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Dr. Drew Treats Jennifer Esposito Horribly

CBS fires Jennifer EspositoActress Fired Over Gluten Issue…

Actress Jennifer Esposito talks with TV’s Dr. Drew about her recent dismissal from CBS after she collapsed on the set from complications linked to celiac disease. When you watch the video, you will see how Dr. Drew’s arrogance and dismissal of her health issues represents the main stream medical model. He bullies her the first half of the interview trying to put words in her mouth. He is impatient and barely lets her gets her story out. From the interview, it is obvious that he is under the education curve relating to gluten sensitivity, and failed to do his homework preparing for this interview. The whole point of Jennifer going on the show was to help spread awareness about gluten sensitivity and it’s many complications including intestinal permeability and the development of additional multiple food allergies as a secondary problem. Leaky gut (AKA- intestinal permeability) is a very real and medically valid condition. Obviously not one that Dr. Drew is aware of. I interviewed Dr. Fasano earlier on this topic. You can read more about leaky gut and gluten here <<<. The entire first half of the interview, Dr. Drew interrupts Jennifer. He misuses the term leaky gut, and his lack of ability to listen to her is obvious as he spends the first few minutes putting words in her mouth.

Help Us Correct Future Media Bias…

It is imperative that we join together as a gluten free community to ask Dr. Drew to give an apology for his treatment of Jennifer during the interview. He is in an important position, and this interview served to undermine the importance of celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, and associated complications. You can sign a petition asking for a formal apology here <<< Letting this kind of bias persist in the media will only damage others with gluten sensitivity who are looking for diagnostic answers.

Jennifer Suffered From Gluten Related Symptoms for 20 Years

  • Stomach problems
  • Panic Disorder
  • Anxiety
  • Hair loss
  • Sinus congestion
  • Infections
…were all part of her symptoms. Her story is not uncommon, as most people don’t get a diagnosis until later in life. Again, help us prevent media bias by signing this petition for Dr. Drew to formally apologize to the gluten sensitive community. Always looking out for you, Dr. Osborne – The Gluten Free Warrior

12 Responses

  1. She is telling my story. It is so frustrating that medical doctors aren’t educated on gluten sensitivity and celiac disease. So many autoimmune diseases can be treated with diet…the medical doctors say it has nothing to do with what you eat. It is scary that these folks have so much power over society. I am thankful to be one of the few that can see right through them and those numbers will continue to grow until they have no choice but to educate themselves and broadcast the truth. People want the truth not network ignorance.

  2. i have been in a very similar situation with ALL of the same symptoms over the past 20 yrs, completely understand and empathize with jennifer’s situation, and i was felt concerned when i read that dr drew had treated jennifer disrespectfully, because i, too, have had far too many conversations with people including health professionals, where i was dismissed, misunderstood or even accused, for lack of their understanding. however, when i watched this clip and also paid close attention to their body language, i wasn’t sure whether or not it was really a matter of his personally ‘disrespecting her’ or dismissing this illness, or, rather, if it was a huge disparity in styles and perhaps expectation that he would speak more from the standpoint of expressing his compassion rather than trying to get the facts out in order to fully grasp and convey them to his audience. i can certainly understand why jennifer felt disrespected, but i also think there are several other ways to look at this.

  3. He was so disrespectful to her–I think people do that sometimes when they don’t understand something, they act superior and condescending. He does need to apologize. She did a great job explaining herself, I know exactly what shes talking about–I live her life!

  4. Dr Drew has now lost all of my respect. I feel for this woman. I have children with 36 IgG food allegies, leaky gut syndrome and Celiac, so I know exactly what she’s going through. I hope she gets a good lawyer!

  5. Yes, he’s arrogant and ignorant.
    It seemed more like an interrogation than an interview and he was definitely rude to her. She held her own though and didn’t allow him to intimidate her. Kudos to Jennifer.

  6. This is so typical.. People are so ignorant and he being a doctor should of all people know better. He was very rude

  7. I have about the same story was not dignosed untill I was 52. Had a lot of health problems my family didn’t even believe me all the time untill I would start throwing up. I missed a lot of school from having virus’s just so sick. I was very ill at my daughter’s wedding running fever. It took a special GI dr to find my problem after a week on the diet I was a new women. My Husband ever started to love me more he said I was acting like a normal person again not some crazy person. I have just found out my great great neice and nephew has it and they are 5 and 6 so I guess the gene can carry way back.

  8. Dr. Drew did not do his homework about Celiac before his interview with Jennifer, He has little knowledge of the disease, He is rude and cut Jennifer off.

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