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Houston Glutenology Expo Schedule

The excitement continues as only three weeks remain until the Houston Glutenology Gluten Free Expo remain. Below is the tentative schedule of speakers for the event. **This schedule may change some, so stay tuned to our updates.

Special Session

9:00 am to 11:00 am – Dr. Peter Osborne will be training physicians and other health care providers on gluten sensitivity. This is part of a three tiered certification by Gluten Free Society. If you are a healthcare provider and want to sign up for the special session, click here now <<==

General Session

Got tickets? You can get them here <<== 11:00 to 11:30 am – Mrs. United States, Shannon Ford will be discussing the gluten free diet and her trials and tribulations with celiac disease. 11:30 am to 12:45 pm – Dr. Peter Osborne 12:45 to 1:00 – Mrs. United States 1:00 to 1:45 – Pam King from the Center For Celiac Resarch – University of Maryland will be discussing new discoveries in gluten research:
  • Leaky gut syndrome
  • Gluten and its effect on healthy intestinal bacteria
1:45 to 2:00 pm – Mrs. United States 2:00 – 2:45 pm – Delight Magazine Executive Editor, Vanessa 2:45 – 3:00 pm – Mrs. United States

Vendor Hall

Opens to the public from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm

Need Tickets? Get them now before the Early Bird Ends –

Click here <<== to get your discount tickets.    

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  1. I’m a newbie on this gluten and lactose free path. At first I needed to have all the replacement products in my pantry but now I think that they all make me sick too. I’m finding this so frustrating because every time I travel with friends, if I eat anything other than my own food (almonds mostly), I miss lots of activities because I’m having a food reaction, even though everything I ordered was supposedly gluten/lactose free. Any advice on how to travel with this and not starve to death or be terrified of everything you do eat? I can’t live on almonds for 5 days when I travel. What’s the answer?

  2. Diet and exercise are critical. So is dealing with emotional issues that create so many health issues. There are many methods out there to help change subconscious beliefs we may hold from childhood or beyond that no longer serve us, such as Hypnosis, Tapping (EFT), PSYCH-K, etc. It can also help eliminate our resistance to change.

  3. I could not agree more! Our son was getting “glutened” at every turn until we cut out all processed foods and started the GAPS diet. As for the sun, our sensitivity to it has gotten better since being on this diet. We didn’t have to use sun screen last year! We also take Fermented Cod Liver Oil for vitamin A and D. It’s dreary around these parts in the winter and the boost really makes a difference!

    You can read our story (with links on how to do GAPS) at

  4. “I am all for the advancement of science and knowledge, but I have a hard time understanding why we need a vaccine for a disease that is completely controlled through diet modification.”

    Because some people don’t like the diet. It’s difficult, expensive, socially awkward (e.g. pubs, restaurants etc.), often bland and it is all too easy to be glutened even if you follow it. It’s not a diet, it’s a regime and many people especially those diagnosed in adulthood yearn to drink normal beer, eat normal bread & biscuits, to eat burgers are McDonalds, to sit down and order anything from the menu and just be normal.

    I am sure some people are militantly GF who’d refuse any treatment even a simple one-off pill if one were made, much like there are militantly deaf people who refuse any kind of hearing aid. I’m sure there are those who also believe GF is somehow “healthier” although a glance at the ingredients of most GF breads should give second thoughts to that idea. But I expect the vast majority of sufferers would absolutely welcome the ability to eat products containing wheat.

    Whether this vaccine provides it or not is another matter. Lots of drugs go through stage 1 and not much further, either because they don’t work, or cause side effects, or something better appears, or funding dries up, or they’re not economically viable. It may be that even if it gets to market that it is too expensive, or isn’t covered by health insurance, or requires so many boosters to render it inconvenient. But if it does succeed and is proven to prevent the harm (not just the symptoms) of gluten damage then a lot of suffers will take it up. And they are absolutely right to do so if they wish.

  5. My Naturopath said cut out dairy or wheat for the GERD and it was gone instantly cutting out wheat. I am probably 80=% free of Gluten and I do not have it any more. I feel so much better. So, this confirms it for me.


  6. GERD was exactly my body’s response to gluten. I also had large skin eruptions (I call these “gluten boils”) which would last for months and which were always around my neck, chest and back. I tested negative for CD and h. pylori, and after that I went to a naturopath, who immediately put me on a largely gluten-free (included corn and rice) diet with rapid disappearance of the symptoms. Because I like to experiment, I’ve tested being on and off gluten over 15 years, and I’m clear it can cause GERD. I went to a gastro a couple of years ago who said, no, gluten sensitivity doesn’t show up like that. And he was a young guy, so I would have thought he would have the latest education. Now my stepmother and I are trying to get my 85-year-old father off his antacids and off gluten. I also have persistent unexplained proteinuria, a kidney problem, which comes and goes. I’m starting to wonder if it’s been present during times I’ve eaten gluten. I guess what I’d say is it’s important to educate ourselves – diseases emerge and our specialists don’t (can’t) know everything.

  7. I was very sick several years ago. My tongue was so white the doctor thought it was candida. It turned out to be acid reflux. I was diagnosed with GERD and put on antacids. After several months of being too sick to even work-nausea and extreme fatigue, I finally took a coworkers advice and went off gluten. That was the ticket. I have been doing well ever since. I wish more people would listen and give gluten-free a try. What can it hurt?

  8. As I reflect on the improvements to my life since I eliminated gluten, I recall when my problems began as a young teenager and the awful pain in my stomach that was eventually given the diagnosis “nervous stomach” for which I was given black charcoal pills that did absolutely nothing. Continued having indigestion and heartburn symptoms throughout life, sometimes showing up after eating simply a banana in the morning. This of course being due to the problem being systemic in nature and not being able to tell exactly WHAT was causing the problem. Raw onions, pizza and pasta, fried chicken and doughnuts were what seemed to give me the most trouble. I am happy to say that after being gluten-free for six years, I am committed for life because I love not feeling sick! I love raw onions and eat them to my heart’s content. When I DO choose to have gluten-free pizza or pasta (which one does NOT need – very nutrient sparse substances) I feel just fine as long as I don’t overconsume. Pepcid AC, Tums, Rolaids and Mylanta all became a thing of the past from the very beginning of going gluten-free, and my health has continued to improve in many ways, fewer aches & pains in general, fewer acne breakouts (I’m 55 and had boils well into my 40’s). Life is wonderful being gluten-free – REAL food is what our bodies want!

  9. I have been on the diet for about 6 years now. At first I was gluten, egg, and dairy free… once I healed I was able to reintroduce some dairy and eggs.
    I still have GERD but it is genetic somehow in my family. I had a reduction in my pain as I also have fibromyalgia for about a year or so but I have gotten worse since but I lost alot of weight since I am the atypical type… heavy set woman that never really showed the issues with gluten other then being extremely white and pale and sickly. And 2 years ago I also was able to go out without being burned in the summer which I have not done since I was born. last year tho I got scorched but it was really hot and bad out that day.
    I find I stay on the diet but it is more expensive then the old crappy diet of gluten. if I could take a pill just so I could go and eat at a family thing then I would. but otherwise i would just eat my gf foods. I have become quite the baker and cook for gluten free foods. I also found when I was helping someone one day that I cant even have flour come up off a board or anything it makes me have a flare. So I have had to be careful helping out… with the volunteering etc.

    But I wish everyone well. and it is an interesting journey being on the gf diet but well worth it in the end.

  10. Wish all the videos had the narrative beneath it. I really have no time to watch videos at work or at home, but I do have commuting time on the train to read a lot of information. Would appreciate if you could do this. Thank you.

  11. Hi. Inwas diagnosed 1 yr ago with celiac through a dh biopsy. I went 100% gluten free. One month later, I had heart palpitations and shortness of breath. No one can tell me what is causing it. I tried inhalers, anti-anxiety drugs, Lyme and parasite drugs, muscle relaxers, anti inflammatories, steroids….you get the picture. Any ideas?

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