general practice, counseling, and psychiatrists with no success, except gained a serious anxiety issue and extreme lack of patience which keeps the doctors on the psychiatry path. They all trest me as if I am drug seeking and I have to take urine tests at every visit to pain management doctor even though I can show them 1 month of pain pill prescriptions last two months! I am at my wits end and really want to try a new path but don’t know where to start!

  16. In November 2015 my daughter 12 years old was in a lot of pain with her stomach and had diahorea and fatigue, wnet to our doctor who thought it gastroentiris even though she had it for a week, two stool samples came back fine, I cut out dairy products and no improvement, cut out gluten and she improve, had gluten again and she have the stomach pains, told our doctor who said that’s it in coeliac as we had been at A and E and a doctor there said it may be coeliac but to wait for our doctor referral, been gluten free since mid DECEMBER 2105. In January my daughter returned to school and on the 10th January she had a bad panic attack her first one, she continued to go to school but had panic attacks, then around the last week in January she became distressed in the home and wanted to go outside which I did but then had trouble getting her back I side, ambulance staff said it a fear of being closed in clostriphoba. Next day took her to the dcctors who reffered us the child adolescent mental health team. My daughter is seeing and hearing things and having pseudo siezures, been in hospital and had MRI and EEG which came back fine, but they did see her having a seizure and having the halluciations. She is now having art therapy , we had an appointment at paidertics and the doctor said to re introduce gluten for a month then have another blood test has the other blood test came back fine. I am not happy with this feel it unfair to put her back on gluten foods especially has she is not well with her other problems but no one has said they may be connected.

  17. I was suffering from skin rashes, itching, eczema,anxiety, irritation for last 10 years. Was taking oral and topical steroids and antihistamines. Came to know about gluten sensitivity and on gluten free diet from last 2 weeks. Drastic improvement seen in all symptoms. For confirmation consumed wheat yesterday and itching returned. Want to ask how long I have to remain gluten free?

    1. Your body is talking to you Pravin. You do not need gluten, and should remain off gluten for your life if you are interested in healing and maintaining your health for life. We wish you well and are glad you found us.

  18. My daughter has problems with extreme anxiety and I noticed that when I don’t buy the bread she likes (she will hardly eat the other one I buy),that we see less of the paranoid thinking. So, last night, I thought ‘ gluten’ ,googled the word ‘anxiety and gluten’ and find Mary’s story. Also,Dr.Becker on Your Health,said that with a lot of conditions, docs should check for it….Mary’s story was confirmation. Her dad has been off glu for 9 years, but bc he had pain and tiredness, I expected all the same symptoms…to think that psych symptoms alone are an indication was revolutionary and no doc talks about it.

  19. Hi my name is Muqeet, I’m 16. The past 2 months of my life have been the worst. Ive been having palpitations, brain fog, constant light headedness and a lot of anxiety. I found out im allergic to gluten and well today is my first day going off it. Will all these symptoms go away ? Because there’s no reason for it. This is the only problem my doctor could find? Do you think these will go away as i go gluten free ? Also is lightheadness normal ? I’d really appreciate a response.

    1. Hi Muqeet…be hopeful. I was in your shoes. It is better to remove ALL grains since gluten can be in more than just wheat. If you can just eat meat and veggies for two weeks so as to be sure you are not eating any gluten. Don’t even use sauces since many of them contain Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) which is made of gluten. Read this site and take the advise here. I know it works if you have a gluten intolerance. Drink lots of water and if you can drink a Magnesium drink called CALM. You can find it a Whole Foods or a store like that. Best Wishes!

  20. I have been Gluten free for two months . But I’m feeling depressed because I don’t enjoy food any more. I don’t know what the hell to eat and Gluten free tastes like crap. Also a lot of Gluten free stuff has a high content of sodium. So now you say corn and rice have Gluten too. Please share or recommend a decent diet to follow.

  21. I can totally relate to so many of these stories. Initially my only noticeable symptom was constant tiredness – “brain fog” – day after day after day (for maybe 5-8 years). Then sinus pain developed. I just tried to live with these. But that alarm bells went off when I developed acute burning at the base of my sternum. Over a period of about 3 months this “burning” spread into my chest (it felt like someone was rubbing sand paper on the inside of my chest). I would howl in pain every time I moved. It was unbearable to lean over and, by this stage, I spent 90% of the day in bed in agony. Then my arms started feeling heavy (as if I had pulled my muscles) and the joints above my index fingers on the palm of my hand felt bruised and sore to touch. No GP or specialist EVER diagnosed me – I was simply told I had fibromyalgia and to “live with it”. In desperation, my own research identified these symptoms could be the result of diet. I adopted a gluten free diet and it took about 3 months to see a noticeable improvement. On a gluten free diet I have gone from being in agony, bed ridden and exhausted, back to a normal, busy, active life. I know what it is like to have friends, family and the medical profession think you’re imagining it and going mad – telling you that it’s “all in your head” – but my pain was VERY REAL – the exhaustion VERY REAL – and it has ALL GONE. If you are constantly tired, or experiencing pain like mine, I would highly recommend trying a “free from” diet – it’s “drug free” and may turn your physical life around. I should have started it years ago – to solve the “brain fog” … not waited until I was in agony…. but nobody told me that “brain fog” could be caused by diet – let along the plethora of far worse conditions I went on to suffer.

  22. It took me six decades to discover the shocking truth about my genetics. Four markers gluten sensitivity. So, I really suffered like Mary. My symptoms started as a baby and slowly manifested as I got older. Symptoms that affected every system in my body. Dr. Osborne is the best in his field. No other doctor can achieve the results that he has with his patients. I saw so many doctors. I would receive crappy, cop-out explanations that did not make sense to me or a deer and headlight look (that is right like the headlights on your vehicle), you read too much, what is the test suppose to tell me, patient tells the doctor what test to order, and to top it off when you ask your primary care physician for a referral to either a Rhumatologist or Neurologist he tells you that it is outside his scope to help you find a specialist and you have to help him. As a patient you have helped him, you as the patient have done so much research yourself because you can’t depend on the conventional medical multi-billion health care industry, your primary care physician will not even take the time with you to look at the information you brought in with you for your appointment with him. Is this not a sad excuse of a doctor whose hands you trust your health care only to be entrapped by a multi-billion health care industry where you have to continue paying into this horrible system because you can not afford to do without it because you will never know when you may need it.

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