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Don’t Let These Lifestyle Factors Stop You From Healing

8 Simple Steps to Staying Sick…

Going on a gluten free diet often times leads to great improvements in health. However; if we focus only on gluten free and ignore other lifestyle factors, our improvements will plateau and our health will decline. The following is a list of lifestyle factors that are often ignored and lead to major health problems if you ignore them…
  1. Eat processed foods – processed foods are high in calories and low in nutrient density. This combination will accelerate the aging process and put you in a state of nutritional deficiency.
  2. Eat processed “gluten free” food items – These products are designed to replace all of the things people miss on a gluten free diet – Bread, pasta, cereal, cake, crackers, donuts, cookies, etc. Most of them are not TRUE gluten free and cause multiple health problems. As a general rule they are not healthy. “Gluten Free” on the package does not make it so. Don’t get lost in the marketing hype. Remember why you went gluten free? To regain your health.
  3. Eat genetically modified food – from kidney to liver damage, these foods are dangerous and have not gone through enough study to be widely recommended as safe. In addition, some scientists believe that genetically modified grains have increased celiac disease. Eat at your own risk!
  4. Ignore exercise – the body is designed to move. Not exercising reduces oxygen and lymph flow to your tissues leading to a reduction in immune function and an acceleration of joint aging. Maintaining muscle as we age is one thing everyone in the scientific community agrees on when it comes to prolonging human life.
  5. Go to bed late – Rest is a critical component to hormone regulation and the healing process. Most Americans burn the midnight oil then wake up early to go to work. Inadequate sleep increases ones risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and more.
  6. Avoid Sunshine – contrary to popular belief, sunshine does not cause skin cancer (sun burns do). Daily sunshine is an important component to health. Sunlight helps us make important hormones and vitamin D. Lack of sunshine has been shown to cause 19 different types of cancer. Additionally, scientists have discovered new non vitamin D hormone like substances made by the skin that help fight cancer
  7. Drink or bathe in unfiltered water – We are now finding prescription medications in our drinking water. Add this to all of the other chemicals and you have a wonderful cocktail of artificial estrogens and antidepressants every time you go to shower or take a drink of water. Whole house water filters will become more popular over the next ten years because of this ever growing problem.
  8. Over Using Medications – Many medications destroy the intestinal lining and normal bacteria of the gut. Common examples include medications for heartburn, antibiotics, and pain relievers. Remember that illness is not caused by a deficiency of drugs. Therefor, using drugs to “cure” illness does not work.
Bottom line: Going gluten free is not enough to stay healthy. One must consider all of the other factors that contribute to poor health. Do you have something you would like to add? Please chime in below…  

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